New Xbox Series X Exclusive & Next Gen Engine

New Xbox Series X Exclusive & Next Gen Engine
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    1. @Sam Alton that is true. I have both PS5 and Series X. Though I buy most games on Xbox I’m starting to feel some type a way especially with how Horizon Zero Dawn looks and runs on the PS5. That’s a great game.

    2. It’s not like PS5 is completely out performing SeriesX in those games. Most of those games that run slightly better in fps are higher resolution on SeriesX. And because SeriesX has VRR those slightly lower frames will never be noticed.

    3. @Karl Lafaille small frame dips are not crap. To be honest you all hang on to everything digital foundry puts out a little too much. Some of the games they’ve made comparisons on I’ve run on my Series X and didn’t get those same dips. They can literally show anything they want to in order to push a narrative. It doesn’t have to be taken as the gospel truth you know

    4. @Sam Alton Actually all games run better on the far more powerful X with a higher resolution and actually has features to use a 4k tv. 115 games in 120 fps on the X to the PeasantStation5 with only 11.

    5. @-1nterruption — so true Digital Foundry are OTT and think the small frame dips are a huge problem, yet they never call out games not having next gen features, for example they said dying light performance mode (1080 60) was good, 1080 on a 4K console is abismal

    1. @MaDz Gaming a lot of people reporting on it have been completely wrong and didn’t do their research. It’s like they didn’t even watch the video. They were saying VRS 2.0 is some new thing, when it’s the same as tier 2 VRS which was already used in the doom eternal patch and gears 5

    1. @-1nterruption — I could care less honestly. I was actually being sarcastic when I said that. What can Microsoft do that’s better then what Sony has now?

    2. @ruggedrider7 Probably Western rpgs, maybe racing, and FPS games. I don’t think they’ll be beating Sony in the third person action stealth game genre.

    3. @ruggedrider7 Starfield. If you pay close attention to it you’ll realize that game is big. Probly one of the biggest of this generation

    1. Pretty much. As Ive been telling people to just stop looking to depend on these already overworked 3rd parties that have 0 vestment in the xbox platform to ever make the time to really understand that GDK. Just STOP looking for console war ammo from that BS.

      As we really wont see what the X and S are raelly capable of along with DX12+Velocity on PC. Unless the game comes from either 1st party. Or 2nd party deals like this one. Making it utterly pointless sitting there going back n forth over which 3rd party port plays and looks best for these 1st 2-3yrs of this gen.

    1. @Cynthia Andoh hopefully, the only thing i hate about just cause 3 is its so hard to drive and steer vehicles, its like vehicles and objects have 2 separate physics cuz once your car goes airborne its sad

  1. Last report said that contraband will be a fighting car game open World….even if it will be beautiful damn no ONE will give a shit about this ! We want more narrative game on Xbox ! They have so MUCH studio so give us good games that show the Xbox power 🔥🔥

  2. Vehicle vs Vehicle combat meh definitely not that excited after hearing that. I understand Xbox is taking a hands off approach but after Crossfire, they might want to revisit that.

    1. And do «what»?

      Crossfire has been around since 2007. It was built off of Counterstrike GO. There wasnt a damn thing MS could do about that. The strategy behind it was really just to use it as «bait» to lure in the Korean and Chinese FPS gamer to the platform.

      As its a juggernaut over there with a consistent playerbase in the 3mill range. Making it even bigger that CoD. Just not as popular over this way.

    2. @MrJblazini they didnt get too deep into the MP. It just HAPPENED to be in there. As XBox’s part was just with the campaign that was developed off the core frame work of the game by Remedy.

      Thats as far as their reach went.

      Now asking them to completely overhaul and rework a game thats NOT theirs. And of course is coats out of their pockets. Plus find the team to do it. As I doubt Smilegate would want to. As what youre asking is to alienate a staggering 3mill playerbase of something they enjoy just to satisfy a smaller playerbase on this side of the globe.

      Oh, I get the frustrations. And Ive seen the bad of the game. But Ive seen the good too. And Im only saying whats being expected of players like yourself is well outside of reason for them.

      What wouldve been far more sensible. Wouldve been them making their own CoD’ish/CSGO like 1st party title. And that way they’d have far more control over the code and quality assurance. But as I said, I get the «why» as to them doing it this way.

      I just hope it pans out as intended.

  3. everyone will get the release date in June. You wanna hype up the next gen lineup, every game announced in June will be Series X and S games only.

  4. Dont know why microsoft dont give love for xbox series s and x . There is no quality games like sony did there is no true next gen like sony did with ratchet and returnal … and for series s .. we ddidnt see anything full rdna 2.0 my eyes can’t see all of that 😑😑😑😑

  5. I want linear games with amazing story and graphics/physics/destruction , sick of open world games already, I played in Valhalla like 5 hours and dumped it

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