New Xbox Series X Game Leaks | Elden Ring | Call of Duty Delayed | Street Fighter 6 Xbox — TXT 206

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The Xbox Two Podcast is back and this week Rand & Jez will be talking about Elden Ring, some new Xbox Series X Exclusives leak, Call of Duty 2023 gets delayed, Street Fighter 6 gets announced and so much more!

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26 ответов к «New Xbox Series X Game Leaks | Elden Ring | Call of Duty Delayed | Street Fighter 6 Xbox — TXT 206»

  1. Timestamp

    Obsidian Fallout New Vegas 2/ Bethesda Remasters 21:23
    Steam Gabe Newell on PC GamePass/ SteamDeck 35:35
    Twitch Streaming @ Xbox 1:49:48
    Street Fighter 6 Announced 1:54:46
    Activision Delaying Cod 2023 /Ea Blames Halo for BF 2042 Poor Launch 2:03:24
    Shadow Warrior 3 Day one in Ps Now/Ubisoft Open for Acquisition 2:23:25

    Another Week of XboxTwo Done, Also today I completed 3yrs of doing Timestamps on the show! If any issue catch me on Twitter same profile name✌️

  2. All the fallout games besides 76 were amazing… yes Fallout 4 was still amazing… there were decisions that matter and there was choice just not in every Quest… I’ve had a real choice in consequences and some of my quests in that game but there should have been more…. but I think Rand is right it makes more sense for New Vegas 2 instead of Fallout 5 and I think that’s what will happen.. maybe it won’t be called New Vegas 2 but it will be a spiritual successor

  3. The reason Elden Ring is getting amazing scores is because it’s an amazing game and a few minor and temporary technical hiccups that are affecting a minority of players shouldn’t factor into a review. It has nothing to do with a «cult». It’s more than likely going to end up the game of the generation just like the original Dark Souls. The only cult are the people who don’t like these games and hate all the praise they get because they’re on the outside looking in.

  4. Discussions? Phils asks Obsidian and if they say «yes», then it happens. He doesn’t need anyone’s permission. He would be ‘politically correct’ about it, but that’s really all there is to it.

    1. While the Xbox App (which is what controls PC Game Pass, not «her der bad windows store») is missing features vs Steam, other than forums, I don’t want it to be Steam. Steam itself is really only better than competitors in terms of a checklist. It is sorely in need of various updates and changes, and my fellow PC brethren letting them off the hook is disgusting.

      Anyway, maybe Xbots who don’t actually care about PC gaming should not open their far mouths up about it if all they can do is regurgitate Valve fanboy talking points.

  5. I tried to watch live. Had a reminder on and everything. I closed my eyes for what felt like 5 minutes and then opened them and suddenly it was night outside.

  6. I guess I’m probably the only one that didn’t really care for new vegas… and love fallout 4 😅
    That being said… i can go without a new vegas 2 lol

    1. But that’s the thing, elden ring wasn’t finished and it’s being reviewed by souls fans who all love it. It’s having massive technical issues on 2/3 platforms and that really killed reviews for Cyberpunk yet elden ring gets a pass.

  7. Jez makes a good point I hadn’t thought about. I don’t love New Vegas because of the setting (which is great though) it’s because Obsidian just have a better grasp of narrative, the IP and RPG gameplay. I’m onboard, let them take the franchise wherever they like although I doubt they will want to after Outerworlds 2.

  8. I think Fallout 3 and New Vegas are old enough that a remake could be a good compromise while Bethesda and Obsidian keep the majority of their teams focused on Starfield/ES6/Avowed/Outer World’s.

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