Nintendo Direct Reactions, Xbox Activision Multiplatform, Stadia In Trouble | Spawncast Ep 254

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    1. It was also nefarious and Incredibly misleading. They promoted all the stuff with community never even came to pass.

      And really lets not ignore the elephant in the room here, *if you can’t figure out space between how far the servers have to send info across wide spaces with crappy internet and the latency of your game content, then you shouldn’t be releasing the product. Full stop* Americas (Canada and US) internet infrastructure is severely lacking And far behind- this isn’t Japan where there are shorter distances

      Fuck Google for trying this- they are just gonna write it off as a FAT LOSS LEADER on their corporate tax bill like it was nothing….these slugs….

  1. For some reason Missclick constant, «mmmms», «mmmhhs», and other sounds of what I assume are approval when someone is speaking annoys me. Just very excessive and noticeable to an audio only subscriber.

    1. @DankMemeCenterX MissClick would not have to cut in like that on her own channel. She would be in full control, with nobody talking over her. I doubt John has a problem with MissClick. Let MissClick do as she pleases.

    2. @Mclearmountain I think you misread the actual concern here, MissClick was rushing throw her points which in turn means you’ll hear the same sounds of ummmmm while articulating thoughts. No is talking about her getting more shine but face it she doesn’t relate to every topic so.

  2. 2:44 — Discord Questions 1
    5:15 — Nintendo Direct Reactions
    49:58 — Factor sponsor
    51:28 — Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass DLC
    1:05:17 — Discord Questions 2
    1:12:10 — Super Chats 1
    1:24:48 — Xbox Activision Multiplatform
    1:39:30 — Discord Questions 3
    1:49:53 — Super Chats 2
    1:59:58 — Stadia In Trouble
    2:03:40 — RGT 85 Enters
    2:09:40 — Super Chats 3 & Outros

  3. Missclick’s constant «mmmms,» «mmmhhs,» and other sounds of what I assume are approval when someone is speaking irritates me; it’s just too much for an audio only subscriber to hear.

  4. I really hope Wood from Beatem ups can be on the Spawncast and give his own thoughts on why he didn’t think the Direct was good. But overall great Spawncast!

    1. No we don’t need to inflate his ego. I get wanted both sides of the spectrum of perception for the direct but there’s better rational people no offense

  5. Umm Activision Blizzard topic turns into a rare Ltd talk why even have it as a topic….rare has no intent on making a conker or banjo game. Maybe a studio will try to do it but you guys have to let it go lol

    1. All us old heads have been dying for a new conker/banjo. We will never let it go rofl. Especially since there’s a better chance of getting one now

    2. @Willy G I know personally would love a conker more than banjo game mostly cuz no one is making anything like it today my only issue is they bring it up every week lol

  6. Doing DLC to popular character is a big trend in Japan it seem. Like look at Baiken she one of the most popular Guilty Gears characters and they made her DLC twice already.

    1. @Morrigan Renfield Yeah, but I wasn’t talking about characters that end up being added to a different series as dlc. I’m talking about characters being dlc in their own series. Like how Daisy wasn’t seen at all in the new Mario Strikers but has been in the last two games.

  7. I called the MK DLC on some forums. First prediction I ever got right. 😂 I’m so glad they did this. I want MK9 to be a launch title for Switch 2. And since MK8 DLC will continue to the end of 2023, it’s a big hint at when Switch 2 /MK9 will launch: 2024.

  8. About Stadia and Capcom/Bungie deal. It is just an instant demo of their games and that is it. So when player want to try demo of a game, you don’t have to download the demo and install .

  9. I wanted to play Steep but it was always online.
    Shredders looks good, I love the idea of a «Snowboard Simulator» as a zen type experience letting just carving snow across highly detailed mountain environments.

  10. A lot can be derived from how a person reacts to what can be perceived as harsh critism at first: Someone says something about OJ regarding his excited for XC3 that could easily be taken as a negative, yet OJ’s first reaction is to kinda laugh to himself and say well I mean it was probably a joke but…

    More of this kind of reaction is needed not online on the internet but between others in everyday life. Not everyone wants to hurt us! Most people are not out to get you! I try to carry this same attitude as OJ here in all of my interactions and there is so much that we can always be learning besides just what is being spoken directly.

    Thanks for all of the crew. I don’t always tune in, but I always appreciate the interaction between you guys. No harm no foul to anyone.

    1. Less people on the «panel» will often do that.

      Shit that Nintendo direct was a lot of classic IPs or game styles people remembered And loved…yet brought in a modern age in their own way

  11. FF7R is also only the first part of the game, there might be a lot of people like me waiting for when all parts of the game release in one package.

    1. I really don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I don’t think a lot of people were attracted to it honestly. Hard to know if it’s suffering from final fantasy spinoff sales syndrome. All final fantasy sells well but spin-offs never hit new numbered values.

    2. @Morrigan Renfield obviously not saying that’s the main reason, I’m saying that’s potentially part of why. Could be spin off stuff but it’s also not a spin off but a full remake so who knows how people are seeing it in that regards.

      But my main thinking is why wouldn’t people be interested, it’s FF7, it’s considered beloved by so so many. Otherwise this means it’s actually not considered good enough to play that story again even with the new gameplay or its overblown with how good of a game it is, the game isn’t even worth to try with the different gameplay. Otherwise if it is actually as popular as people make it out to be than the only thing I can think of is people waiting.

      But who knows 🤷.

    3. @Willow4526 by spin-off i mean that it’s not a main title New release. Also the game is definitely not a remake, but more of a sequel

    4. @Dave Unknown ehh I’m completely fine waiting, for a game that I’ve already played before and know the story to, I 100% hate the idea of having to wait for a story I already know.

  12. I hate the fact Nintendo are most likely going to hold about half of Mario Strikers content back at launch and drip feed it over 1 year, NOBODY WANTS THAT

  13. Mario Kart Relay, tag team racing. You have a single racer but items allow you to change your driver. You can also change your driver each lap.

  14. phil harrison scammed google
    for real the guy has 20 years of experience and he let launch a gaming service in the west without aaa exclusives that’s suicide

  15. 1:14:14 whaat, is that a personal opinion/prediction or insider knowledge? Because I don’t see how that makes sense especially since we know Nintendo is planning to expand NSO more and more in the future. I would’ve guessed that Gameboy and Gameboy Advance are very easy ways to do that, way more likely than Gamecube or Wii… or Saturn and Dreamcast.
    What’s the reason to believe GBA isn’t coming? For me, that would only be the case if they planned to make a Gameboy classic mini…. or if they wanted to offer the games separately via some kind of virtual console. OR it means they have too many Remakes and collections in the works (Pokemon Masters Collection? Oracles of Seasons/Ages Remakes? Localized Mother 3??) and they don’t want to offer the originals on NSO in order to create more demand.

    EDIT: With the hype/success around the recently released Analogue Pocket, I actually can see Nintendo releasing a new, modern Game Boy. Something that’s more than just a classic mini system. A quality piece of hardware with a dedicated little eshop to download GB, GBC and GBA games. Maybe even Game Gear and some other stuff.

    But they’ll have to do SOMETHING with their Gameboy legacy content.

  16. If you want a Herman miller for a lot less money look up office furniture liquidation companies in your area a lot of companies that have gone full remote since the pandemic got rid of their Herman miller chairs I got one for like £300 vs the £1000 rrp and it’s basically brand new

  17. My mom doesn’t play games and I remember early 2000s she played so much sims! Its the only game she’s really ever got into! I told her I’d pick her up a game and she said she was afraid to be addicted like she was with sims! haha So I agree with you Spawn! Good podcast! I listen every week yall are amazing and I follow all your channels for awhile now! 😄

  18. the thing about the switch potentially beating the PS2 sales is that people tend to forget or overlook that many of those initial units were sold because people wanted a cheap DVD player. The PS2 was as much of an appliance as it was a game console in the beginning and no console since (HD format wars, nor the PSP) has been able to replicate that lightning in a bottle moment. so that’s an extremely tall order to expect Nintendo to surpass that, this late in the game, with no pro revision, and with the chip shortage

  19. I don’t think I could ever forgive Nintendo for shitting all over the zelda 35th anniversary. I’ll be disappointed with every direct they have until they announce twilight princess HD and windwaker HD

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