Oklahoma Battleship Review | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox

Gameplay review of the bureau premium US American Battleship Oklahoma in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PlayStation and XBox.

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31 ответ к «Oklahoma Battleship Review | World of Warships Legends PlayStation Xbox»

    1. Pretty much. They were sister ships. The main differences were Oklahoma had VTE engines and Nevada had a rather extensive rebuild after Pearl—I’m still curious if Nevada’s B-hull upgrade covers this. Oklahoma mostly just sank.

  1. You can meet the requirements without Georgia and Florida, but you gain like double to points with Georgia compared to the tech tree options (passive and mission bonuses). Definitely recommend Oklahoma for beginners though.

    1. @Kevin Kennedy I just realized that it was 179k damage whoops I need to correct that. I had many with 120-140 in BBs, but nothing like this battle. It was almost 7 kills but ran into a island and my smoke wasn’t ready. Thank God time ran out so I got the win with 15k xp and a solo warrior

    1. Good lesson to learn early though. Continuing to sail broadside to the whole enemy team after being spotted is just begging for a hammerblow to come down on your head. 🤪🔨 Gotta love a good He-gone! moment!

  2. I love how they thought putting Nevada and Oklahoma wasn’t a waste. Both ships are unmodernized, have really poor AA for their tier because of it. Wasted opportunity for Nevada’s Hull B to give her her WW2 layout (where she also got some Arizona’s main-guns and 5″/38s) where she wouldn’t looked unique and would’ve been a damn good ship in-game. Nevada is pretty accurate but it’s sad that what PC players had been asking for the longest time got added and it was just their Oklahoma from PC as the Hull A and the Hull B just gets a negligible amount of Oerlikons and that’s about it. If I wanted to run something like Nevada unmodernized I’d play Arizona.
    Missed opportunity for Oklahoma to have permanent camouflage though. Could’ve given her that bow wave camo or even her WW1 dazzle (which is currently on New York…for some reason).

  3. Well like most give options for premium ship, the bureau can accommodate fleet ships also . It’s a fast moving bureau so even if you had to leave one out I th still moves faster then the legendary ship bureau’s do . Also New York and new Mexico have custom camps for paint, so when done you’ll have a choice of red,white and blue. Or its original version.

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