Overnight Gaming News | PS5 Outperforming Xbox Again | Free GTAV For PS5 | Xbox Ends Loophole

Overnight Gaming News is a fun way to round up multiple gaming stories of the day and put them in one video! This way there’s not multiple videos to sit through and we can get all of the daily gaming news stories in a much more fun and fast way!


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    1. @Truewiddy — The PS5 truely is a competitor to the Series S. They both have small harddrives and both are 1080p systems. The PS5 may seem to have better specs on paper but it is RDNA 1 as opposed to RDNA 2 on the Series S which levels the playing field. Though the PS5 had a better start upon release, it is now being surpassed by the Series X and is showing to be comparable to the Series S.

    2. @ADP I believe it was a fairly recent article talking about the PS5 die-shot. RDNA 1.5 might be a better way to put it. Look it up. Prove me wrong if you can. I ain’t sweating it.

  1. Good news for GTA 5 fans, Rockstar will release Expanded & Enhanced for PS5 & Xbox Series X|S on November 11, 2021. And PS4 players will receive $1,000,000 and will get free Plue on GTA Online on PlayStation. Neat. 👍🔥💯

  2. One thing I hate is online play with my ps5 no matter what it’s ported I’m erhernet and it still has lag ans the controller has latency like crazy ans yes tons of others have this issue I love my ps5 but I swear I’m getting tired of not being able to be fully competitive or consistent bwvause it just decides to have a ton of lag middle of gameplay even with a great connection

    1. hmm, at my router i can choose between stability and performance. maybe you have something similar too? have you opend the ports? latest firmware?

    2. @Hans Wurst yes I ported my router to my ps5 and everything I’ve tried every single method there is and it say I have 500mbps I have amazing latency yet it still lags during multiplyaer games and I still have crazy issues even with a great connection telling me it’s the ps5 I’m not the only one there are 2 YouTube videos out right now ans the comment section is full of thousands of people saying the same thinf as me they say there latency looks good yet the lag is still happening Sony knows about the issue they supposedly fixed it blamed it on routers saying some routers have issues with the ps5 and the update didn’t fix anything at all like they tried saying it did I think its just something we will have to deal with as the people that have the issue just can’t get it to go away and it’s obvious playststion can’t fix it with an update or they already would of with the 3 updates that have happened 2 of which are supposed to help they didn’t if anything the last one made it worse lol the Potts and connectors are cheap af in the ps5 and that’s probably the biggest issue not to mention the crappy antenna inside of the controller and the ps5 horrible latency compared to other controllers with other systems keep in mind I love the ps5 its great if you aren’t playing online

    3. What are you playing on, TV or monitor? The wrong picture setting on TV will add in tons of lag, if it has a game mode make sure you use it. That’s probably an obvious one but I know many gamers who never think to check what their TV is capable of. Hope it sorts itself out for you.

    4. @Hans Wurst that’s the thing thousands of people are going going the same thing I’ve been gaming my entire life I have a very expensive asus gaming monitor and when I game on my lf c9 I use game mode it has pretty food input lag regardless I’m using the one x side by side one x has no issues at all ps5 does I mean its plain as day I’ve felt with this for months talked to all the pros nobody can figure it out and it’s not just me it’s just whether or not you want to pay attention to it or not some can tolerate that difference me I notice it I can feel latency or lag very easily Sony has already tired to fix the lag issue everyoen is having it didn’t work hopefully they will keep trying I just hate they tried blaming it on routers like well the ps5 has issues with some routers and it’s like ok that shouldn’t be the case lol shouldn’t have to go buy another 300 dollar rourer to fix it especikaly qhen we are finding out it doesn’t matter it’s still there but for real some people aren’t sensitive to it and they adapt me I can’t I can notice it sometimes it works ok but then boom crazy lag

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