Phil Spencer Destroys Sony With Biggest Xbox Announcement Of His Career! The PS5 Is DOOMED!

Phil Spencer absolutely demolished Sony with this announcement! No matter what you think of Sony and Microsoft, this might change your line of thinking. I’m floored by this information, and I’m curious to see what people have to say about this!

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    1. @KCghost hence the name crapgamer only a handful of people accidentally click on his 30 videos he spams on Youtube daily talking to himself; so reason why subs have dropped and video views are only 1k to 3k max😁😆😆

    2. @Andy Maas no one does, as I said by accidentally clicking on the videos millions of people on Youtube and some accidentally click and right away close it after clicking on the dislike button.

  1. Here at Sony, Ground’s keeper willy 72 is desperate for GT7 that he has to write 72 times a day now. The only reason why he acts that way is because his weird idol chris L won’t let him pet his rtx anymore.

    1. @1 last comeback You say that but there’s whole 2 hour videos about exactly what you’re saying no one can come up with an explanation for. I’ve seen psychologists at college discuss how and why the story is so disgusting and pointless, going as far to say that they wish the game was never created as it permeates negative emotion and thoughts

  2. Reality check for you Ponies, Sony have already stated that they can only produce 11m PS5’s this year hence why they have disgracefully gone full steam ahead with the re-release aka Directors Cut last gen PS4! Which means by the end of the year Xbox Series consoles will have sold more than PS5’s! Every single one of your narratives have been blown away! How does it feel Ponies to be part of the losers club?

  3. You’re pretty dumb if you ever think that we will never be able to buy their games in the future thanks to a subscription service companies like to make money and cutting off purchasing it automatically makes them lose money

    1. I’m just here to dislike because of his fanboy titles. Really like it’s another year just give us gaming news about both consoles.

  4. We All Know That The Ponies Will Hype Up Playstation Spartacus. Which Will Be A Failed Attempt Of GamePass.
    Either Creepy Chris J, 1 Last Cumback Or Advocock1818. Will Properly Say Something Stupid Like Normal. 🤣😅👍👍

    1. @Meme gaming The thought process that went in making it so much more than just a racing game. It’s a car lovers dream. GT7 is a total MASTERPIECE

    2. @Meme gaming Very impressed with the care, attention to detail and the pure love poured into this game. This presentation was amazing, and the game looks to be a masterpiece love letter to cars. GT7 is a total MASTERPIECE

  5. Exclusives matter hey Sony is Great enought to buy an small studio and created a new Ip to have succes meanwhile Xbox has zero talent to create a decentor a great game so they steal , I mean they buy whole Companies Bill was the one who like steal.

    1. @1 last comeback No Sony TVs are not the best for PS5 there are plenty of TVs that are far better and do everything any of Sony’s do just because you match a Sony product with another Sony product does not mean they are the best match while brand matching is great for a themed setup it’s never the best experience you can have

  6. 1 last blowback sure likes to advertise for my product when we’re having our own problems financially. I know, 90 dollars a pop for every exclusive we release.

  7. 1 last money waisted pre ordered my horizon game for 200 dollars. He sure wants to dress up like that character from that brave movie from Disney.

    1. @White Knight 5 if that’s a waste you have bigger priorities to worry about. 75 is nothing in life. I’ll get to keep and play it forever while you throw more at gamepass and end up with nothing.

    2. @1 last comeback Continuous stream of games that justifies that $10 a month. Meanwhile you pay over full price for a game you’ll beat in a weekend and never touch again.

    3. @White Knight 5 the only guarantee you get day 1 is xbox games. There’s no continuous stream as you make it. What xbox has got is junk. That’s chopped up. Only overpay is gamepass is on what could be instead of actual games or gameplay

  8. Playstation is pure TRASH. The only reason there’s games coming up is because Sony dropped the ball for the holidays while Xbox was busy getting games out the door. This is why Phil Spencer is a god.

    1. @1 last comeback Is this where you name one single game to compete with Halo, Gears, Stalker 2, Scorn, Crossfire X, Contraband, Bright Memory Infinite, Warhammer Dark Tide, State of Decay 3, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Dishonoured, Perfect Dark 2, Indiana Jones, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Hellblade 2, Redfall, Starfield, ES6, Avowed, Fable, Everwild, Fallout 5, Outer World’s 2, Diablo4,Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport 8, Age of Empires, Halo Wars, StarCraft, World of Warcraft? Still zero fps, zero RPGs, zero MMO, zero RTS, zero open world racing games, zero features, pathetic specs.

  9. Here at Sony, We congratulate our good friend Phil Spencer on receiving such a high award. My Son MegaSpecial always finds a way to disappoint me.

    1. you do know with the gamepass you «Rent» the games you don’t own them. Unlike a Digital or Disk Copy but it has it ups and down on both sides.

  10. Sony is not worried about xbox its all u xbox fans worried about sony an as a PlayStation owner i dont care for xbox i use to have 1 sony offer there gamers more then just games not gonna say what cuz thats just another thing for xbox to try an copy.__ moving on

  11. Sony does nothing but copy. They rarely come up with an original idea. They are only number 2 because in the 90’s when PlayStation was released people really liked movie games. But that has run it’s course. Gamers want new and innovative experiences now. Only so many generations you can do the exact same thing which is make movie games and copy the competition. 😏

    1. Oh you mean like the Psvr 2 the haptic feed back the 3D Audio, and meany other features the Xbox have not even thought of or attempted? Im not a PS fan or An Xbox fan. I like both systems because they both offer great things. whats important is that you have what makes you happy.

    2. @White Knight 5 not a fanboy for Sony or Xbox. As I plan on getting both systems at some point. They both of their ups and downs to them. But they are also both good solid systems. There are some games that I like on both sides and some games are better on one than the other. So again people need to pick the system that works for them.

    1. @advocate1818 and none of them are valid especially with the headset itself there is zero reason it couldn’t be used it’s just a head mounted display saying it couldn’t be used would be like saying you can’t use a 720p TV with a PS5 like it’s just a screen there is no reason it shouldn’t or couldn’t work

    2. @Azaia Monota Wrong.

      You are talking about a resolution that is double that of what the original headset can even push out, and then rendering the same level of quality twice on the same screen in addition to maintaining a high framerate. That is the entire point of foveated rendering.

    3. @advocate1818 yeah and that doesn’t matter at all like if you use a 720p TV with a PS5 it will still push the 4K or whatever even if the screen doesn’t support it and it still works flawlessly the headset isn’t doing any rendering itself the console is

  12. Here at Sony, 1 last SonyPony sure likes to go Full gollum with with his mediocre exclusive physical copies like: mY pReCiOuS cOpIeS, tHeY’rE mInE tO kEeP foReVeR.

  13. We believe in generations. Maybe next generation I can be a real leader like my good friend Phil Spencer. I wonder does he like flowers and chocolate? Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I would love to show him my admiration.

    — Jim Ryan

    1. @1 last comeback How Does Game Pass Make Money?

      In the interview, Phil Spencer revealed that the way Game Pass makes money is very simple, from subscriptions. He confirmed that the service is making a profit right now, so the money coming in through subscriptions will be more than what Xbox pays to get games on Game Pass.

      «Confirmed to be making a profit». Any other delusions you need me to clear up? Already confirmed you have zero games, zero features and pathetic specs so not sure why you continue to cry on Xbox videos. Poor salty, little unicornkid. 🤦

    2. @Azaia Monota Just a typical debunked unicornkid delusion. Makes them feel better about having zero free games and having to pay $100 for each of their kiddie games. 👍

  14. Sony’s Business Plan Outline Fiscal Year 2022…

    1) Make more movie games

    2) Find out what Microsoft is doing

    3) Find out what Nintendo is doing

    4) Copy them both once they are successful with it

    5) Raise prices once it becomes successful for us

    6) Tell our fanbase whatever they want to hear in the moment and then change it when we need to (They are gonna buy our brand regardless)

    7) Pretend like it’s an original idea that no one has ever done before

    8) Mass produce PS4’s

    Let’s get em!!!

    — Sony Executive Team

    1. @Taner Calik do you even read what nonsense you write on a daily basis? You come on this channel daily arguing with the same people over and over again. You even started crying to me yesterday because I can afford to buy games. Why I call you the 1 last comeback of Xbox. Both of you are absolutely clueless.

    2. @Taner Calik any business has to charge for a product. It’s how life works. Time to stop pouting saying people are milked. It looks silly.

    3. @Cheddar Bob have to break it to you but I know what I’m talking about. People get feelings hurt because I don’t make games better than they are. I give credit when it’s earned. Not praising content that releases in a poor state constantly

  15. I’m at families house playing a game that I was playing on my home console. Easily synced my controller of choice and picked up at the exact same point I left off at home. I’m getting a responsive console level experience on my Galaxy Tab and could do this on any mobile device I choose to play on.

    Can the PlayStation multi platform non exclusive game release system do that??? 😏

  16. Sony always following Xbox this is nothing new been stealing Xbox ideas for years now I guess some people are just waking up for the matrix to see that I see that 20 years ago

  17. Had a conversation with a PlayStation Gamer that pretended like he could afford $75 a game when he asked me to borrow gas money last week. 😂🤣

    This same guy owns an expensive rig and brags about it. Pirates most of his games and can’t afford common sense on most days. LMBO

  18. Horizon Forbidden West £59 on PS4 with free upgrade to PS5 version or £70 on PS5, no free upgrade if you own PS4 disc version of game and upgrade to PS5 Digital.
    Another example of Sony’s dumb-arse, contorted pricing, micky mouse schemes.
    I can Imagine 1lastcomeback going for the PS5 version instead of getting the PS4 one and getting the free upgrade, as its not «expensive» to him as he can afford it 😁

    1. So you expect things handed to you? That’s just entitlement. Sorry businesses got to run. Can’t give away everything for free. Didn’t miss anything when you made the point of no free upgrade. Problem being it isnt the same. The ps5 version has the features of ps5 and the controller ps4 doesnt. To incorporate that costs money. Which isnt going to be free or the same price as they run differently. That’s entitlement.

    2. @1 last comeback Yet again you make a pointless comment that completely misses any mark lol. Nothing was said about anything being handed for free so lose your cringe «entitlement» crap.

      The comment was about how you can buy the same PS5 game and be paying a different price depending on what route you take. Why should someone be able to get the same version of the game on PS4, then upgrade it to the PS5 version and pay £10 less then someone, who buys it straight up for the PS5?
      Why should Someone who owned the disc version on PS4 then not be able to get the free upgrade on PS5 digital only console?

      How hard is it to make it the same price for everyone wherever that’s £70 or £60?🤷‍♀️

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