Phil Spencer FINALLY Tells The Truth About Xbox And Even PS5 Fans Say This Is AWESOME!

I know I’m down on Phil a lot but this is actually some really good news to hear, hopefully Microsoft continue down this path and start making more moves like this for their fans in the future. The Xbox Series X is such a good console, just a real shame they’ve lacked the content for it.


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  1. So in craps option, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox for a trillion dollar company, is in over his head. The level of delusion crap has cannot be measured by normal measures.

  2. according to DF:
    *_»Metro Exodus has more frame drops in the GPU-Bound situations on SeriesX!»_*
    12tflops, 52cus are not helping the 40-50fps delta boys prove their point 😂😂😂

    ps5 is still the best place to play the multiplats! hahaha

    1. @Jeffrey Banks 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 As has been clearly shown since both consoles have been released! Series x can handle resolution better because it has more GPU power! Unless you think resolution is all to do with the SSD 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    2. @Jeffrey Banks I know a damn site more about gaming than you! I mean, here you are, teaming up with one if the most clueless peoe in here when it comes to gaming, Chris J.

      So what does that say about you?

    3. @Dark Mysteries ohh one more thing to mention I don’t think he watched the video crapgamer actually talking about game he used to play on Xbox like killer instinct and fable he love to play

  3. Xbox Boss: We Want to Continue With Killer Instinct But We Need to Find the Right Opportunity and Development Team. 23 Game Studios and they can’t find the right development team. Other epic fail for Microsoft

    1. @yogisie I already got returnal
      Rift apart , final fantasy 7 remake intergrade , guilty gears strive, demon souls, Spider-Man miles morales , sackboy and more since launch. Still waiting for kena, deathloop, ghostwire, and herizon forbidden west. Xbix gamers waiting still for the games to release

    1. It might good for the game older generation still love fable and new generation like 10- 15 will get try out why it’s so love by so many Xbox fan and see why this game so great

  4. Microsoft provided a fresh look at Halo Infinite, but it held back on something rather important – a release date. Delayed till next year that’s why no chance its coming out this year

    1. @Scottish Gamer72 oh so it’s ok for god of war to get delayed but Halo infinite oh no that’s bad lol nice fanboy excuse of just blinding the fact that your own company is doing it but when someone else dose it the things bad. Nice common sense.

  5. Phil Spencer is a legend! He saved Xbox and created Game pass. Sony want you to spend $70 a game! It’s 2021 and there’s a reason DVD stores don’t exist anymore! Sony really need to step it up or be left behind!

    1. @Scottish Gamer72 for its time the Xbox 360 was the best but I did get the red ring of death with the white version. I still have the black slim version

    1. @Donald Duck Ah you must be a xbox guy 😂. I’d be upset too with street fighter if my system of choice wasnt getting all the street fighter games. Just further show you xbox isnt the destination for fighting games.

    2. @Alan Richardson Street Fighter 2 is arguably the best fighter ever made…. Where do you go from there? I buy every console every generation. I don’t lack in gaming options. Thank you for your concern.

    3. @Donald Duck Where you go from there is you build upon that foundation as they have done. So no, Street fighter haven’t done anything but get better. And what Xbox havent done with Killer Instinct, you’re for my concern.

    4. @Alan Richardson I disagree. I don’t think Street Fighter has gotten better since SF2. I believe that Killer Instinct has. To each their own.

    5. @Donald Duck A 3 game franchise like killer instinct isnt much of a franchise when talking about fighting games so your opinion is just that so yea to each their own and the people vote with their wallets and sales numbers dont lie and speaks for themselves.

  6. I hope they do. Better on KI the last one to me was garbage to me I couldn’t get into it at all. It kinda made me sad I couldn’t enjoy it

  7. Tell the truth Crap your obsession with Xbox and Phill Spencer is because he publicly destroyed you on Twitter and dude you’ve never recovered seek help bro

    1. It is a channel that fanboys over Sony while showing gamepass or in this case halo gameplay lol. He doesn’t even own the console he fanboys for he just hurt over Phil for years

  8. We all know they are going to buy more studios. But at this moment all the 23 studios are working in a new game so I don’t see a new killer instinct in 3-5 years.

  9. Don’t lie crap, you love game pass and Xbox games, that’s why your gameplay footage consist of it, killer instinct another game that leaves your mouth but you never show gameplay for lol

  10. Microsoft is Now a Trillion Dollar Company.
    Playstation Net Worth 45 Billion Dollars
    Sony Net worth 95 Billion Dollars
    XBox Net Worth 600 Billion Dollars. No wonder why Sony Charge people why more than the Game is Actually Worth. 😆😂😅

    1. Lol, those numbers are way off. Xbox is a good division within Microsoft but no where near that amount. I enjoy both consoles so think all of this back and forth stuff is funny, however just one thought before you throw those numbers out again. Using your own math even if wrong, how bad does it look for a much smaller company to put a total smack down on them. I mean PS is outselling Xbox 2 to 1 to this day if leaked numbers are to be believed, they have much bigger hits based on game sales data, and considered the leader in the console space. In fact, I think Xbox ended up third last gen. Point being, money cannot buy success nor win it. Xbox has a lot to offer and turning things around but it is still a process and they are not there yet. I want them back to the 360 days when they did compete well. Good for the gamers and industry.

  11. I’m a Xbox fanboy…. But I feel that like every gamer should get to play ES6. That should be the only exception. And Microsoft should make x86 versions of ES1 and 2.

    1. This is a Playststion player disguised as an Xbox «Fanboy» 🤣🤣🤣 As a Xbox player I feel Final Fantsy 7 remake and Spiderman should be on the Xbox but that’s not happen 🤷‍♂️

  12. Does PlayedStation have any first party fighting games? 🤔 I guess they could manage a «Furry Fighters» or maybe «Baby Pony Beatdown.» ….. but I don’t see Sony making any type of mature fighting game. 🤔

    1. You’re joking right??? They’ve got were they replaced the bloodshed with soft core porn…thou most fighting games are exclusive by default…..thou scarlet nexus vwas released today so after I got platinum on that, I’m over to gears 5 to do my dailies then to bash out an hour or two of scarlet nexus…

    2. @geezer gaming You’re throwing shade at Sony seriously and you’re playing scarlett nexus where in it your fighting flower creatures lol yea okay.

  13. Somebody is truly desperate for attention it’s OK pony it’s OK pony You can go back to the burn I’m sure there’s some scraps left there by xbox for you salty fanboys

  14. This idiot really believes he knows what’s best for xbox always talking like he should be running the company🤪 Phil gotta put him in his place again 😪

  15. Crapgamer I misjudged you your not ps fanboy but actual gamer but stop talking about tech stuff it’s way to complicated there gbu and ram and nividia and how it’s process and how loading time work leave those actually experience who know these thing or two

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