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Today I’m recommending some more games you should check out on XBOX Game Pass. With over 100 games available it can be hard to decide what’s worth playing. Here are seven that I enjoyed that I hope you will as well. All can be played on Xbox One, XBox Series, or Windows 10. and are currently available as of May 2021.

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Haven
02:16 Carrion
03:44 Yakuza Zero
05:33 A Plague Tale Innocence
07:12 New Super Lucky’s Tale
08:38 Frostpunk
10:21 Doom
11:52 End

Most game footage is from official trailers, with additional footage borrowed for Frostpunk ( and Carrion ( Doom footage was recorded by me.

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«Cantina Blues» Kevin MacLeod (
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59 ответов к «Play these games on XBOX Game Pass (May 2021) | Cannot be Tamed»

  1. Man Xbox game pass is just awesome.
    A Plague Tale is a beautiful game and the story is very compelling! Thanks Pam for sharing these games

  2. New Super Lucky’s Tale looks fun, I didn’t even know there was an Old Super Lucky’s Tale! These Game Pass videos are always great, I was introduced to Xeno Crisis and Void Bastards in past videos.

  3. Another amazing vid Pam!!! I’m definitely gonna check out Haven as that looked amazing and it’s been some years since I last touched the OG Doom games so I’ll have to play that as well. I hope you have a great day and cant wait for the next vid!

  4. Hi, I’m Kris and I’m here to learn about Video Games. Yes, they deserve to be capitalized. To transition from «A Plague Tale Innocence» to «New Super Lucky’s Tale» was great, your taste in games in eccentrically untamed, Pam.

  5. I really appreciated one of your last round up videos (might have been end of year) — you helped me find Haven. Great game (nice to see it here again).

  6. That first game sounds like that movie Life. I liked that movie…the end was amazing, I couldn’t stop laughing. A tentacled creature outsmarted us all. It even managed to kill Deadpool 😄

  7. I think it’s worth mentioning that Yakuza Zero hits differently depending on when it’s played.

    When played in order of release (Kiwami 1 & 2, 3,4,5,0,6) certain plot elements come as twists, like Majima’s shift in personality. When played in sequel order, the twists come off more as matter-of-fact.

    Still, great franchise.

  8. Plague tale, alan wake, alice madness returns, quantum break, the medium, control, celeste, what remains of edith finch, dead space 1+2. All guaranteed fun

  9. So so many great games here! I’ve personally played Yakuza Zero
    , A Plague Tale Innocence, New Super Lucky’s Tale, & Doom so far and they’re all great

  10. One of my favorite aspects of Doom that few games have managed to replicate is the common scenario where you have battled your way to the exit and decide, against your better judgment, to hold off on leaving and go back in to search for more secrets, weapons and ammo. You get too far away and your plan backfires, so you’re now outgunned and low on health, having to run for your life with nothing but the hope that you remembered the path to the exit you senselessly and selfishly left behind. The enemy gives chase and your nerves go crazy. Sometimes you make it…sometimes you don’t. That immediate blend of stress, chaos, regret and strategy made for a frenetic experience I had never before endured in a game and playing the Game Pass versions has only cemented that scenario for me as uniquely Doom…

  11. I have Super Lucky’s Tale on the Switch it’s like Conker’s Bad Fur Day: The Friendly edition. Not to mention I also got Doom as well as it’s sequel. Duke Nukem 3D is also a good FPS shooter to get on you XBOX Game Pass.

  12. Some really cool suggestions. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the game «Haven», but damn does it look gorgeous. Kinda has vibes of the game «Journey», actually blanked on the name at first but looked it up.

  13. There is great satisfaction in helping Lucky the fox reclaim the pages of the Book of Ages from the despicable cowards who would rob him of its knowledge. Know that his vengeance is without limit.

  14. It makes me weep for the future of humanity to know that the most garbage YT video game reviewers have millions of subs and all the good ones, like you, haven’t even cracked 100k.

  15. I’m glad to hear that Haven remains good; I played the demo a while back, and really liked what I experienced. I will also personally endorse Yakuza 0; I’m really fussy about writing in video games, but I was SUPER impressed with it, and the combat is so visceral and satisfying.

  16. Cool. Have to say, Haven reminds me of a cross between No Man’s Sky, and Journey on the PS3. Carrion looks like it may have been made by The Brotherhood, or maybe facepalm, the devs that did The Swapper. The rest look cool (nice to see Doom on there), but those are the two that stand out for me. :o)

  17. I love the title «Frost Punk.» That alone would make me give the game a look, but seeing your take on it here has definitely bumped it up my list.

  18. i was keeping an eye on most of these games already and this basically makes me want to play them.
    well except for yakuza, doesn’t seem like i thought it would be. so it’s probably not for me.

    super lucky’s tale was alright but really nothing special and i remember it having some annoying parts and the lore while interesting wasn’t really explained.
    if felt more like a mobile game. i think the new version improves these things a little from what i understand.
    if someone’s looking for a fluffy jump n run then it’ll do.

    yeah people should see doom but play it? i dunno. i never understood that game back in the 90s and the new doom games were just as annoying for me.
    nah, no, i just don’t get them. oh but the movie is great!

  19. The developers who did Carrion should look into purchasing the rights to John Carpenters The Thing.
    It could be very similar to Carrion only with a stealth aspect added to it.

  20. I’d rather be hunted by the monster as I hunt IT. I like the idea of overcoming a hopeless, desperate situation… not engaging in slaughter of the hopelessly outmatched.

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