Playstation fanboy explains the price Xbox players have to pay to get the Game Pass service.
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  1. Personally I like PlayStation 1 and Playstation 2 after those two systems I really didn’t like the PlayStation I had the PlayStation 3 again this is just my own opinion I didn’t really like it I didn’t really like the trophy system I just wasn’t really feeling the system wall like that what I mean is a brand new system with just those systems on it I would buy it

    1. @Matt McCaughen yes you’re right about that but there’s just one problem you know what the problem is you need a PC to even get the software

    2. @Matt McCaughen I expensive lie look ways around that I even asked the YouTuber he said no you do need a PC to get the software I don’t own a PC or a laptop so yes you can play those games on the series X but you need a PC or laptop to even get the software

  2. Honestly if they had a system versus PlayStation Library I mean the whole Library PlayStation 2 I would buy that system just for the PlayStation one and PlayStation 2 games

  3. Now subscription games services is good now that Sony couldn’t copy gamepass. No day one release exclusives, can’t use old discs for backwards games, can only stream ps3 games. These Sony pony clowns are such hypocrites and move the goal post every single time. All Sony did was combine playstation plus with playstation now.

  4. What you get as a playstation gamer
    More expensive games
    Still charged for upgrades
    Still charged for cloud storage
    Bigger louder console
    Less features
    Worse services
    Actual facts

    1. The worst refund policy in the industry as well.

      So bad even a pony like the amazing mucas went on a tantrum
      over it because he couldn’t return returnal 😆 😂 🤣

    2. @De1usionsofGrandeur they use to give u a trophy in the first 5 minutes of ur games so u couldn’t get a refund. I don’t know if there still doing that today tho but that wasn’t good back in the day either.

    3. @Harry Swan I feel that right now sony gets a pass with so much crap they do it’s like people ignore it all just cause they make some good games. Where as last gen with Microsoft with the xbox one got ripped apart for a camera sensor.

    4. @De1usionsofGrandeur had xbox not screwed up last gen like they did sony would be a dead company. They were lucky last gen. The ps3 era almost killed the company.

  5. Every single time someone signs up for GamePass they literally forfeiting hundreds of dollars out of the industry, consolidating publishing and hosting-power to one-company and propagating the one-company that does the most damage to the industry and can’t get a steady flow of good-games out to save their livilihood.

    Team Green (for money) is like the Borg. They are a infrastructure/productivity tech-giant but leave gaming alone! You’re just ruining the industry with your business-strategies, lack of QC and plans for world-domination.

    Microsoft can only milk other studios’ work (They struggle to keep Bungie’s idea, Halo alive and milked Epic’s Gears of War idea to death) or create things based on reality (Forza and Flight Simulator) because they have no creativity.

    1. So ur saying their like sony when it comes to milking franchises.

      How many remakes and remaster are sony doing at the moment.

      Plus microsoft already proven if u use gamepass u spend more than someone who doesn’t have it by 50% more.

      So if damaging the industry is more people spending more on games then yeah the industry ruined 😆 🤣 😂

      Sony can’t do steady amount of games either where’s factions been 2 years so far and should of been out. Gow still no date probably delayed into next year.

      All sony first party studio are already done for the year and we only in April.

      I haven’t even mentioned gt7 who’s mtx practices would be something Ea would love to do in a heartbeat and the fact they didn’t give the reviewers the ability to see the mtxs in the review is shady as hell and sending the industry backwards.

      They even charging u cloud saves only other company doing that is Nintendo.

      Also remember the ps1 retro they did and put only 10 games on their and u couldn’t put your own disks in. Meanwhile Sega retro console came with 50 games and could also put in ur old games in as well.

      Sony is the most greedy gaming company in the industry right now. Charging u more for less right now compared to the competition.

    2. @Harry Swan Oh please within the last three years, Sony released the incredible Last of Us 2 (only the 2nd game in the series) Horizon 2 (only the 2nd game in the series), a brand new top-tier series, Ghost of Tsushima, Astro’s Playroom though short truly has creativity at the level of a Mario game, the new Sackboy game also very creative and great for kids. Spiderman: Miles Morales is only the 2nd game of its like.

      Their studios are motivated, driven and deserve to get paid for their consistent effort. Sony has released so much fresh content in the last 3 years they deserve to sell each one of their games for their own merit.

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  7. And yet GP is still a better deal. The Xbox can emulate PS1, 2, and GameCube games. Most of the PS legacy library is streaming only while Xbox is download only which more people favor, haven’t seen a normal player praise streaming to this day. Actual PC support which PS lacks. Not having to pay for cloud saves, Demos, and Backwards compatibility which for some reason Ponies are treating it like a win. The best of all, day 1 releases as well a plethora of 3rd party games.

  8. I’m glad most PlayStation Fans are seeing this for what it really is. It’s a blatant rip off. Let these moronic fanboys keep giving their money to Sony. They’ll just move the goal post in a few weeks anyway.

  9. 0 exclusives because most of them are on the pc, ok I could say that about the playstation exclusives seen as ps+ will be available on the pc also.

  10. It’s trash thrash he a pony who swears he always right and don’t know shit. This the same guy that scream subscription service is for broke people.

    1. Yep the guy who didn’t mention anything wrong with gt7. And as soon as sony apologised claim it was because of him saying all the issues with the game.

      The dude is a clown that is obsessed with halo and xbox. There permanently rent free in their tiny brain of his

  11. and all the og xbox and 360 games that r not on gamepass u can just buy them u dont need a subscripton service to play og xbox and 360 games

  12. It’s not 30% more expensive as he forgot day one is included. Whereas ps premium doesn’t do day one so every timed exclusive and exclusive u pay separately.

    So ur actually paying a lot more every year and getting less in return.

    Microsoft putting record investment into their studios and spent 70 billion to acquire activision as well which is an investment as well.

    No game been downgrade to AA

    Have no idea what he’s talking about development hiatus something he’s made up for sure.

    Only reason there less 3rd party is because of sony money hatting approach.

    Although given square current record it looks more like a blessing right now.

    1. Its cause Microsoft is killing it with what they are doing right now so hard… that even the sony fanboys can’t think of any real negatives so they simply resorted to coming up with lies instead

  13. Here’s how I describe gp, I rarely use my ps because of gp. If sony doesn’t make huge changes I probably won’t buy another ps tbh. Xbox is just doing way more right than sony this generation, even the upcoming exclusive games for xbox look better than sony’s

  14. Games pass gets new games dropped into the service as well? Does Sony’s? Just wondering as not heard anything saying that and if that is the case your paying £14 a month for old games?

    I have been on game pass for a year now and played 15 new games costing anything from 10/70 currently playing Gaurdians of the galaxy — it’s a great value service.

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