Playstation Fanboy HATES Xbox e3 2021 and Halo infinite

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  1. As a guy like me grew up with the first 3 PS Consoles and 6 Nintendo Consoles. I better off being lonely than making friends in PSN and maybe Switch Online. I hate Those meddlesome Fanboys. and when gaze I on the PS2 library. MY childhood is ruined by these crybabies spout stupid stuff about Hating on something good like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. I’m okay with Xbox e3 2021 and Halo infinite reaction from my favorite YTbers. I not okay with Fanboys (they suck as much as PS’s and PC Master Fanboys to the extent. and of course Nintendo Fanboys). I’m okay with Games I got and games I’ll be looking forward. but NOT Fanboy.

  2. 80% of the games are shooters? Well I dont know about that but arent 100% of Playstation games the exact same third person shooter with stealth elements and lots of cinematic cutscenes?

    1. @是小菠蘿吖~ They are not even rpg’s.Just third person action adventures in open world.Rpg is witcher,recent assassin’s creed,fallout,tes,dragon age,mass effect.Game that has choices and consequences,a lot of customization and different play types.Sony games are mostly either gears of war type of shooting(uncharted,tlou)or batman arkham type of combat(spiderman,ghost of Tsushima)

    2. It didn’t used to be like that. Sony used to take risks. Then they found a safe easy money maker. Now gow and horizon, and the lesbian of us, and Unadventurous, etc can suffer together in the banal neverending expanse of ps first party exclusives.

      Sony needs to buy From. They can make the same game together forever.

  3. Narrator: «He didn’t really have high hopes for it, he is just saying that. He does not like the brand» As a ps5 owner who played returnal — it is a glitchy/buggy mess -the developer told people not to update it.

  4. Ponies are so cringe. Gow symbol. Ponies: Omfg. Thats awesome man. Blah blah blah.
    Starfield shows in game trailer.
    Ponies: well its not game play it sucks blah blah blah.
    And behind your back creating petitions for starfield on ps5

    1. Ya they are hypocrites. But u can’t compare GoW symbol teaser to starfield trailer tho. At least we all know what God of war itself is about and all god of war games have been great imo so it just increases the hype. We still don’t know jackshit about starfield yet but I’m still excited anyway since Bethesda games knows how to make a single player rpg game(fallout 4 was great imo even though people may disagree with me).

    2. Exactly lol , its very dumb that nobody says anything when sony shows CGI trailers and doesn’t show actual gameplay , but they bitch and moan when xbox shows a CGI trailer for a game that is probably not deep into development and has barely anything to show off

    3. @Zylan but you can compare them because we know what these games are mostly about. It’s pretty easy to tell GoW is just a 3rd person power fantasy and Starfield is a Space RPG.

  5. Love seeing the haters hate just shows how jealous they are Xbox and gamepass is just pure awesomeness 👌Sony has nothing interesting Sony has become a total disappointment

    1. Nah i think that’s kinda retarded to say , sony still has a lotta solid games , the ps5 has improved the controller and the UI with new additions , the console is selling well, and idk just generally calling ps » a total disappointment » is blatantly stupid ( btw im saying that as a xbox person im not a Ps fanboy )

  6. More than half of Sony’s upcoming exclusive list are timed exclusives

    More than half of Microsoft’s upcoming exclusives are Microsoft exclusives.

    1. @darconex sigma I didn’t read this from a website or anything. This come from a comment on YouTube that list the upcoming projects for both Microsoft and Sony. I screenshot the comment and checked the game’s on the list and as of right now it is still holding to be accurate. You asked for a citation I can send you the screenshots somehow and you can look them up yourself?

  7. So, he’s complaining that there where mainly shooters shown, which is popular in the west where Xbox’s market is, even though there where more genres of games shown but ok. How can you complain about this when the PS, the console your shelling for, literally has 1 type of genre that almost all your «exclusives» fit into. Demon Souls, TLOU, TLOU2, Spiderman, God of War, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, Returnal, Detroit Become Human, the Uncharted series, all of these are 3rd person action adventure games!!!!!!! I know one is a platformer, some are open world, some are linear but you decided to classify all shooters the same so I’m going to use your rules here. Anyway, this guy has no right to complain about focusing on a certain type of genre when his company makes nearly the same type of game all the time

    1. Ain’t gonna hate on the guy for being a square fan. He has his sht neat and organized. No stuffed animals, not an obscene amount.
      On a scale of one to virgin, I’ll give it a ‘can probably explain it away as being a collector» /10

  8. I think I understand why he using the 80% are shooters complaint, it’s because he knows he can’t say Xbox has no games especially after they show this years road map of games.

  9. I love video games and that being said I never want to have a physical collection of video games on bookshelves like that. Honestly what are you going to do with all of that plastic at 80 years old? Is that your child’s inheritance? 😂

  10. “Just shooters” except what’s funny is that PS has mainly 3rd person action shooters with some stealth. Like at least be aware of what you’re talking about before you talk

  11. He likes gran turismo because it’s on his virgin console, he pretends to hate FPS because his mom won’t allow him to play those games so that narrows it down to child games like ratchet & clank and sack boy.

  12. I’m a PlayStation person and I got a Xbox too also Xbox and PlayStation console have great games, some of my games I got 2 copy’s on both platforms,

  13. Xbox can have as much time as they need in my opinion. The more time the better the game. Anything to make it better quality (including leaving playstation behind) is fine with me

    1. I have a curio and two shelves full of Asuka, Rei and Mari going back 25 years. I still watch other amine. Lol
      It’s odd to me people can’t enjoy their things unless everyone enjoys them too. I’m gonna try that next time I go out to eat. I’m gonna order my food, and once I get my plate I’m gonna go from patron to patron and badger them into getting what I ordered and telling me it’s the best.

  14. Ps fanboys: xbox has no games hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Me: lists literally every game that’s exclusive to Xbox and upcoming Xbox exclusives
    Fanboys: still no games hahahahahahahahahahah
    Me: ok braindead fanboy

  15. He mad because Playstation won’t get anymore Bethesda games he probably inbred and living with parents basement and don’t have a woman

  16. sonys strategy is mainly centered around:
    -third person singleplayer-multiplayer (singleplayer focus) narrative driven
    -eastern rpgs


    microsofts strategy is more like this:
    -first person singleplayer-multiplayer (multiplayer focus) shooters
    -western rpgs

  17. Interesting he mentions how he likes Gran Turismo 7 over Forza Horizon then mentions how much he likes Arcade racers, but Forza Horizon arcade racer and GT7 is a simulation racer.

  18. Poor console now that the xbox have games they complain game pass they are going nuts with it i dont understand whats going on with sony users.😂 neither you or papa frit. And i stil have my xbox one fat where i live all my frends and famaly had ps4s i got the guts to buy an xbox wen it launch.

  19. The guest does not understand that this is a business? Starfield got a release date, then Tod said what to expect from Starfield. It is known that they will not show everything because they are waiting for the playstation move and they must have a prepared response to their moves.

  20. National Park vibing kinda reminds of my childhood while I see a Grown ass man complaining about Halo.
    Dude that’s perfect.
    He just acts as a child. 😂

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