Playstation fanboy says that Xbox players are not able to afford new games thats why they spend time on social media instead.
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  1. ‘PlayStation fans love twitter to seek out friends who share the same passion towards quality games’ the most iconic statement ever ‘seek out friends’ what are you going to do play your single player games together or go on the multiplatform games while ignoring your oh so precious ‘ExClUsIvE’

    1. So I’m guessing you’ve never had a good conversation about a beloved game with a friend? 🤷 Back in the old days there hardly where any multiplayer games so we just enjoyed the single player ones and got help from one another we couldn’t use the internet because most people didn’t have access to it yet

  2. Playstation fanboys are saying there’s no games to ay yet
    And they’re not wrong
    Until there’s more games on xbox that playstation can play FABLE STARFIELD ECT. then playstation fanboys will be complaining you’ll see

    1. the end of last year and early this year what did they have to play when xbox had forza and halo?… that only one game is out instead of playing they are out here talking instead of playing.

  3. Everything Sony fanboys think about XBox players is basically a huge psychological mirror. Xbox fans play games, PS fans play Games but Fanboys play twitter.

  4. 4:49 you are not wrong i have about 261 games on my xbox thanks to the compatibility with xbox 360 and xbox one game i have purchased before. sorry for my english i speak spanish.

  5. It’s not that we can’t afford games, we just don’t blindly pay full price for everything when there is clearly a good deal instead. Any normal person would want to spend the least amount of money if possible. One thing that also doesn’t get much attention is the Xbox rewards program. I’ve accumulated so many points just from quests and daily searches that I can just redeem them for the new releases outside Game Pass or just pay for the service itself.

    1. Tbh I’m an xbox player and I have around 300 games I’ve purchased through sales and a good portion got after playing off gamepass

  6. Whether a game ends up good or bad I only get charged 15 every 3 months actually for being able to have access to these games. I’m actually tired of publishers like EA and Ubisoft releasing buggy broken games and it’s a good thing some of their games are on Gamepass so I have no regrets in life. Oh and I can afford games but if you can use gamepass

  7. Once again Xbox Gamers by more Games digitally than PlayStation Nintendo combined I have a total of 680 games digitally and physically and I have Game Pass

  8. Wouldnt they have more money for games if there not buying games like i have a PS5 and an Xbox SX i love my PS5 when a game comes out that i want to play but as soon as thats done i go back to my Xbox SX for game pass why would i pay $99 to $129 for one game when i can pay basically nothing for 100s of games some amazing titles.

  9. Horizon Forbidden West , is a buggy mess, it was rushed out of the oven , this game needs time to polish , its a good looking and that all , a pretty game with ugly fun factor , bad game mechanic’s , just like most PlayStation game like pretty girl with a ugly personality , just pretty with no substance and have nothing offering the PlayStation community and that’s ponies was born and lived on Tweeter.

  10. The Sony ponies don’t understand that it’s better to save money rather than waste money on a game that could be s***. At least gamepass is helping players look for which games they like. Because real people prefer to save money rather than waste $70 per game each time.

  11. I literally can’t afford games. I live in South Africa and buying a brand new game is literally unaffordable. Game Pass and the Xbox series S is the most affordable option and honestly is my only option

  12. Geez.

    Xbox/gamepass players prefer to actually make an effort to use their brain, save money and not whine about bs.

    Personally I have a job and cash, but why would I spend $60+ on a single game when gamepass is a much, much more enjoyable and wise opinion. Dumb logic

    Personally to me gaming is not about if I can pay full price for a game, it’s about savings and value.

  13. Lol na we’re just smart with our money I actually just bought dying light 2 and zero dawn 2 😮 yes I own both Xbox and PlayStation cause I’m not a fanboy imagine that but at the end of the day Microsoft is where I spend most of my time so I have game pass which I buy a year worth of 3 month passes just so when I get bored I can just stream a new game for my YouTube channel

  14. I bought a bunch of other games from the money I’m saving from Game Pass. I think it’s really a good model for other game studios also. I wouldn’t have bought those games if I spent money on Forza 5, etc.

  15. What kind of person puts down another person because they can’t afford something? Does he think he’s better than others because he might have more money? What an absolutely shitty person

    1. @BANA ZAKI xbox has no exclusive. Forever in 3rd place. LMFAOO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 all your games are on PC, hold that massive L clown

    2. @BANA ZAKI xbox will and forever be a pathetic multiplat box with no exclusives in 3rd place 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. RIP TRASHBOX SERIES L. Hold that L

  16. I can afford $100 games I just pick and choose what games I want that is worth it but the truth is a lot of people will not spend $70+ for a single player story game it’s plain and simple I know I won’t but if it’s a great remastered game form the ground up I will but PlayStation fanboys don’t realize because they are retarded not ever one can afford $70+ games

  17. 🤣 lmao other way around. I see plenty of PS5 games on the shelf at target and GameStop haha. Try again Sony phonies. Xbox owners have more money because they aren’t wasting $70 a game. Go Sony, go broke.

  18. i don’t blindly pay for games (unless it is a highly coveted game that genuinely looks worth the money at first glance) and i actually put research into the games i buy. there’s a reason i have only like four or five games installed on my xbox series x right now lol

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