PlayStation Only Gamers Are Jealous of Xbox Exclusives — Xbox Series X Games

PlayStation Only Gamers Are Jealous of Xbox Exclusives — Xbox Series X Games
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143 ответа к «PlayStation Only Gamers Are Jealous of Xbox Exclusives — Xbox Series X Games»

    1. @Ayden Hunt already did and PS5 and Series X and switch and GameCube, Dreamcast, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X. I guess I just being to able to game on what I want

  1. Mutliplatform and accesibilty are the future . Hell sony even denied Borderlands 3 cross platform online play. They want playstation owners to feel exclusive. But guess what playstation is not the only platform out there and their ways are getting old and senile. They like that uncle that comes to family gatherins dont bring anything eat the food and leave 😂 So greedy and selfish even with their own fanbase

  2. Fact is Microsoft says hey you want the highest performance at value Here’s the series x. You want the same performance value to current gen at a lower price Here’s the series s.
    You want to play our games in the best possible light, build you $3000. Pc rig but hey you with the 10yr old rig play on your browser with xcloud. You too Xbox one owners. And if you don’t want to buy any dedicated hardware at all just download gamepass to your phone or tablet and your set. Everyone can play. And crossplay with pc ensures multiplayer games are always filled with players.

  3. really ? where are those people ? can you tell me how many of them ?

    «we are getting great games like Flight Simulator, Psychonauts 2, Ascent, Crossfire X, Halo»
    haha… sure, great games

    1. @AlphaDwg happy about what?, you had good games for 8 years now and no next-generation games on a so called next-generation console for 8 months now.

    1. Every single one of you? Double digit million of you? If you have both that’s awesome for you but you can’t speak for millions of people

    2. @Pablo Zapata I loved God of war and horizon zero dawn, but I’d trade them for halo infinite, forza horizon 5, tes 6 and hellblade 2 any day, plus all the new ip to look forward to like avowed and Starfield for example. Most of the games to look forward to on ps are sequels

    1. Its been 700 days since your last AAA don’t worry just another 6 month till you get that free to play gaylo shit and borza😂😂😂😂😂

    2. how can u guys even keep going we believe in generations playstation games coming to PC 70 dollar games Rdna2 it’s been nothing but Ls just face it Sony doesn’t have a plan for the future and it’s gonna be a one sided afair

    1. Then stop begging for Xbox games. Stop creating petitions to get starfield. Stop crying because you can’t play elder scrolls. I see a lot of tears about Xbox games from PlayStation fans 😂

  4. Brilliant video, the comments from the desperate ponies in here are freaking hilarious! Haven’t laughed this hard in a while😂

  5. I’m a pc gamer and I also bought myself a Xbox SS, and the kids love it too.

    The strangest thing is that this Xbox SS will become better over time and by that higher value, and then it will almost rival its leper infused cousin PS5, while big brother SX sits on the throne.

    What joyes times ahead! All hail the king!

  6. Sony only here (I ditched the PC about a decade ago). All my RL pals are Sony, I love PSVR, love the exclusive stuff and I am just too deeply invested financially in Sony to make the switch. That being said I am pretty jelly of what Xbox is shaping up to be this generation. I can only hope it lights a fire under Sony’s ass to be better.

    1. @crawdaddy I could but like I said I am invested. I play with the wife and kids a bunch so I got two PS5’s, two PS4 pro, two PSVR’s as well as all the bullshit extras that go with them. I don’t really want another box just to play a handful of games. I will just remain jealous and play the other 100 or so games I don’t have time for.

  7. When was the last time Bethesda made a game of the year worthy contender or even won any yearly awards? When was the last time ANY Xbox game won a game of the year award OR were even nominated? This Youtuber is tripping going for and always talking about spec this spec that. I have BOTH systems. Exclusives doesn’t mean automatically a excellent game until your one of the Sony first party studios where they not even competing with Microsoft companies but with each other. Every announced games is still to be determined if great.

    1. @Ryan yes I agree with everything you just mentioned about the past titles, all great games. but

      Most games are consider a while ago.

      Tell me how does someone predict future and assume upcoming games is excellent? Cyberpunk? Maybe I can win the lottery too if I ask one of these Xbox youtubers and diehard single console owner fans.

      Hype and reality are complete opposites.

      History, legacy and reality doesn’t change and have to be proven though. Fact: time after time, releases after releases Sony kept outputting award winning EXCLUSIVES while utilizing the underdog lower spec hardware but look better visually than any team can deliver on Microsoft side. Am I wrong?

      Sony’s first party studios are REALLY on top of their game.

      Bethesda surely have good studios but their past few years really went downhill.

    2. @C0M9L3XM1ND Xv5 Can’t compare them at all. Each Bethesda game is larger in world size and hours playing that all of Sony’s exclusives combined. They typically take 2-3 times the development time for that reason. Remember Sony tried buying Starfield too so have seen the game running, just couldn’t afford it. Other than fallout 76 which they just published they have a track record of the best games for every generation way back to the original Xbox and PC before that even.

    3. Actually flight simulator 1 best simulator last year and it doesn’t matter what you ponies think about Bethesda games the always get game of the year Fallout 76 Got Game of the Year Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Scrolls Morrowind Oblivion Skyrim Elder Scrolls Online Fallout 4 Dishonored series pray

  8. Yeah, xbox has finally coming interesting games.i don’t care halo or forza.and that’s why i have series s and x.stalker 2 and starfield really interest me.also i have ps5.i like both ecosystems.but madz, just concentare xbox, coz you like it more.

  9. Worst part for snoy fan boys is this is just how it’s gonna be in 5 years from now Microsoft is gonna be by far the largest video game company in the world and that’s all people will know because they will be so far ahead

    1. I said essentially this same thing back in 2017 when Microsoft launched game pass and got laughed at. Microsoft has been prepping nukes while Sony has been polishing their hand grenades.

      All that talk of Xbox has no games etc… and now Sony and their fanboys have woke the sleeping giant. Things will indeed look very different in 5 years as you say. I just hope Xbox doesn’t forget what got them there because consumer friendly initiatives are often forgot about when you’re the top dog.

    2. The only problem is, by the time Xbox starts pumping out games, Playstation will be so far ahead, Xbox will go ahead and cancel next gen of consoles. Playstation is going to continue to pump out new games while Xbox sits on their hands for 2 years relying on Halo Freefinite: Microtransaction Edition. Then Playstation will continue to pump out games even then. In 2 years Ps5 will sell over 50 million units and Xbox probably be around 15-20 million if they are lucky.

  10. I truly think the PS fan base is not tencho savvy and not active on YouTube and other social platforms. The ones we meet online have nothing better to do than search anything Xbox related and dislike.

  11. Nobody is jealous we just believe it’s anti consumer to buy out a major third party company and then have there games be Xbox exclusive, it’s also anti consumer to buy out third party times exclusives but Sony has never crossed the line and done something like this. Once Xbox bought bethesda I knew the console war was over and Xbox truly lost at that point. Back in the early 2000s they could’ve easily bought out any major third party studio but chose not to for the sake of the art of video games. Things have changed now though I suppose. I really feel for gamers who actually liked bethesda games but they haven’t made a game I like since like 2010. If your going to buy out exclusivity there’s rules. Asking a company to make an exclusive game for your platform like bloodborne is ok, buying out a studio on the verge of bankruptcy is ok, buying out an exclusive focused company like insomniac is ok, buying out a major third party studio with more money than EA and activision combined, not ok. The moment they bought bethesda Nintendo and Sony probably laughed because they knew it meant they gave up. Xbox is no longer competing they are a third party brand with a steam machine for a console. Make no mistake this will be the last Xbox console generation. The rest you will still have Xbox for a console it’ll just be for support for pc.

  12. I love Playstation, but the Playstation fanboys are a damn embarrassment. Its also pretty hilarious how their having mental SJW style breakdowns on a near daily basis over XBox news.

    Outer worlds 2
    Indiana Jones
    Forza horizon 5
    Halo infinite
    Perfect dark
    Hell blade 2
    Project Mara
    Elder scrolls 6
    Compulsion new ip
    Inexile new ip
    Flight simulator
    Forza motor sport
    State of decay 3
    The ascent
    Crossfire X
    The gunk
    Dungeons and dragons
    Next wolfenstein
    Evil within 3

    1. Dungeons and dragons another pile of broken trash for you to beta test for us superior ps gamers 😂😂😂😂😂 scorn a would be ashamed to put that crap on a list

    2. @Xbox Is Finished Lol exomecha —-august
      Forza 5 November 9 , halo this holiday ,
      Flight simulator July 27’ the ascent July 29 , RedFall summer 22 , scorn 2021, crossfire x 2021 ———if you learn to comprehend you would’ve seen at least forza and halo dumb ass

    3. @Xbox Is Finished Lol hell blade 2 will be out before Sony gives ps5 owners expandable ssd option—-you don’t have a ps5 so shush little fanboy , don’t you have a dev to threaten over PlayStation games going to pc

  14. You are a xbot and you are crazy, Xbox got nothing to compete with Sony this gen or the next! For God’s sake dude, I want good exclusives from MS too, but saying people are jealous is foolish, The Ghost of Ikishima is coming for you!

    1. Actually MS have literally every single exclusive FPS and RPG this gen. Plus the best racing and flying games.
      PeasantStation just has kiddie games.

    2. @Ryan oh yes lots this year, the same games people with ps5 are going to be playing plus the exclusives! I still getting a series X, not for Starfield but for Halo, I’m a fan of the series since the good old days of Xbox! I miss those days…

  15. Hey these xtards come up with some tripe what games or them starfield running on the fallout 4 game engine😂😂😂😂😂 borza 15 what games

  16. They reckon fails after 3 billion gamers 😂😂😂😂😂 good luck fail Spencer just another 2.7 billion to go😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Am sure there might be 1 or 2 that wants to try borza but they’ll wait for that shit on a stick dongle or TV app and try it for a £1😂😂😂😂😂 no need to buy a series x and £60 for borza 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Xbox Is Finished Lol You are cement head, with nothing but 100$ a pop children games all gen. MS have the best games this gen with every single exclusive FPS and RPG, VS Sony with only kiddie games, no next gen features, underpowered, obsolete tech garbage.

    2. @Ryan £70 you mean meanwhile phyconaughts 2 is £60 then gaylo Infiniti with its 5 hr campaign and free multiplayer is also £60 you fucking Muppet 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I love how the sony fans sneak on the down low on pc and play game pass and for some strange reason they think they are not supporting xbox or let’s say Microsoft pockets 🤔

  19. If PlayStation players don’t want to buy a PC or buy an Xbox then tell them to complain to Sony and have a web browser put back on the PS4 and PS5 consoles or have them complain to PlayStation to get Game Pass on their platform

    1. There’s 860 game on PS now 400+ or downloadable all for £50 a yr there’s PS plus for £50 that’s 36 AAA a yr both combined are still cheaper and better than gametrash 😂😂😂😂😂 keep your shitty gametrash were it belongs on a TV app or shit on a stick dongle

  20. I think some PlayStation gamers are looking at this the wrong way. Sure, you won’t be able to play most of these Bethesda games on the PS5, but at least you have some options — Series S, Series X, PC or xCloud through various smart devices. If Xbox players want to play PlayStation exclusives, including third party exclusives, they have to buy a $500 PS5.

    1. If we want to try shite we’ll download a app on TV or buy a shit on a stick dongle and try them for a £1😂😂😂😂😂 no need to buy a series pile and £60 for borza cause that’s the only game I’d try for a hour or 2

    2. @Xbox Is Finished LolI get this is a fanboy comment, and I think your comment is just trying to downplay Xbox, but at the very least you don’t have to buy these games at full price and you don’t have to buy an Xbox.

    1. Sony has no Exclusives no games and no STARFIELD sony is trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ps4 games while I’ll be taking to the skys with Microsoft flight simulator ✈keep crying toenails

  21. Haha where are you pulling this information from your asshole? 😂 Xbox having exclusives is a good thing, at least they’ve got something to even try and compete with the quality games coming out of Sony’s owned studios. Competition is a good thing, I think all ps5 owners are glad Xbox has something coming.
    But most of us are not jealous that’s for sure. 😂
    I love how as soon as Xbox had games even announced they act as if they’ve already got the games in their hands. Xbox fans should be demanding better from Microsoft. To go so long without a first party release after a new console being released is dismal. But, I’m glad you guys are getting some finally. 😂

  22. No amount of petitions, crying, whining, videos, tweets, or bitching is going to change these games being exclusive xbox and gamepass. Xbox momentum is real and getting better each month. Xbox series x has two big games coming out literally less than 24 hours from each other next month. Regardless of the Medium. These two gsmes will really kick off it’s next gen (current gen) only games list. The Ascent, and Flight Simulator.

    1. hahaha Flight Simulator isnt next gen. it doesnt even require an ssd to play. and best part is, its not even made for the series x. it took a year before it showed up on the series x, just to play at the lowest fidelity at 30 fps. 😂😂😂😂. Thats your xbox next gen game? you have no games, and had to try and convince everyone a game that wasnt made for the console, is your exclusive. ROFL.

  23. I stopped being a 1 platform gamer I’m 1995. Ps5, Nintendo switch and PC for me. Mmm Sony didn’t take spiderman away wtf lol. Xbox or Nintendo can publish a spiderman game at anytime. Nintendo published marvel ultimate alliance 3 and it has venom, miles Morales, spider Gwen, and Peter Parker

  24. Buy pc for best experience. RDNA 3 150$ and Zen 100$ 4 for double the performance the xsx/ps5 will be release next year since these console will be utilized next year.

  25. Sony fanboys are low self esteem people who only ever played Sony consoles and their entire identity revolves around a Sony branded box.
    Anything perceived as a threat to the Sony box is the enemy and they treat it as an attack on themselves.

  26. When I was growing my parents could only afford one console for 3 kids, mainly two and the third was too young to play but we had friends who had both consoles and we’d get to borrow and play them but even without that kids back then weren’t attacking something we didn’t have , we simply didn’t have it and accepted it.
    For anyone finding themselves unable to get both, pick one best suited to your tastes and play the games you can but don’t hate on what you can’t get after the fact.

  27. What were we told for years Xbox has no games Xbox has no exclusives now that we got all of that it’s not fair kick rocks ponies if you want to played the new Wolfenstein or Doom Elder Scrolls 6 Starfield Evil Within pray Dishonored quake Fallout outer Worlds 2 hellblade you’re going to have to get an Xbox or PC

  28. When the hell has Forza ever been on PlayStation never that’s the answer when Fallout 5 drops in Elder Scrolls 6 drop they’re going to lose their minds

  29. X marks the Spot.

    Sorry for PlayStation gamers, Xbox is taking games to a whole new Level!! Microsoft is investing and in this world, you need to invest in the game market just like Microsoft. They are taking risks even if it means that Microsoft are loosing.

    That is why Microsoft is dominating the market now and won’t give PlayStation a due anymore to showcase whatever games they have in store for PS Gamers.

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