PlayStation’s Xbox Game Pass Answer Will Be Revealed Soon

PlayStation is pulling their PS Now cards in the UK and US as part of their continued efforts to rebrand the PS Now service as reported by Bloomberg. Xbox Game Pass has had a ton of great word-of-mouth coverage and Sony has yet to reveal their answer to the subscription option Xbox offers. That is going to change very soon. Codenamed Spartacus, The PlayStation Xbox Game Pass answer is likely coming soon and will offer competitive options, including backward compatibility for PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS Vita games fans love.

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78 ответов к «PlayStation’s Xbox Game Pass Answer Will Be Revealed Soon»

    1. @Abcdefg32 1 I was a fan from PlayStation from 2002 but what do now is trash no free upgrade you must pay double price from exclusive to pc port Microsoft doing for players PlayStation for money lol

    2. Good video however a correction, ps now does have over 700 games BUT the MAJORITY are downloadable. All PS4 games and almost all PS1 and 2 are downloadable. It’s just PS3 which are not.

    3. As long as there are no 1st party day one games, and the occasional 3rd party day one games. ( Hitman Trilogy) Whatever Sony calls this service it’s no where near Gamepass. We don’t even know if Sony is going to get rid of the streaming for the BC games that don’t offer it now.

  1. That patent is not specific in any way at all. I see no mention of ps1,ps2,ps3 or psp games. The subject matter of the patent doesnt itself make sense for back compat on systems with such variations as those PS consoles listed. A spoof clock and fine grain frequency control doesnt get you anywhere when the code your trying to run is written for entirely different non compatible cpu and gpu architecture. The Ps3 especially with its Power Pc arch and Nvidia gpu would absolutely require a full emulation layer.

  2. i still dont think they will match what xbox is offering. the biggest issue is that playstation exclusives are amazing yes, but sony focuses on single player story focused games usually 3rd person around 10-20 hours. that doesnt so much for a subscription service unless the output a lot of games per year. like exclusives and ur library will get ppl to sign up but what u want is recurring billings each month. xbox exclusives/devs have a lot more multiple, coop and games as a service titles and exclusives which keeps ppl playing above 20+ hours. not to mention since sony’s exclusive is the big blockbuster titles they would need a lot more devs to make exclusives the «sony way»….i dont see a lot of smaller or experimental games coming from sony. sony also needs to figure out how to get their back catelog onto the service. like get ps1 and ps2 and ps3…not just mainly ps4. im glad their getting into the competition, but they really need to come at it hard from the get go and i dont know if sony is gonna do day 1 console and pc for their service…is there a pc version for their gamepass? i just want Nintendo to make a gamepass….give me a service for pc where i get all the games from all of the nintendo consoles and handheld….why is that sooo hard Nintendo i will give u money

  3. Actually I just looked up the patent and it refers to spoofing clock rates to match variations in a system with the same architecture. It refers to 2 different version of the same system one having a higher clock speed and more gpu pipelines than the earlier version. To me this patent is specifically talking about spoofing clock frequencies to allow playstation 4 games to run on PS5 or even the possibility of a future Ps5 pro console spoofing clocks to run all previous playstation 5 titles. Sony has shown with the ps4/Pro/Ps5 that they want to keep using similar architecture while doubling the amount of compute units so they can maintain compatibility. That is great but it still means the Ps5 has to spoof clock rates to keep errors low when running Ps4 games on the Ps5.

  4. Do not expect day and date releases except maybe a few select online focused games.

    Also do not expect PS3 games to be played natively.

    Going in with these expectations I am very keen, especially considering I am from Australia where we do not have access to PS Now.

  5. PlayStation can offer 15 different levels but nothing matters if they don’t do day one first party releases. This isn’t even close to responds to Xbox game pass, why would anyone think so.

  6. I feel like it will either be a success and give GP some real competition, or end up a dismal failure and embarrass Sony. No in between. But I don’t have a PlayStation, and never have, so I won’t try to guess at which.

  7. I would recommend that people add as many years to their PS Now accounts as possible. Usually when services get overhauled, they make it slightly less financially good for the consumers who join up after the fact, but they are extra generous for those consumers already signed up. Just look what happened to Xbox live gold users who got upgraded to gamepass equal time for equal time. I just upgraded my PS Now for 7 years into the future…and I think I will get a good deal out of the transition.

  8. Lol, let’s see whether it’s comparable to Gamepass, we will see. Sony has a history with its schetchy pricing. If thier going to offer a tiered service and no day and date. Then it’s going to be somewhat like Gamepass, but not really. Sony is about the cash. Sony does not have Microsoft money. We will see when it happens

  9. PS5 games coming later = I predict they will only offer PS5 games once they hit “Greatest Hits” age. If I’m right and Day 1 inclusion in Spartacus is rare, and only for indie games (never first-party AAA games), then it will be more popular than PS Now, but less popular than Game Pass. AAA Day 1 releases is Game Pass’ secret sauce.

  10. Xbox leaving playstation in the’s already started since last year.. now it’s getting worse for Playstation Ponies. I’m sure those playstion Ponies will be bragging about how much they don’t mind paying full price for remaster games and upgrades games price fees for the ps5.🤭🤭🤭😅😅 stupid is in they blood.
    Oh wait until Sony fully copied and implemented the Xbox service idea into they service, then all those Ponies will be bragging about how Sony is the one come up with this great monthly service idea in they platform. 😁😁😁Can’t wait for that «Fake news» .

  11. Destin do you think we will be able to purchase ps3 titles after they’re added to PS new service. Similar to how Xbox gamepass let’s you purchase games with a slight discount. Can’t find the answer anywhere

  12. Im a PC gamer and really curious about whats to come, but honestly not keeping high hopes for this. We have seen a clueless Sony through the course of 2021, out of touch with its community and totally in the dark against its direct competition, the XBoX. I feel like Sony started this generation playing the same cards and with the same model from past gen, if this new service really comes out within the next days.. it might be a rushed service, and this is concerning. Sony cant mess up at this point, the lack of response to Game Pass is going to hurt Playstation in the long run.

  13. So they found another way to change users for old games AGAIN? LOL
    Sony is way too tight to release a gamepass competitor. It’s going to be inferior and more expensive.
    They don’t have the infrastructure to let you download anything at any time without some kind of limits.

  14. I hope for Spartacus service to be 3 tier, perfect streaming with PS5 hardware for all catalog games with Google TV app and mobile app, this will be huge improvements for all gamers without console.

    1. @Prime Danger currently PS Now can stream to PC so it’s not that farfetched. Heck, I don’t have a PlayStation but played ps3’s Last of Us that way.

  15. I will wait to an official announcement but judging on how bad Sony is with services like this plus their habid on over charging my expectations are pretty low

  16. Great to see Sony re-map these services.

    It remains to be seen how it will stack up to Game Pass and I don’t think Sony will go far enough for it to truly compete, but at least we should see better value for customers

  17. It’ll be interesting to see if Sony can put out Triple A games other than their own first party games on their service. I don’t think they have the budget to do that stuff. For example we got Mass Effect Trilogy, Hitman Trilogy and Rainbow Six Extraction just in January. Will they be able to do similar stuff? I don’t think so

    1. Also keep in mind that the majority of PS titles are 10-15 hour single players. What stops people from subscribing for a month ($10/15), beating the game, canceling until the next big drop?? No incentive to keep playing. They NEED multiplayer

  18. Sonys gamepass will be a joke. Its going to be nothing like gamepass they wont offer day1 release and price point will be a joke. Also notice their tier 3 won’t include ps5 games

  19. If they make people pay for back-compat and don’t bring 1st party games to the service day and date, it’s not going to be a true Xbox / game pass competitor. Sony once again proving they’re «For the _payers_» but ponies will lap it up out of some sense of righteous bravado that their games are worth paying for again…again…again.

  20. Now Ponies have to boycott Spartacus !!
    It’s killing the gaming industry.. Developers don’t get payed.. its not substanable.. no one will play old games !
    Where are these people now huh ?? 🤷‍♂️🤡 oh right it’s only bad when MS do it..

  21. It’ll be a massive flop, unless all these people were lying about supporting the devs and «owning» $70 games was being a true gamer! Some media outlets should move into politics! Xbox games on PC, bad! Gamepass, unsustainable! Series S, holding back the generation! Sony games on PC, Spartacus, more PS4’S, well that’s just good business!

  22. How is this an answer to GP, where the main selling point is ALL first party exclusives day and date along with some third party titles?

    The main selling point here seems to be forcing people to pay 15 USD to play backwards compatibile games which Xbox gives us for free.

    To be honest, if this is what Sony is proposing then the Nintendo Trainwreck wouldn’t look too bad compared to it.

  23. It’s just a matter of time before we see a day-and-date Sony first party game releases on PC. Sony is just leaving alot of money lying on the table.

  24. Here’s the thing with this new PlayStation Spartacus with each subscription level as a consumer there’s certain things I’m going to want to see and if I don’t see those things then that subscription level is worthless. Now they’re initial level the bottom tier where you get PS plus and the PlayStation lineup of games they offer now that’s what everyone is going to expect I mean everybody’s happy with PlayStation plus now and the PlayStation family of games and Sony needs to worry about what is it going to do with the tears that come after the first one. For instance when they offer the second tier big question people are going to want to know is what PS4 games will be coming to the service and when will they see PS5 games on the service. Let’s get more specific here people are going to want to know will they be seeing AA games will they see AAA games will these games be new as in currently releasing Jay and date will they be older games if so how old also how many. Look at all the games you get with PS now but most of those people aren’t interested in playing because you either have to stream them which leads to poor quality or in my case as most many others you are already own the game. That’s where Sony‘s problem is going to come in Sony will not want to release any of its games that they make day and date most likely meanwhile the competitor does how does Sony compete with that especially if Microsoft start bringing heavy hitting AAA titles wait a minute they already have. Finally when you look at the third tier 3 tier of backwards compatibility again you run into the same questions what games are going to be on this list how many and most importantly how are you Ashley play these games will you download the games and play them or will you have to stream them. Look at the problems you encounter if you have to download the games it’s not like your PS5 has a large hard drive. If they go to streaming route they run into trouble with shooters and fast paced games don’t get me wrong it’s nice that they’re getting some of their streaming technology from Microsoft but I play in the clown on my Xbox certain games aren’t suited for that environment even with my ultra fast Internet. Perhaps most important of all for any of these tears is price I don’t know what sound you could really ask of people who go for all three tiers here I feel like most they can ask $20 a month that’s it anything beyond that and people are going to go no. Unless of course Tony really throws in a lot of games here but even then if you go backwards compatibility how many games are you honestly going to play I think about it all the time and I would love more backwards compatibility with my PlayStation I’m going to look at most of those games I’m not really going to deep dive and play them all the time. I simply want to play the new stuff.

  25. from what we’ve heard so far it won’t be no way near close to GamePass cause they will add only old games to the Service(PS1/2/3/Slim) and they won’t add that Service to PC and all the new PS5 games won’t be there

  26. I cant wait, and that will push more competition , playstation and Xbox. I am glad its happening.

    This coming from a guy who cover xbox 😉

    But it will come down to price and where you can play it

  27. They need to include their exclusives in the service. It doesn’t mean that people won’t buy them anymore. If anything more people will want to buy them as Xbox Game Pass has already proven this is the case.

  28. PS Now having mostly stream-only games isn’t necessarily the problem. It’s the fact that as per Digital Foundry, PS Now has the worst latency of all streaming services. They’re using PS3 in server blades, or PS4s (depending on the game). None of those chips was designed with game streaming in mind.

    xCloud went through a major improvement when the blades were upgraded from the One S blades to Series X blades. Series X chip was designed with game streaming in mind and it shows. I would say PS5’s chip was also perhaps designed with that in mind, but we don’t know because Sony is cagey with everything they do.

  29. I think this ps game pass is scary for xbox because game pass is a huge selling point for xbox. I think xbox will do something big to be ahead soon

  30. Its not an answer to gamepass its just a dubscription service. Like PepsiCo didnt say pepsi is an answer to coke. Hulu isnt an answer to Netflix.

  31. *Destin, PS Now has more games than gamepass and more downloadable games than gamepass as well.*

    *Spring is mid March so yeah Playstation Spartacus is coming soon.*

  32. Things needed to match gamepass.
    1.) Day 1 1st party exclusive games
    2.) Day 1 3rd party games
    3.) 1st and 3rd party backwards compatibility.
    4.) The ability to stream both gamepass games as well as games you own from the same app.
    5.) The ability to play anywhere not just limited to your console.

  33. I fail to understand how so many people, including you really don’t seem to grasp that the patent relates to PS4 and PS4 pro titles running on a PS5. This is how backwards compatibility was achieved for PS4 games. Can it be used for PS1 and PS2 games?….possibly, although emulation seems just as likely. However, PS3 is a completely different animal with completely different architecture and although modders working for years have managed to emulate 60% of PS3 games to a good standard this is a long way from 100% and the quality of the 60% may well not reach Sony’s standards. What you need to look for is Sony filing a patent for PS3 emulation and it doesn’t exist. PS3 games will be streaming only. End of story.

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