PS5 Gamepass Price $240 LEAK 😵‍ — GOV Cancelling Activision & XBOX Deal? (Call of Duty PS5 & Xbox)

PS5 Gamepass $240 / Year LEAK real or fake?, PSVR 2 is blowing minds — Xbox & Activision Call of Duty deal investigated by FTC again.
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98 ответов к «PS5 Gamepass Price $240 LEAK 😵‍ — GOV Cancelling Activision & XBOX Deal? (Call of Duty PS5 & Xbox)»

    1. @PaladinAtom9 wait i understand just interested in seeing what’s going to happen. I agree your math is right. Why would sony do this now tho after you seen what Xbox Gamepass is about since 2017 i think. It’s weird @PaladinAtom9

    2. xbox gamepass is around $45 for 3 months so sony has to be somewhere around that honestly and yeah I think the prices are fake too. If they are real, sony will catch a lot of heat and next week will be really good to read comments xDDDD

  1. get a life time pass fast, idk why they call it that as it is 5 years, but its only 120$ us vs 1250$ , i am guessing the life time pass cost will go up so best to lock in that rate now, most likely 500 as it was about half off if you paid for 5 years.

  2. Dayummm 60.00!!!! That’s on top of Playstation plus or included?! 😒 Bobby Kotick need to just buy his employees VR so they can harass virtual baddies, and stop fkn up Microsofts company 😂

  3. Great video!!! Having a hard time believing that those are sony’s real prices. They may have just thrown em out there to see what people think. We shall see soon enough though!!!

    1. They want to avoid people paying $10-15 like in Xbox for irregular subscribers like I am on Xbox for whenever I want to subscribe.
      Sony are idiots as all that does is limit the amount of people who might subscribe and forget it. Meaning they’ll let their subscription stay active even if they don’t use it much or at all

  4. Cod is gonna lose most of their talent and the game will die/not be as successful in the future lol. A lot of good developers are actually pretty much assholes.

  5. It looks like Xbox game pass already won Xbox game pass is $15 for a month you get all the games for free and in PlayStation lost in this situation $60 for a month too high take your L Sony

  6. So wait 9.99 for 3 month for playing and no 3 shitty games every month? And ps now comes with ps+
    Think they are going to lose a lot of money there

  7. So $240/year for a service that is not supposed to compete with Game Pass. That seems like a bad idea. Well, I hope it’s better for that price.

    1. Its all just jokes my brother, nothing serious. I didnt made the name «sony ponies» or «xbots». But thats whats used in a sarcastic way. «xboners» isn’t used that much.

  8. It won’t be 60 for 3 months but look at ps now atm, the yearly sub dramatically discounts the price compared to the per month/s month price, but again Sony surely isn’t stupid enough to try 60 per 3 months unless you get ps plus included as well as substantially more than that on top

  9. Foveated rendering means only what you look at in vr will be fully rendered. This is used on the oculus quest line, htc vive, valve index and more. Eye tracking takes this to a new level. Instead of a circle or box in a fixed location, you get a smaller circle, but it follows your eyes. Which means it is fully rendered to you.

  10. Assuming the prices are real than it is just like I said. Sony is so deep in debt and believes in a cult surrounding PS so much that they will without mercy try to squeeze every dollar out of their fans.

  11. Activision is getting what it deserves. They screwed the community over time time again and now they’re getting screwed over. Only difference the community didn’t deserve it Activision does.

  12. An Xbot made that fake PlayStation neo post. It’s already been debunked on Reddit. These Xbots keep trying to bring down kings 💪 they will never succeed

  13. Gamepass is so far ahead that anything sony puts out will be dead on arrival. Sure the sony players will buy that subscription to check it out but if they bring ps gamepass to pc absolutely no one will use it. PC gamepass is insane and pc players are used to it. But I hope sony does put to a great subscription service that rivals gamepass even though this seem highly highly unlikely cause sony just doesn’t have the funds to do so. Gamepass pc will/have Bethesda games EA games Activision game xbox studio games other great 3rd party games possibly ubi games in future. I am really struggling to think how can sony compete with gamepass

  14. About the project Spartacus thing I am actually pissed that it’s ps3/4/5 games for streaming and not ps3/4/5 games that are downloadable for your video game library… I am pissed.

  15. I’m doing helicopters with my Willy as a Game Pass user, because ‘free game demos’ for Sonys PS subscription service 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂, currently in the U.K. if they do a $ to £ conversion, which So y do with their game prices, then Game Pass is 3$ every month more then Sonys lowest offering in that slide 😂🤣😂

  16. Heres what sony needs to do.
    1, merge all stores into a single store.
    2, offer users two option
    a, 1 time purchase of source code package for console, digital physical playback.
    b, an upgrade from disk to digital $5 per game.
    Yes I know they wont do that, but you never know if they might see this post

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