Quit Talking About Xbox Series X/S & Go Play Your PS5.

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35 ответов к «Quit Talking About Xbox Series X/S & Go Play Your PS5.»

  1. I had a ps4 i got very board i had a 360 was so fun just talking to friends I had to trade it in xbox one was to much my opinion great video thanks for the great 👍 information

  2. I get it frog but the same thing they do towards Xbox is what you do towards playstation. If both sides stop bashing the other the fanbases you have wouldn’t show up .

    1. @ShaqFu 2 I didn’t take YOU seriously from the 1st word you texted. With a name like «Shaq-Fu», who could? HaHa go play you crapstation & stop bothering people on social media, » Shaq-Fu». Ha Ha Ha!!!

  3. Jim Ryan created a non consumer market. Sean Layden was pro consumer market. Its obvious Sony is Greeding up! At the expense of thier community!

  4. the Ponys are obviously shook to the core. The recent acquisitions by Micro$oft have Traumatized and Demoralized them, all their Narratives destroyed 1 by 1. they’ve turned into the Laughing stock of the Gaming world

  5. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 274 sentadillas son unos SEXBABY.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesh abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

  6. The only way these phonies that gets clicks are by talking about leaks, and talking down to the competition. They’re nothing but a bunch of spineless hypocrites.

  7. I like to see how many games those ponies played so far in 2022. I make it easier for them. I used my TA stats and they used their TT stats. And see who have played most games so far in 2022. Spoiler I Played and got achievements in 67 games. And with ones I not got achievement will push it over 70. I would put some damming evanesces they mostly on twitter. But they look like don’t have TT profile at all.

  8. I just don’t play it tbh. Other than Grand Turismo and Forbidden West, nothing else has piqued my interest. looking at what i’ve played since getting one last year; Detroit: Become Human, Ghost of Tsushima, Spiderman (and miles morales), Days Gone, GT7 — all but GT7 is what i’d consider a PS5 game.. could of done any of that with a Pro. Whenever i have time to play video games i just crank up the Series S, that’s the console i actually buy games for and plus i have game-pass ultimate so yeah.

  9. The sony fanboys and sony based channels are so threatened by xbox they trash xbox constantly. They rarely even talk about sony tbh. I’m surprised you are just now bringing this up because every sony channel does this

  10. Im on your ass now. Stop talking about me and what I do and play your fucking Xbox. I’ll see you this week. Your exposed sir. Take your own advice.

  11. It’s only fair to criticise a platform if you have paid money to get it and have used it. For example I have a PS5 and I want better backwards compatibility (that isn’t locked behind a subscription). And on the Xbox Series X I want a focus on more high quality single player experiences. I do want to get a PC at some point because I want to play games at the best possible performance that just can’t be done on the consoles.

  12. Microsoft needs single player games no disrespect but they lack in that department head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken on future single player experience but has failed to meet that demand

  13. 9:28 100% agreed. Killzone : Shadowfall was the last moment, I felt a true generational leap in visuals with the beginning of a new generation of consoles. That was 2013😅

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