Reacting To The Halo Infinite Cutscenes For The First Time | Xbox Series X

Reacting To The Halo Infinite Cutscenes For The First Time | Xbox Series X

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As I have already finished and streamed my first time ever playing halo Infinite, we thought it would be fun to cut out all the cutscenes from that playthrough for all of your viewing enjoyment!

When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armour of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the massive scale of the Halo ring. To experience the campaign, purchase Halo Infinite (Campaign).

Halo Infinite is a 2021 first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the eighth main entry in the Halo series, and the third in the «reclaimer saga» following 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians

Halo is a military science fiction media franchise created by Bungie. The franchise is currently managed and developed by 343 Industries, and owned and published by Xbox Game Studios.

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Halo Infinite published by Microsoft
Developed by 343 Industries
All rights reserved.


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  1. Jade is back with more Halo! this time reacting to the Halo Infinite Cutscenes! 💚
    Thank you so much for watching!
    As always leave a Like, Comment, Subscribe, and have a good day 😊💚

  2. I loved the dedication you have for this game, grew up playing it and it’s cool to see people new react to the craziness of the halo series. Keep up the good work

  3. They really came out guns blazing right from from the beginning, both figuratively and literally. Again props to 343 for nailing the campaign. Based on how 343 said that Halo Infinite was a 10 year plan(campaign DLC down the road at least I hope) it’ll be interesting to see where 343 will go next not only Infinite but the other Halo projects they got coming.

  4. The first cutscene where Chief was 1v1-ing Atriox was AWSOME! Even though Chief got ragdolled, he still did much better than Red Team! Your cutscene reaction videos are always fun to watch!❤

    1. @Andrew I was gonna mention that, but even with the upgraded armor and chief being…well THE Master Chief, Atriox proves once again that the Spartan is “nothing but a man”

  5. Plot for the next Halo game: The Xalanyn will try to fire a Halo ring (Zeta maybe?) and seize control of the «mantle of responsibility,» which they have an honestly valid claim to.

  6. YES! I’ve been waiting for this video for so long! Thank You Gamerjoob for uploading Jade’s reactions to the Halo infinite cutscenes! I can’t wait to see the next chapter of Master Chiefs story! 😊👍🏻💙💚

  7. Very nice on the play through. Wonder if they will add more stuff to the campaign, the audio logs were a good listen and could give us hints.

    1. I wish they made the audio logs more like the terminals in Halo 4 — have fewer of them and make each one animated to really show the story being told. They could’ve done it from both sides too.

    2. @MarineBeast_86 yeah that would be great, or a mini campaign about those Spartans, would be another helpless scenario like noble team dying 1 by 1.
      Wonder what happened to crimson and fire team majestic.

  8. I have to say that (for me), Infinite was the most lacklustre and boring campaign in the whole series, by far. I wasn’t crazy about the campaign in ODST. but Infinate makes it liook like War and Peace in comparison. Most of the interesting stuff happens/is mentioned in audio logs, which pretty much says it all..

  9. Would like to say a quick hello to you. I’ve been a sub for only a couple weeks and from I’ve seen you’re relatively new to the Halo series and I love to see that! I can’t wait to watch all of your journeys through the Halo games ♥️

    1. @Gamerjoob I would actually like to see some halo 3 and reach gameplay on your channel if you REALLY say you are a halo fan…

      Do you have halo CE? Be foreal here.

      Did you play halo 2 in 2004?

      Did you play halo 3


      Were you even around in the golden age of gaming? Decade ago halo was huge. All over the news lol…

      Did you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars alone on the halo franchise?

      I don’t know Jade… It’s good to see your having fun at least, but quit bullshitting me!

    2. @JimmmmmmmmmmmmY chill bro. She played those games and new fans should be welcomed, not ridiculed because they «weren’t» there. Fans like you are why the Halo Fanbase is called toxic

    3. @Soap Impossible I say that now… can you imagine how much of a joke gaming will be 10 years from now?

      It was bad 10 years ago…

      Worse now.

      Bet you in another 10 years it will be str8 up nothing but shit lol…

      Okay maybe i was a lil harsh…

      I ain’t toxic. I really do care so much about halo never wanted it to fail. BUT… 343 keeps messing up this franchise. So yeah for that i don’t have faith anymore…

      Yeah she played the games, but there is something wrong here… She didn’t play halo for thousands of hours and unlocked every single achievement from halo.

      Also she didn’t spent thousands of dollars on halo let alone back in it’s heyday… I still have a lot of old halo merch that most of you don’t have.

      Even Jade doesn’t have what i have lololol…

      I’ve been with halo for 20 years basically. And I’m NOT actually seeing halo clips on Gamerjoob’s channel…

      I’m a classic halo fanboy. You can call me that instead…

    4. @JimmmmmmmmmmmmY ok but she still likes the franchise. It’s not fair to compare. Like sure you may have more time invested, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t qualified to be a fan either. Just let her enjoy the games. We were all once like her at one point.

    5. @Soap Impossible Not me.

      My first halo was CE…

      And don’t call me a toxic hater, cuz i love this franchise more then both of you… I have old halo merch. You don’t…

      Welp, i use to. Halo is so dead to me. Sadly.

  10. I loved watching your play through of this game Jade. Really enjoyable😁
    Where would you rank this game in your tier list that you did a while back?

    1. But i liked it a lot!
      I don’t think it is up there with Reach or 2 personally!
      But i think it definitely on the higher end for sure 😊
      It also depends how Infinite continues to develop i guess!

  11. Halo Infinite is 10/10. The Banished r without a doubt the greatest army and Atriox is a great leader and he lives. Hopefully the 2 brothers Pavium & Voridus come back I miss those brutes.

  12. I just had a thought: What if they intentionally didn’t tell us Weapon’s new name so that we as the player could choose her perfect name? Same way we don’t see Chief without armour so we can imagine ourselves as Chief

  13. Awesome play through and I always look forward to these reactions to the cutscenes! Great work ! I’m now confident 343 is going to take halo in a good direction, I mean this campaign was just an awesome ride!

  14. The open world is cool, just wish there was more variety in the environments/missions after completing the campaign. Rescuing squad after squad and taking out the same generic targets gets old pretty fast. They should’ve at least given each target their own cutscene to make them more unique, rather than just a summary. Overall I give this game 8/10. Hope for the DLC they come up with new/different stuff, like the space dogfight battles from Reach and have some new environments here and there.

    1. Yea. If she hasn’t already she should react to HiddenXperia’s video on how Offensive Bias managed to hold off the entire flood to buy time for the Halos to be activated

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