Reminder that Xbox controller players can also be good in Funky Friday


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  1. This video single-handedly made my self estime go neutral
    If a xbox controller player can be this good, so can i
    But also, this guy that literally plays with an xbox controller is better than me in every way

  2. I think its better play on L2,L1,R1,R2 i prefer this bind cause i dont like to hear the buttons crack its like:»damn i am going to break at any time»

  3. I was on Sillyfangirl’s stream the other day, and he started playing with an Xbox controller during online matches. HE WAS FC’ING THEM WITH A CONTROLLER. If that’s not enough proof this video it trying to bring up, idk what will.

  4. I played on Xbox for a long time and got very good I took a break and went to another fnf game 2 or 3 months and now I’m garbage at Xbox (insert sad Bandu face here)

  5. People think this video is fake for some reason and I want to point out a few things!

    1. My brother was recording the handcam while I played, which is why I had to manually overlay it over the actual gameplay, which won’t be perfect

    2. Go to 0:52 in my full clip video ( and you’ll see how it lines up and you’ll notice the delay

    3. Also my controller is wireless and has a slight delay (to the people who think controllers can only be wired)

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