Restoration Old Microsoft Xbox console | Restoring game console

Restoration Old Microsoft Xbox console | Restoring game console
_ Currently, we are building a channel to meet the increasing needs of viewers. so our channel will focus on building more engaging and entertaining video content.
_ I hope this is the perfect restoration video for you.
_I hope you find something useful and enjoy this movie! I am pleased with your feedback, advice and suggestions for improvement. !!! sorry for the mistake if i made this restoration !!! thank you !
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    1. @Component Level Repairs it’s called video editing. The working Xbox was before they “found” it, or a completely different console…

    2. @James Goodman yeah you are right dude 😱. I hadn’t thought about that . I will unsubscribe from his channel for I hate being fooled 😒

  1. Интересно. Я один, с первых кадров понял, что это восстановить невозможно?

    1. Конечно возможно, было бы желание, и мозги правильные, он даже жеский диск щеткой мыл !!!!

  2. Та ну да ! ) в каждом ролике одна и таже загразноность ))) и всегда все раюотает )))

  3. bizarre qu’il arrive a refaire fonctionné la console , vidéo sympa mais il y a des choses qui ne sont pas logique et sa pue le fake a plein nez . vidéo bidon

  4. Гонево все это. В тазике пытается отмыть всякое говно, а сборка идет из нулевых деталей. Не верю.

  5. totally fake …. you cant wash a HDD they are not sealed they have preasure relief filter, learn how to use a multimeter. This is strickly for enteranment nothing to leard here

  6. That is a good touch. Amazing work! You can do this and you will be able to restore anything if you want to.. Thank you from #OldToolRestorations 👍👍👍👍👍

  7. if you guys havent figured it out this guy has a few channels like this. He makes fake restoration videos for profit, do not do anything he does, he has no idea what a circuit board even does or how to test one.

  8. Esto es completamente Fake, pues el disco duro, al no ser contra el agua, queda completamente dañado y no se puede usar ese mismo 😂🤷

    1. @James Goodman The unit being dirty is probably staged, but I’ve repaired worse consoles. I have an Xbox 360 Elite with a controller that I bought from the local dump that had been rained on and sitting partially submerged in nasty runoff water for weeks. Took me several days to repair it, and it works fine now, minus the controller not being able to use rechargeable battery packs due to PCB damage. Still works fine with the AA pack.

      I also have a Sega Genesis that was completely submerged in a flood for days, and some idiot had applied the wrong polarity power to it and blew up the regulators. This one took me the better part of a month to fix due to the heavy corrosion. The RF shield basically rust welded itself to the PCB. It works fine now, but it obviously doesn’t look the best. I installed a ceramic 68000 in it and use it to test games running at various clock speeds up to 16 MHz.

  9. My man’s fr just put a hard drive in water and it still worked
    Either he’s a genius
    Or he replaced the hard drive
    Probably the second one

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