Retro Ups & Downs From WWE No Way Out 2001

Our WWE No Way Out 2001 review as Simon Miller talks about the amazing Three Stages Of Hell match between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock vs Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon vs Trish Stratus and much more.

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64 ответа к «Retro Ups & Downs From WWE No Way Out 2001»

  1. I hear the «make some noise » in like 4 different videos xpac themes I found online I dont get how anyone can hear xpac and not make some noise

  2. Unforgiven 2006 Final Trish Stratus match as a full time wrestler. Cena Vs Edge TLC. DX vs The mcmahons and the big show 3 on 2 handicap Hell In a Cell match

  3. Fun fact: in one on one matches at the last B ppv before Wrestlemania, the wwe championship title has only changed hands from people using their real names

    2001- Kurt Angle
    2004- Brock Lesnar
    2010- John Cena

  4. Why would they even ask Test, the man who got betrayed by Stephanie McMahon and that marriage angle as well as betrayed by Trish Stratus in that T&A break up his opinion about these two women? Lol

  5. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I was today years old when I realised that the start of x-pac’s music says “make some noise” i always thought it was “X-PAC!!!” Even played it for the wife and she looked at me as though i was nuts!

  6. I was live in the arena for the first ever episode of NXT … Why we’re reviewing a scripted challenge competition is 100% beyond me though …

  7. That 1 show where kurt angle had a classic with the undertaker in 2006

    It’s funny how I don’t even know what happened on the rest of the card

  8. Next week should be Summer Slam 2003: The Second Every Elimination Chamber match since we already did the first one from Survivor Series 2002

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