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Defunct Games reviews Hourglass, available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Switch. Previously available on PC.

Fans of weighted companion cubes rejoice, because Hourglass is a brand-new puzzler with more than a passing resemblance to games like Portal. Set in Egypt and full of mystery and intrigue, this rescue mission is all about recording your actions and then interacting with your past self. Confused? Don’t be, because this clever puzzle game does an excellent job easing you into its unique gameplay mechanics, all while introducing a number of cool new wrinkles along the way. Unfortunately, the game’s story is largely held back until the final act and the gameplay isn’t as tight and responsive as you would have liked, especially when dealing with the more time-sensitive puzzles. But if you can get beyond those issues, you’ll discover a gorgeous adventure game with a lot of cool puzzles and an incredibly satisfying ending. Flawed or not, I want to see more games like Hourglass.

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7 ответов к «Review: Hourglass (PlayStation 4/5, Xbox & Switch) — Defunct Games»

  1. 4:22 Writers, Don’t frontload 90%-95% of your story at the last chapters. It’s jarring.

    $24.99? I rather play the portal collection.

    Qotd: Picross. It gets your brain working. And check out Murder by Numbers.

    1. I agree, picross like games are fun, play portal and portal 2 if you haven’t yet. And I think you mean «back load», not front load at the end.

  2. The switch port had a bad bug that didn’t let you turn quickly to the right.
    One if the programmer has a yt-channel where he makes let’s plays and tech videos 🙂

    QOTD: the machine puzzlers like crazy machines. I love to see these balls roll to light up a candle and stuff

  3. Do survival horror games count as puzzle games? Those would be my favorites, for sure. I think the puzzles in the Silent Hill franchise are more fun and creative than those in Resident Evil, so I’d pick those. If not, I find match 3 games to be surprisingly fun.

  4. This seems very much like Talos Principle though it seems it also has the same problems as Talos. It does seem it isnt as good as Talos as there doesnt seem to be a larger puzzle connecting the levels together for larger secrets that I really enjoy.

    QOTD: I enjoy the arcade puzzle games like Tetris and Puyo Puyo. They’re really fun and addicting.

  5. So it’s like Portal, huh? But does it have cake? 😉😂 Couldn’t resist. In answer to your question, think it’d be easier to answer which kind of puzzlers I DON’T like, which is easy, I don’t like those sliding picture puzzles. Really, anything else, I’m down for at least checking out. Just don’t give me those sliding pictures to solve, those always frustrated me.

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