SADLY its True 🥺.. Gov CANCELS Xbox & Activision DEAL? — (Call of Duty Xbox & PS5)

U.S Gov Stopping XBOX & Activision DEAL? 🥴 — (Call of Duty Xbox & PS5)
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121 ответ к «SADLY its True 🥺.. Gov CANCELS Xbox & Activision DEAL? — (Call of Duty Xbox & PS5)»

  1. I think whatever makes the drama end is good lets finish it merge all the companies or whatever but just give us good games and treat your employees right all will be good.

  2. So Sony an tencent can be the top 2 video game company in the world but xbox can’t join them as the the 3rd, pretty messed up. Sounds like those politicians are terrorists not letting a American own company be up there with a japan an china owned company 🤔

  3. Lmao American politicians will go after everything and anything expect the real issues that need to be fixed. Maybe Bobby Boi payed these politicians off so he can stay in charge of Activision and keep making money like a tsunami while crying in Lambos🏎

  4. Cod not joining Microsoft because it could get “worse” is like a homeless person refusing a home because they could end up homeless again😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. Good analogy. 👍 I’m sure they’re are others like this out there out there but this is this the first I’ve seen in this comment section. I couldn’t agree more with this it.

  5. The issue is you can’t buy a monopoly on something that affects a rival business so an easy loophole would be to just not have anything fully exclusive.

    Disney is weird because they are their own government not a joke look it up so they aren’t really affected by this but their is a bill to strip them of that.

    1. @Lizard Man if your talking about Disney no they just buy whatever businesses nearby to make each park bigger, SeaWorld is the one buying parks and that’s not really the same thing.

      It may be really stupid but you can’t buy something that everyone who use it gets then cut a few people off from it, they could make new ip or just not do any fully exclusive games its a pretty big loophole but if they announce Cod would be xbox/pc only it’d be breaking anti trust laws.

      Buying them though is like 100% fine its just making it exclusive thats the problem.

    2. @jonathan gladstone no specifically speaking xbox will still own less then Nintendo and sony but like I said in the one above your comment if they were to force any old ips as exclusive they would have a monopoly on those Activision/blizzard products and that would break antitrust laws.

      Making any new stuff and making it exclusive is totally fine though which is why I said it was a plot hole.

    3. @Cory Young again you dont know what a monopoly is. It means the domination of a market by a single entity. You cant brand an single entity owning an ip monopolistic cause all companies would be then branded monopolistic and the whole economy would be on fire. Market as in videogaming.

      Think of the market as 100% any company that holds more then 25% would be considered monopolistic out of the big 4 or 5. It would existentially mean the market would have no room for other competitors or competition… which definitely isnt the case. Ftc would need to look deeper as in is this right for the people working there, how would it affect the other 5 etc.

      Fact is these senators are trying to float legislation and make it public so they can get it fast tracked and made law. Ftc is not governed by them.

  6. I didn’t realize you only have 191 thousand followers how is this possible you will be in the millions soon keep up the honest and fare hard work bro.

  7. It’s funny how scared the Sony ponies are about this Activision Blizzard acquisition lol when your actually calling on politicians so try stopping it that just shows how scared they are

  8. No they didn’t cancel the deal it’s still going on the FTC is just watching to make sure that the deal goes smoothly and doesn’t violate the law. Because obviously some people want the deal to fail those people called the ponies. However those people need to realize that the deal hasn’t been canceled it’s definitely going to go through because of Activision Blizzard being the one who approached Microsoft not the other way around. Imagine if it was EA that bought Activision Blizzard yeah I don’t think people would be even happier with that one considering both companies have a s***** reputation.

    Let us not forget that if this deal doesn’t go through Activision Blizzard goes bankrupt no more call of duty no more anything from this franchise. That is why they need Microsoft who has infinite amounts of money bail out the company from Total decline. Which is why the board of Activision Blizzard wants to go through the merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

  9. tbh just cause new Management come in doesn’t mean any misconduct will just magically stop happening, who knows it might make it get ramped up with the disgusting people getting a thrill of being fuckheads under such heavy observation and seeing if they can get away with things, disgusting people are in a lot of work places at most times, hopefully MS will actually deal with things that may happen but the issue itself won’t just magically go away in an instant.

  10. Dude…nobody cares about the Activision deal. If it goes through or doesn’t, everyone will still play their games. Sony would only care about CoD and that’s not going anywhere. Twitter isn’t real life…in the real world, PlayStation fans couldn’t care less about Activision/Blizzard. I don’t think most Xbots do either honestly. The only sh1t given is console war puke because they have no good games. If I was an Xbox I’d just be wondering why MS doesn’t release anything good from the hundred studios they’ve bought over last few years…other than the 2 Sony timed exclusives (which is kinda hilarious low key).
    But I said back on day one that the deal may not happen because of anti-trust laws. People thought I was dumb, but what do you know? Never said it won’t happen…just that it could be stopped.
    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Kotick isn’t calling senators for favors to stop it so he can keep his job making millions, because he probably gives them millions in kickbacks…
    But seriously, as someone who plays some Switch but mostly PS5, I have way too many games to keep up with as it is. Sony first party make the best games in the industry every year plus 3rd party are better for various console related reasons. And trust me, that’s how most Sony gamers see this. Nobody cares. If MS gets Activision, I’ll be perfectly happy…been wanting to see them and EA, the worst companies in gaming go down for years…being bought by MS will mark the beginning of the end for the first one. Hopefully they’ll buy EA next and ruin them more than they already are as well.

    1. @Hendrik Subianto tbh I’ve played on the ps1 to the ps5 and there was an initial holy crap when the news broke but then digging deeper activision have very few games I actually play now. They have been so focused on call of duty that they have abandoned the creativity they once had creating other games. 2014 was the last year they put out a solid (quantity not necessarily quality) lineup of games. I’m not against the aquisition because it might be what they need to return to form. Also if xbox can get some of the rts games, mainly starcraft, from pc to xbox I’d be playing it as I have bought a series x as I think this generation it’s worth having both. Not that I will have time for everything.

  11. @SkizzleAXE Senator Warren is tagging all the other Senators, who were in the presidential race and ran against herself and future President Joe Biden. They became close friends on the campaign trail. However, I doubt this deal will get stopped.

  12. Hell yea let’s hope they stop it. More people tell the ftc this is horrible deal and not fair to Sony players they lied and said Bethesda games were coming and they are not. Where can we go to talk to the ftc and let them know to not do the deal.

  13. There’s no reason to not want the Microsoft deal to go through. It’s not gonna be exclusive so anyone with a ps5 is safe plus new management should be good for COD

    1. Microsoft has the potential to save cod from activision, I would be saying the same if it was Sony who bought activision. Activision just dont seem to care that much about the franchise and fans feedback. So Im with you.

    2. @SKizzleAXE u been covering games for a while but if u look at it Microsoft haven’t been able to manage studios very well especially last gen

    3. @David Bueso are they? What’s been released recently by their studios? Halo November 15th was the last 1st party title.
      They’ve been managing gamepass, I can give you that, as some good 3rd party titles and titles from the id@xbox program.
      343 aren’t running Halo very well, I would add initiative but honestly we can only assume based on people leaving and crystal dynamics being brought in, a 3rd party studio.

  14. I have both new consoles bruh idk care who Activision goes with I want them to stay with playstation but honestly they need to put in more work remaster shit and Xbox is honestly by far the better console with the better backwards compatibility and has better games on there library for people that want to play actual good games from the past like bo2 and bo1 and modern warfare 2 and mw3 can only be replayed on Xbox until Sony gets a full remaster and there just shitting the bed waiting till we fucken dead to release a full remaster

    1. Yeah I think so as well, 99% sure it will go through. But April 28 will be an important day for sure as thats when voting will happen like I covered in the video.

  15. I may not support these politicians but the sad part is they’re are interfering with gaming not because what is best for gamers but because what is best for their stocks Senater Warren and senator Sanders are way to old to be Sony pony’s but like I said all they care about is their stonks

  16. Phil can’t manage studios well look at crackdown 3 , scalebound , no.l fable last gen ,should have never released bleeding edge. Halo cost hundreds of millions years of development and hundreds of developers and no new maps

    1. Scalebound was being made by platinum games and in no way microsofts fault. They even admitted to there own wrongdoings. Crackdown 3 was made by sumo digital all ms did was publish it. You’re whole comment had holes in it.

  17. Honestly i don’t care about Activision so they can have em… Or not. Maybe i will fucking buy them just to flex with my fully golden Willy

  18. I’m not for or against the deal really, but it has provided some damn good entertainment so far! I didn’t get Vanguard and glad I didn’t as CoD has just gotten worse and worse. Hell, I was playing The Last of Us Factions the other night and that’s still great a decade later! Pinned my hopes on Battlefield 2042 for mp shooter fix and well that was the quickest refund request i’ve ever submitted.

  19. If MS does get Activation, than start to realize that the quality of their games will get worse. At least the games that are only made for X-Box & PC. Mainly because all games will be day to date releases. Can’t say exclusive anymore with X-Box, because they will never have an exclusive game again.

    Sony is all about quality, where X-Box is only worried about quantity and not quality anymore. X-Box games have no real challenge to them, they are just way to easy of games when playing on the hardest level possible. Where at least PS is keeping the quality and when you set a PS game to its hardest settings the game is actually very hard, and like I said the hardest level for games on the X-Box is still like playing on very easy or story mode.

    1. @jman7481 Its the truth. Sony has quality games, where X-Box games are like they are still from last gen. Sony is all about quality and not just trying to get their service based ecosystem on every device. That’s why MS is done making any newer consoles, they may make one more md gen upgrade but after that MS/X-Box will only be GamePass with no more X-Box gaming consoles.

      Edit: Nobody wants a service based ecosystem only and thats what MS/X-Box is doing. Thank God Nintendo & Sony are keeping it real, by still making newer gaming consoles every generation.

    2. @Edgar Rubalcava I could give two shits what happens between MS & Activision. Its just the games from Activision will be degraded because X-Box games are not about quality.

    3. @Edgar Rubalcava GT7 is being fixed. After they fix the game it will be much better. It’s only the microtransactions, prices of cars and races rewards, that people are complaining about. There is no complaints on game performance or graphics in anyway. So when they do fix those problems GT7 will be one of the best racing sims ever.

  20. Microsoft should not announce any more studio buyouts until the deal is finalized. That way the FTC can do their job without all this other boycott crap, even ponies tweeting/emailing government and FTC does have an impact because the FTC would assume these are really concerned people are not whiny little console war soyboys lol because the FTC doesn’t know about that foolishness.

  21. I know she has kids.

    Imagine one was a Sony fanboy, saw the news of the acquisition, then called her in tears to make it stop.

    It’s okay, my child. Fauxcahontas will make it all better.

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