Saints Row: The Third Remastered — Mission #16 «STAG Party” (Xbox Series X)

Saints Row: The Third Remastered — Mission #16 Stag Party (Xbox Series X)

Saints Row 3 Remastered Sixteenth Mission Stag Party Return recorded in 4K on the Xbox Series X with the internal Game DVR.

For the best viewing experience, watch in 4K or 1440p.

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  1. Even though josh birk is probably the only homie to hardly ever call on but it beats giving him to stag also air strike weapon is awesome in this mission

    1. I always kept him because the police’s sole purpose is giving empty promises in return for the hostages, such is proven when he keeps firing after you give him

    1. Yes. They still attack the Saints HQ. Ik cause I gave Josh to Shaundi instead of Cyrus and they attacked. I only chose to keep Burk cause other than liking his vampire outfit, I didn’t want to take over the area I usually choose to takeover after being given the option from Stag. If I did the takeover then I’m not sure if would be able to have my character rob the stores for the Saints Book challenge that requires the character to rob a bunch of stores

  2. Pierce and Oleg never got to finish there chess game maybe in saints row 5 they will. Better yet they should make chess an activity in saints row 5

    1. Ikr if you play as female boss in that mission, Cyrus will say «I like men» which Kia will think Cyrus is gay 😂

  3. Quick question: U tried to recreat the live action trailer playa? becuase if so, you did great dude!

    PD: One of my favourite YT channels keep it up! <3

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