SELL YOUR XBOX! “Sony FORCES Xbox Fans To Leave Xbox Series X For PS5” Says Gaming Site

Xbox Series X WILL BE ABANDONED By Xbox Fans Who Would All Sell Their Consoles And Buy PS5 After Finding Out That Sony Buys Bungie Studios Says Ridiculous Media Site TUSS
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Dont say i didn’t warn you..

62 ответа к «SELL YOUR XBOX! “Sony FORCES Xbox Fans To Leave Xbox Series X For PS5” Says Gaming Site»

  1. It’s even funnier to see Jim Ryan saying that Sony let Bungie stay independent like they have the bull grabbed by his horns and Bungie will do whatever poor Jimmy says! Yeah right! Bungie played you Jimmy, they played you so damn hard! Poor Jimmy Jim Jim and poor toxic media trying to hurt Microsoft so hard 24/7 in order to save Sony’s butthole.

  2. bungie stated the main reason they went with Sony is because Sony is an entertainment company. Bungie wants to get in the market of making other media content other than games Ect. movies and tv series. It makes sense to work with a company that has an established production studio that can help not only fund your games but grow on the cinema side of media entertainment. Also by doing this sony will get a good income flow from the creative team at bungie. Just look at the cutscenes in the early halo games and now destiny. They are really well done and destiny has a big fanbase. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a destiny animated or live action series or movie shortly after this acquisition goes through.

  3. They not even going exclusive on there games plus ps just ain’t that never has been cool system not great they just try to get everything exclusive

  4. I’m fed up with explaining to PSfB who keep saying that Sony now owns the rights to the Halo franchise and STOP saying that Halo will now be a PlayStation exclusive which is inaccurate and false.

    This is the problem with Die Hard PSfB who are so arrogant and pigheaded. Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2001 whilst Bungie was developing Halo. When Microsoft acquired Bungie they also acquired the IP to the Halo franchise. Bungie went independent in 2007 and in 2010 Microsoft started to develop Halo which they have been for over a decade. Microsoft still own the IP and the rights to the Halo franchise regardless of Sony acquiring Bungie

  5. I don’t take part in the bullshit console “war”. I have a ps4 pro even though I own an OG Xbox, 360, Xbox one (all 3 versions ) and a series S. I’m not afraid to admit I’m so biased towards Xbox that I have MS stock in my portfolio. Still, the whole crying over which one is better is childish.

  6. What’s the money Rupert Murdoch has stocks in Sony he owns the Sun. He also has stocks in cancer treatment hence why he hates vaping the guys a bawbag he uses his media empire to spew crap.

  7. Man I have a ps5 and I’m on the hunt for a Xbox X I want that 1440p support and vrr Playstation just doesn’t get it Sony is not next generation

  8. That’s a Big damn lie lmao! We are laughing at Sony buying that over priced shit that’s going to stay multiplat.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. That was the most desperate move I’ve ever seen.

  9. When you let a console and company run your life you just have some serious issues. I have a series x but I plan to get a ps5. I’m not loyal to any company and people are acting ridiculous.

  10. I’m a huge Destiny player slash fan of the story but I will never abandon Xbox for a Playstation. For a little over a decade now Sony seems to have childish tendencies.

  11. As someone who owns a series x this channel is an absolute joke there will be players who will go to ps5 because of this buy probably not mich people but some people like bungie I get he likes his xbox just cover xbox news he says he’s unbiased but he gets so salty about things like this the man clearly needs to get a life it’s just a plastic box if someone buys a xbox because he sees what he likes that’s cool if a man buys a ps5 because he sees what he like that’s cool who cares at the end of the day this guy is a child who needs some discipline it’s a plastic box ffs grow dealer

  12. I’d believe this if it was the opposite for the Bethesda and Activision/Blizzard acquisition, but for just Bungie? These must be the same people who believed Bungie owned Halo. Sony already had exclusive content before acquiring Bungie and they are still going to operate independently so there isn’t any incentive to change platforms. Even with whatever else Bungie is working on, there is too much iconic IP Xbox now owns to leave the platform, especially since it will all come day one on Game Pass.

  13. Xbox: spends 76 billion

    Playstation fans: ……

    Playstation: spends 3 billion

    Playstation fans: ooooooOHHHHH HAHA GAHT EM!!!!!!!

    guys just play your games, both services will be easily avaliable soon anyway

  14. If everyone Xbox fan Are RUSHING to sell their consoles 😆 🤣 then why they still out of stock 🤔Bungie does not own halo was it a good grab for Playstation but let’s go Xbox

  15. Dumbest fuckin video title ever, I own a ps5 disc edition and at the moment I wish that I would’ve gotten an Xbox series X instead.

  16. And what does it even matter if they make Destiny PS only. The first game was the ONLY good one. D2 was utter garbage. I have both consoles, so it doesn’t matter to me either way. But who gives a shit about Destiny 2? I haven’t played it in years. They took the momentum of the first Destiny (which was near perfection), and turned it into utter garbage. I will never buy another game from Bungie ever again. They have lost their street cred.

  17. Who gives a fuck even if the make destiny exclusive ! Iv put 100s of hours into destiny and I was done with it a year ago . Thought anthem was going to be my new destiny but I was wrong about that ! I’m enjoying halo more than both those games. Who cares when ya have starfield and elderscrolls and fable and perfect dark and hell blade …………. fuck bungie I got hooked on destiny cause it was a shell of a game that I wanted to be that game I really wanted . But it’s only average !

  18. FYI the Sun is a UK tabloid owned by Murdoch known for making stuff up, it is quite literally the most gutter of all the gutter press outlets and nothing they publish can trusted as being factual.

  19. Well unless Sony are changing there rules and not limiting ps / skyrim to a pathetic 1gb limit there’s no way in he’ll I’m changing from xbox

  20. Dealer, yea this is silly, lol. This kind of thing unfortunately happens on Xbox as well as PS. Got to love fanboys, lol. Look as much as we talk about specs, studios, acquisitions, and services one thing is clear to me. Whether Xbox, PS, or both this gen of consoles is fantastic and you cannot go wrong with either console. I also think Bungie and PS are doing the right thing to keep titles multiplat like Destiny. I seriously hope Xbox does the same with CoD along with other multiplat titles as well. I am not a fan of taking a long running multiplats and making them exclusive to one platform. Not only do gamers lose out but I think it is not healthy for the industry as a whole.

  21. I’m from the UK and I don’t know any of my friends that have wanted to sell their XBoxes and I soon as I saw the headline, I didn’t believe a word of it or even bothered reading that crap.
    I’m glad you made a video on it though Dealer 😁

  22. Whoever runs The US Sun bogus website obviously doesn’t have even the basic intelligence to second and third source check their bogus published material. (Agree with you Dealer, the article reads much like a publishing bot did the work). This kind of junk reporting is just the kind that attracts people who will sensationalize the headlines to make it look believable.
    Really funny Dealer when you clicked on the Solitaired link 😆 to reveal an actual Solitaire website. I wonder what Jason Schreier, Adam Conover, and Colin Moriarty think. Great vid Dealer 🍻

  23. This is soooooo funny. Xbox series x bought on day 1 and it will never be sold. I am a 42 year old adult and gamed since the age of 10. Xbox series x is the best console period. The games that will be coming in the years to come will be amazing.

  24. PlayStation fanboys masquerading as journalists is always cringe…

    But let’s be real…the Sun is an absolute dumpster fire…a journalistic punchline…a rag so poorly regarded it makes the Enquirer look like the New York Times…

  25. Biggest load of shit I have ever seen in a video ffs. Don’t believe anything the sun posts it’s the same in the uk they post bullshit.

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