Senators Asks FTC to Block Microsoft Activision Merger

Elizabeth Warren and several other senators have asked the FTC Xbox Activision deal to be closely looked at and potentially stopped. The Xbox Activision deal has been making headlines for weeks since it was announced and is probably the biggest Xbox news of 2022. The big concerns include Bobby Kotick getting a golden parachute, and Phil Spencer and his team not being able to clean up the accusations laid at the feet of Activision.

HOEG Law Breakdown

Bloomberg on the 2014 QA team

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69 ответов к «Senators Asks FTC to Block Microsoft Activision Merger»

    1. But look what’s goin to happen once this merger is complete Bobby kotick would have gotten away with everything that’s happened.
      From the sexual allegations, to the massive layoffs of over thousands of employees and a recent lawsuit from the family of the female employee that took her own life

    2. It is at least funny to see this, an American government against competition from American companies. While turning a blind eye to Sony , tecent among others. If it goes wrong, tecent will buy it for a lower price, I still want it to go wrong just to see the faces of the Americans when it happens. It would be pathetic.

  1. It’s not too concerning to me because it’s basically just saying we are worried about the Activision workers here, if this is gonna screw them over, don’t allow it. But certainly sounds like that isn’t the case.

  2. I support this, 2 huge 3rd party publisher acquisition in less than a year, more than 20 third party companies snatched away from the competition just because they have the money. Safe to say competition is unfair when it’s all about who can spend the most money. If we went to a store to buy consoles and someone is literally allowed to buy the whole stock in the store because he can afford to do so, how is that fair for the rest?

  3. the point no-one is talking about…and may very well be relevant…microsoft is sitting on a bundle of cash that needs to be either spent or invested…if it is not, then their tax rate goes way up on the cash they are sitting on and the government will basically get a lot more money from ms…this is one of the reasons ms has gone on buying sprees for investments…connect the dots

  4. What I’m seeing is that neither them or any of their staff knows how to do any basic research in trying to source anything even remotely recent

  5. This is just another political teasing, they always put their two cents in any way they can. So when the shit does or dose not hit the fan they can say see I cared at this time. Or they can forget after the merger like we all will and not worry. The point is they advertised their name in order for you to remember them for their next upcoming election.

  6. Basically this is a publicity gimmick by Senator Warren et al because thier proposed anti trust/merger gubbins is currently stuck in the Senate, and they are drumming up publicity for what they are proposing

  7. Sony must be lobbying it up lol these people wont ever act unless they are being paid. Funny how disney buying Marvel, Star Wars and FOX was all crickets. Politicians are dirty plain and simple.

  8. lol Senator Senator 😀 Bernie Sanders heheh, too many early mornings baking cookies ^.^ It’s strangle that this ‘murder’ of Dem senators DON’T want stricter regulations, I thought that was the Republicans’ thing.

  9. This sounds very disturbing, it is like, they are trying very hard and grasping at straws to make this deal seem bad. I totally agree with what you said here Destin.

  10. The Senators that spoke up are the dumbest Senators living memory. They absolutely have no clue.
    The ‘worker’ issue will absolutely be better for workers and clean up the issues overall with Activision.
    The senators are complete dipshits and are useless. They only look at what is making news for some reason, they will try to get involved, so their names and faces are in the media again (‘crazy’ gives you access to media and public opinion). They are only being left in the dark for many months now and are just looking for their next ‘issue’ (which isn’t an issue), they can fake out about.

  11. For anyone concerned or being idiots saying that this is the killing blow(Sony ponies). Senators complaints are not accounted for because the FTC does not look at gaming environments or unions.

  12. This guy pulling his head lol, he already made 2 videos about it.
    He will keep making video about it and try to change people mind.

    L for you

  13. We need to stop bringing up companies like TenCent into these discussions.

    Limit it to American specific companies. It’s easy to say there is a ton of competition, but tencent isn’t one of them. They have their fingers in several companies, out right owning many, but tencent is a foreign company.

    Rockstar, EA, those are the competition. Zenimax and Activision were also on that list. Think about AMERICAN SPECIFIC video game publishers and all of a sudden the list gets a lot smaller. Yes, on the world wide stage, this isn’t going to suddenly put MS in the same position they are in with Windows, but again, specifically for the USA, it does make them one of the most dominant devs.

    The Activision purchase fell into their lap and too good a deal to overlook.

  14. Didnt Microsoft already announce BEFORE this senator led request that they would support any Union set up by the workers? Do these guys even do research before they make these decisions?

  15. The fact senators are sticking their noses into this makes me think they are getting money from Sony. Theres no reason to stop this other than the fact that it makes MS able to compete better against Sony. Something fishy going on here.

  16. I don’t usually think like that but it sure seems like somebody’s getting their pockets filled up to step in and do something to prevent something from happening, I mean, their involvement makes no sense whatsoever and, tho this is a historical deal, it doesn’t change any governmental landscape in any way, shape or form so, it leaves me wondering…

  17. Senators and anything political related are some of the main reasons why this country is so divided and they don’t understand how business works

  18. Yeah Destin there are a few Senators who don’t like trillion dollar corporations and will do anything to stop Big Tech! Senator Josh Hawley is a staunch critic of Big Tech and he has introduced a bill that would ban all mergers and acquisitions by any company with a market value greater than $100bn, a category that includes the five biggest US tech companies. Another Senator called Amy Klobuchar also introduced a similar bill in February. Representative David Cicilline plans to introduce a series of antitrust bills. Another Big Tech critic is Lina Khan, a progressive who has been nominated to be a commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission!

  19. When Senators actually care…about game acquisitions…looks like things are swell in all other fronts throughout the great United States now.

  20. Warren: “That girl shouldn’t leave her abusive boyfriend Jake in favor of this other guy Chris because Chris might be worse!”
    Girl’s friends: “Wow what makes you think that could be the case?”
    Warren: “Glad you asked, look at all these ways that Jake was abusive. She should stay with him. Case closed”

  21. Its funny how you can look at glass door and be told Microsoft is great as if every bit of their worldwide operation is run the same by the same people running every other one of their locations. Its like saying every mcdonald’s has good food then going to one of the ghetto locations where work is sloppy and thinking «wow mcdonald’s let themselves go»
    Edit. I’m not talking about Destin when i say this. I say you as in you all/us all in general

  22. Any time politician’s get involved in something like this there is more than likely an alternative motive. Just my take on it. There are way bigger issues in our country that these people need to worry about. All this is just my take on this particular situation. I could be being ignorant for all I know.

  23. The dinosaurs want some dirty money… the old senators did not see gaming would become such a big thing. Now they want a little bag of money to let it go through

  24. If they were going to lay off people it would be people like bony kotick and no would say the would not get payed they would just just get a kick in the ass and slammed in the face

  25. Not surprised that the left wants to cancel this. Like they haven’t fucked up everything else in this world already now they want to fuck up gaming as a whole.

  26. Lunatic senators like Pocahontas Warren and commie Sanders is spewing BS! So its ok for Tenncent to aquire everything they like? Yeah, China friendly politicians…..

  27. I reckon if Microsoft announced that when they require Activision blizzard all games and all future games will be multi platform forever The merger will go through just like Sony require bungie but their still independence and all platform

  28. Politicians need to be held liable for their slander, they and media ruin too many people’s lives. I hope that Microsoft completes the acquisition, especially if Activision Blizzard workers will be happier.

  29. That statement from Warren is a bit strange, it’s a bit like I pretended being of Indian American origin when it’s not true at all just so I can play the minority victim card…

  30. Activision-Blizzard are now know for thier toxic and sexist culture, they are about to be under the Microsoft Umbrella, are Microsoft know for toxic & sexist culture?

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