Shocking Xbox Announcement Could Push Sony Out Of Business! PS5 Is Moving In The Wrong Direction!

Right now Microsoft is making all of the right moves, but in particular there’s a big thing where Microsoft could actually push Sony financially to where they wouldn’t be able to compete anymore. It’s almost as if even though the PS5 is winning in sales right now, long term how can they compete against Xbox with news like this?


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    1. @Zack Evans I never said I didn’t like him. I just like laughing at him. And it’s none of your business anyway. If you ask literally anyone who watches him on a somewhat regular basis, they’d say the same.

    2. @Chris Nichol You said it was full of crap which implies you don’t like it because it’s full of crap. Okay won’t ask for your explanation, probably couldn’t give one.

    » The Series S Will Double. The Sales Of Playstation 4/5 Combined Together. That’s Why I Love Xbox «.

    1. @F v What a load of nonsense, Subscription services rely on subscribers numbers to make their profit as consumers are not prepared to pay more then a certain amount on a subscription service.
      If they increased the price by the ridiculous amount that you said then it would instantly kill any growth in subscribers and ruin Gamepass.

    2. Hopefully not, and I know Sony can treat it like EA play but I dont want PS users to give money to people who put pronouns next to their names.

    1. @Dark Mysteries there are many examples of gun focused games whose success was 80% thx to the American market.

      Also look where most pew pew games sell the most compared to much larger eu

    2. @ADP ok, the top selling games in the UK 2021.

      fifa 22

      Call of Duty: Vanguard

      Grand Theft Auto V

      fifa 21

      Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

  2. It’s funny how Crapgamer isn’t even talked about most of the time in the comment section.

    1 last comeback & Chris J have taken the spotlight away from him.

  3. Sony = hardware
    Microsoft = software
    Microsoft does not care about who sells more consoles at all. It’s all about how they can get people to get Xbox gamepass and if they can somehow get it on the ps5 they will even if that means everyone buys a ps5 and ditched Xbox they are okay with it. Because at the end of the day they still win. The monthly income they can get from gamepass has the potential to put them at the very top of the gaming industry even if everyone had a ps5, Xbox would still be on top without a console, which is crazy to think about. Sony can only play this short term game for so long before Microsoft’s long term play starts to take over, and we’re seeing the beginning of the takeover now.

    1. That’s not entirely true either. Even in the pursuit of having Game Pass EVERYWHERE, Microsoft STILL built the 2 BEST pieces of hardware this gen. Sony is a dinosaur and Playstation is yesterday’s news!

      But you’re right about everything you said. Sony is so screwed. lol

  4. I think they are gonna make it where the game will still release on PlayStation to buy a full price copy but just not on their subscription service only exclusive to Gamepass…

    1. Yup they’ll release it on Playstation for now as a cross-gen because of PS4 user base buy PS5 has no pull and XBOX will just make it exclusive and sell way more consoles and Gamepass subs 👍

  5. Any which way you slice it, Sony is screwed. Say goodbye to all these IPs.

    Even if Game Pass did make it to PS4station, you wouldn’t be able to purchase ANY of these titles to OWN. They’ll operate through the SERVICE ONLY.

    There is NO scenario where Microsoft hasn’t already won this generation. Sony has nothing but droughts, PS4 ports, and small potatoes. I don’t know why anyone would want a PS4station at this point?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. I’ve had my ps5 for almost a year and it’s been rough when it comes to the exclusives. Just nothing that interests me. I bought the series s back in October and I gotta say Gamepass has saved me a lot of money from buying games that I wanted to get on the ps5. I just got my series X 2 days ago and I’m loving it. I’ve decided I’m gonna split my games between the 2

    2. @Necro Punk

      Deaths Door is in there too. And once these title rotate out of the service or people enjoy them, they are VERY likely to purchase them. That’s what I do. And why not take advantage of the online store discounts? It’s just a really great time to be a gamer.

      I wish you luck in finding something you like on PS5. But congratulations on the Series X. I got one in November and I use it everyday. It’s just a blast!

  6. If microsoft felt leaving COD on playstation would make them more money..why not put halo and gears on playstation.. They’re a trillion dollar is not a problem for them..Bringing gamers to gamepass is the mission

    1. @ADP thar is not gamers saying no though, so, what is your point here?

      If halo was on PlayStation, of course it would do well becsuse PlayStation gamers like fps shooters online.

  7. “MS Gaming” is the overall umbrella and 3rd party publisher. CoD will continue on PlayStation. Only Xbox Game Studios games will be on GamePass day 1. They’re obviously going for more than just Xbox and gamepass.

  8. answere is simple the amount of money Activision makes on ps is way more then on xbox so of course xbox is going to keep on ps . xbox needs to make all the money back plus profit as quick as say can this bs about how much money they have well they didn’t get the money without making a profit it’s commonsense and I don’t think there is one person on yt that knows business and how it works

    1. I doubt they will keep the COD franchise on Playstation, they want everyone on Gamepass which means tempting Playstation fans over to Xbox’s ecosystem. COD being only available on Xbox will make the Series S a very tempting purchase.

    2. @Kenco ya but there a business and no way will they make the money back on game pass that’s the reason it’s not on game pass now I think everyone is putting way to much into this everyone assuming this and that and I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal to consumers and casual gamers even the ones that only play cod there not going to follow the game like people think I’ve seen alot in 38 years and I don’t see it 🤔

    3. @gamer X They’re not on Gamepass now because the deal isn’t done yet. As soon as it is all the COD’s will be on Gamepass, Microsoft Know game services are the future of gaming. Subscription services are a long term strategy and take a long term to recuperate their investments, Microsoft know this and have fully committed themselves to it.
      Don’t forget that games like Candy Crush make huge profits and will start pulling in revenue from day one for Microsoft.

  9. The console shortage caused by the pandemic is a disaster for Sony and a blessing for Microsoft. Sony need to get their PS4 userbase onto PS5 as quick as they possibly can to stop the threat of losing a large percentage to Microsoft.
    Contrary to fanboys narratives most gamers are casual and more interested in 3rd party games then exclusives as the charts show.
    Microsoft are benefitting by the console shortages as its giving them time to acquire more publishers, and if they manage to get all the COD games on Gamepass before Sony can make a large number of PS5’s it could hit them hard.

    Like it or not franchises like COD are still system sellers and could tempt a lot of casuals over to Xbox.

    1. @Kenco it did sell twice as much until they ran out of chips. That’s when xbox started to catch up. Because they didn’t sell as well as ps and hade more chips available on production

    2. @ADP As it has been stated many times before, serues s uses less silicon, so more series s consoles can be made, hence the reason they pushed the series s around Christmas, and the gamble paid off!

  10. Sony won’t go out of business. Sony always bounce back. Yes because of the scalpers and the pandemic it has caused an issue. But don’t issue with crap systems IE: Xbox. Scrapers topically only go after top of the line products and not the subpar ones.

    1. Nope, the issue is
      PlayStation has no games.
      PlayStations exclusives this year are all cross gen, while xbox has scrapped cross gen all all there games this year will on be on the series consoles.

      Xbox will release the most exclusives, and the biggest franchise this generation.

      Once every single COD game, every tony hawk’s game, every crash bandacoot game hits gamepass when this deal goes through, that is when you are going to see the series consoles take over as the best selling this generation.

      No way PlayStation wins this generation now, and it’s just a matter of time before series takes over.

    2. @Dark Mysteries I have played both Playstation and Xbox. Playstation started off kinda weak. Xbox came out and every one was saying how Xbox was then ps3 and ps4 came put and caught up rather quickly. Then the 360 and X1 came out and people thought it was gonna kills the Playstation. PS5 SOLD out (partly due to scalpers) well I can go to my local Walmart, Bestbuy and a few other spots and still find an Xbox (new Gen). That being said I don’t favor one console over the other. I have always had the mindset get one that works for you. Me personally i like both systems.

    3. @Genki Kaio no no no! You may be able the find a series s, but just like the os5, the series x is much harder to get.

      Scalpers did not just target ps5, they also targeted series x too, so I do not know why you are trying to make out that scalpers only targeted ps5.

      As for passed generations. Xbox one was a mess from the begining. Huge mistakes were made in thst generation. Weaker console, lack of studios, lack of exclusive games.

      So there is no way you can compare last generation to this generation.

      Xbox has

      The most powerful console
      The most studios
      The most exclusives
      Biggest franchises
      More diverse games
      Do Sumer friendly
      Value for money
      And gamepass, and it will be gamepass that wins this generation for xbox, and the huge amount if exclusive thst will hit gamepass day one.

      And on top of that all the COD games hitting gamepass will be huge!

      But it could get worse for PlayStation of xbox decide to put Warcraft on xbox.

  11. I’m not gonna lie I have thought about the two merging….. I just have no idea how it would happen and how great it would be or how bad it would be…

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