Should Sony Be Afraid Of Xbox After E3 2021? (Biggest E3 Reveals)

E3 2021 Reveals include Xbox E3 2021, Ubisoft Forward E3 2021, But No PS5 (playstation 5)
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Games mentioned in this video ( new games & new games 2021 ):
Guardians Of The Galaxy Game (Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy)
Tiny Tina’s Wonderland (tiny tinas Wonderland)
Elden Ring
Riders Republic
Rainbow Six Extraction
Avatar Game

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68 ответов к «Should Sony Be Afraid Of Xbox After E3 2021? (Biggest E3 Reveals)»

  1. I’ve been on PlayStation since the ps1 but I really wanna play starfield and I have waited a long time for the next elder scrolls and the fact that I still have no idea when I can get a ps5 is unbelievable

  2. I will never understand this whole console war shit lol It’s really so ridiculous. All consoles have something great to provide and all have some great games of their own.

    1. what not to understand though? its no different than people picking teams on brands or in a sports game. everyone is going to like something more and defend that its the best. thats never going to end haha

  3. another one of these videos where sony » being afraid» or should sony «respond». everyone is assuming just cause Microsoft bought bethesda that suddenly their games will be «geat»…

  4. I think PS5 should be a little afraid of Xbox because Microsoft is bringing out more content to console including PC users. Although, Playstations exclusives are a few but they are the elite wow games than XBOX so far (such as the last of us, God of War, Spiderman series, Horizon, etc, etc).

  5. «We as gamers win» No we dont. We all loose by having everything divided and if you want to actually play all the games you have to shell out an ass ton of money.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone one was so hype for Xbox presentation when all they did was promise great games were coming like last year with the xbox one. I’m hyped for guardians of the galaxy,avatar game,ff origins,botw2,

  7. Feels like he had a hard time complimenting MS for their E3 offerings. For every compliment, there was a slight below the belt jab.
    He actually said «If you’re into that» for FH5. Really? That applies to EVERY game from ALL studios across all platforms. Period. Not only FH5. It’s not something you should say when going through a montage of titles.

  8. Why would Sony be afraid? MS only showed a couple exclusive games, and only Forza looked impressive. Never played Bethesda games anyway. Sony hasn’t even shown anything yet. Big W coming for Sony

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  10. Maybe it’s a good thing that e3 wasnt that great

    Alot of us don’t have the next gen consoles yet, so when we do get them we wont be absolutely overwhelmed with all these new games

  11. Honestly I have an XBOX one X plan to get a series X but idk honestly all these exclusive this exclusive that just pissing me off & honestly Sony need a game pass of there own

  12. No. Sony has nothing to fear. They have a legacy business. I’d never get an Xbox even though I admit gamepass is 2nd to none.
    Sony and Nintendo for life!

  13. I am just happy that MS now is back with full force. It will help the new generation to be more competitive for all Xbox and Playstation fans. I personally love PS, still can’t get my hands on a PS5 console and xbox series x, but yet, best time ever to play videogames for sure. love you all, great video.

  14. Most of the ps ponies are right now crying because the statfield is now Xbox exclusive but they are pretending to be happy, but no they are literally depressed because of Bethesda and Xbox conference.

  15. -JorRaptor: «I just exiting to see more fantasy ubisoft open world for once »
    -Ubisoft: Oh really ? i ll just add it in the concept of next Ac then

  16. Imo xbox is catching up to sony, making up for the last couple of years sony was on top.
    Its a hard one, they are pretty good against eachother.
    Xbox has the advantage of backwards compatibility from the first to the last console.. so idk

  17. I think Sony is beginning to get complacent. Sure they had Rachet and Clank and we got Horizon coming but what after…..we need more than God of War.

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