SMITE — Xbox Game Pass — Monstercat Battle Pass

Grab the SMITE x Monstercat Starter Pass and unlock Gilgamesh, Hades, Khepri, Chang’e, all respective voice packs, Battle Pass Points, and more!

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Become Godlike in SMITE, the free-to-play action MOBA featuring legendary mythological icons. Wield Thor’s hammer, turn your foes to stone as Medusa, or flex your divine power as one of 100+ playable Gods. No matter your skill level, SMITE has something for you!

Join over 35 million players around the world across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch — what are you waiting for? Go Ahead. Play God!

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    1. @kieran pearson oh, I understand now. If you’re on playstation, you can’t get the xbox game pass to get the battle pass for free. So you have to pay gems. I didn’t catch that. That being said, I’m on xbox and don’t have the game pass and have been saving up my free gems for this battle pass, so its not like he realistically should have to pay real money for it anyways. Unless he spent his gems on something else

    2. @Collin Trainor bro this is a offer for Xbox people this isn’t included in the pass. It gives you the voices and characters u need to use the pass content. So getting the pass wouldn’t get him what ur getting here.

    1. @Scuffed Geo i only got 805 gems for this battle pass likeed itt just for specials lol i wanted azula skin so bad too much but i dont care i bought the previous skins for avatar 🙂

    2. @Scuffed Geo considering the way chest rolls work it’s cheaper to pay the 1k for the skin pretty sure I ended up spending 2k gems for the cursed scarab skin cos I got it on the 5th roll out of 6

    1. When they want to get sued and attacked lol. I wouldn’t expect modern religions or long running heavily practiced ones. The Hindu pantheon was barely able to be used and many times the gods that come out for it have to be carefully selected. I wouldn’t expect it, as it would receive severe backlash.

    2. @Gavin Reece They probably could do Christian if they don’t make it the lore accurate, but they definitely have to avoid muslim type stuff.

      Imagine having Archangels from the Christian pantheon holy cow would be awesome.

    3. @Zeto Kaiba that’s my point. Christianity and Islam should be avoided, as well as Buddha(Buddha kinda has some involvement in some of the god lores, like Sun Wukong, but I don’t think they’ll put him in there specifically to avoid controversy). Any of those will really put Hirez in a bind, like bad. They aren’t a big company, so it could ruin them to be sued by major religions. They’ve been sued before based on some skins(that Ravanna that looked like scorpion and had some similar voice lines for instance). And they’ve also received some big controversies based off of how Kali was depicted in game, because Hinduism is still a big religion as well. They have that pantheon but they have to tip toe around how they go about doing it. They definitely can’t risk stepping into the big religions in the world or they’ll blow their foot off. Plus think about it like this, would you want to see what you believe in put into game where they can lose? Or play as your god? Depending on what you believe, they might not like that, pretty sure that’s blasphemy for most religions. That’s kinda why they’ve also taken in the Arthurian one and Lovecraftian, that way they aren’t religions but myths none the less.

  1. I just bought the pass full price… Is it _my_ fault for not waiting five seconds, or _Smites_ for not advertising this sooner?

    1. Gotta pick it up from the perks list.

      For the console, scroll down from home til you get to the game pass section. Pick it, look for the perks button. Hit that, find the pass, redeem, and you’re good.

      Desktop app doesn’t require scrolling to get to the Game pass section, but the other steps are the same.

      For mobile? Perks are under your profile, but otherwise is the same.

    1. @Thomas Forrest Would bring more people from gamepass to the game. Sucks having no skins as a player or any other cool things like titles etc….

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