So CrapGamer is big mad BioMutant runs better on Xbox series X then PS5 the meltdowns never end

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82 ответа к «So CrapGamer is big mad BioMutant runs better on Xbox series X then PS5 the meltdowns never end»

    1. Lol No, God of War 1 was great 2 was good, 3 was meh, Chains of Olympus tried to be God of War 1 and the new one sucked for 80% of the game with the sucky axe, it only felt like a true GoW game once you got the chaos blades back

    2. I hope you mean the original because the new one sucked until you got toward the end. I got tired of him calling his son boy the whole damn game and the axe sucked. Didnt care for it until he got his original weapon. And that doesnt happend til you get almost til the end

  1. If 120 FPS on the console doesn’t sound like «next generation» then I don’t know what is. Sony neglected a very important thing, which is the easy adaptation of games from the previous generation to the current one. What was always the strength of the PC is now available on consoles thanks to the Xbox. Introducing something that was not possible and available before is almost the definition of a new generation.

  2. It used to be funny to go to his videos and read the comments, but after the THIRD time of him saying “I’m changing my channel” and then making clickbait videos that revolve around console wars, I’m done.

    1. I couldn’t even take his 🐕💩 when he was strictly an Xbox guy and Xbox was my choice. The guy has the intellect and personality of a petulant child.

  3. Did y’all see that Sniper Ghost contracts For the PS5 is being delayed due to technical issues. But all other versions will be released on June 4th. So ponies please start damage controlling!!! I thought the PS5 was so easy to develop for so what are these technical issues, please enlighten me!!!

  4. Exclusive is bullshit if they was that great they would be playing them instead of on Xbox video trying to tear down what others out side of Sony is having joyment with LoL 😅

  5. Facts haha most exclusives are one and done games, sure don’t give me wrong many of them are great but I don’t care enough to play the same one over and over again.

  6. Lol I just did an exclusive check with my friends list on PlayStation most of them are playing call of duty, GTA, fortnite, rainbow 6, etc. barely any exclusives they played, at best there would be Spiderman that hadn’t been played in over 100 days or something like that lmao.

  7. Gamepass is brolic.
    Honest to god I have both PS5 (disc edition) and the Xbox Series X and I haven’t used my PS5 in over a week. All cause of gamepass. The PS5 has alot more glitches and fucks up more them Series X. The PS5 is definitely louder as well and does not expel heat as well from what I can feel and my research.
    Microsoft is on now hell bent on getting exclusives. Just like Sony did for the whole last generation buying exclusives, timed exclusives and timed exclusive content. Now its the other way other cause Microsoft decided to use its fuck you money and remind Sony its dealing with a trillion dollar company. Crap gamer is pathetic for real. Enough with the console wars.

  8. The problem is that, if you own a PS5, you’re basically playing a PS4 pro visually. Every game right now is cross-gen because developers know that a huge amount of people don’t have next gen consoles. So the BC is the only method of playing these NEW games. And you’re absolutely right: if you told me I could play PS exclusives on my Xbox but I had to give up Gamepass, I’d tell you to keep those games lol.

  9. We should all be happy about 60 FPS and the fact that only 20 people were able to create such an awesome looking game. People are console warring over a game that most people won’t even get Day 1.

  10. Hey Crapgamer. I will wait for those 2 years for the «Next-Gen» AAA titles, especially if it means that my game will run like Godfall or even Returnal. So uh…yeah…I will keep playing GamePass and play those one and done games on my PS5 and move on to my Switch and play a $50 Mario game that I can beat and go back to again or an Xbox EXCLUSIVE that I can beat the STORY and go back to again and play the multiplayer component of that game.

    In summary, you toxic Sony fanboys keep pushing this exclusive narrative, which is a weak one in the grand scheme of things and it’s all you have. Because truth be told Nintendo is the exclusive king. And Microsoft is the power king. And right now, so is the console that performs the worst, but you won’t acknowledge that or bring up how the games underperfom next to that powerhouse of a Series X that Microsoft has so graciously blessed me with.

  11. I’m a real gamer and not the so called gamers of today…I grew up with Atari’s and Arcades…as long as the game runs I’m happy to play it…no 4k resolution is going to make a game a better game…just better to look at…almost all gamers today see a console with huge power and say it’s the better console…that may be true, but it’s all about that consoles games…Xbox people keep bragging about their powerful console and yet the Nintendo Switch is doing better due to their games.

    1. @Miłosz Kaczmarek. Did you forget about the Zenimax acquisition? Blackwood for ESO alone is definitely being revealed at E3. No way around it.

    2. @Dragonborn Express
      Considering that ESO is on multiple platforms, I don’t think most would take that as a MS win at E3.

      Honestly if I was MS & Bethesda I wouldn’t mention anything that is multiplatform as it only risk highlighting Sony

  12. Isint it emberassing how the ps5 gasses out at 1080p 60!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 RETURNAL IS LAST GEN AND THEY HAD TO RUN THE PS4 PRO VERSION OF IT AND ITS STILL NOT LOCKED!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 IMAGINE IT RUNNING A NEXT GET GAME IN NATIVE 4K 60??!?!?!?! NEVER!!!!!!

  13. As a pony, I’m enjoying my Xbox. I was like one of those ponies once upon time but after buying an Xbox ( series s) for the first time, I’m enjoying my Xbox series s. I love the gears serie and orí. So many games from back in the days that I be able to play like castselvania lord of shadow and Sonic unleached. I also love gamepass. Having all three consoles is better 😎😎😎

  14. Bro don’t take Sony ponies🦄 literally when they say «exclusives»😏 it’s just them saying that because they have nothing else to say so their fucking brains are broken so they just repeating the same dumbass talking point over and over again🤣😂

  15. Lol why is the algorithm recommending this to me. Is this a community of xbox fan boys. So weird.

    I mean this dude is just as bias as the dude he is criticizing, probably more so.

    Gamepass is awesome but the reality is the last hard-core exclusive ms released is gears 5 and even that was underwhelming.

    My hope is MS does a huge blowout at e3 this year and that they have some major releases coming soon. I really hope that we don’t get a 3rd shitty halo game in a row. MS couldn’t even get mcc right the first time around.

    I’m hoping fable, avowed, perfect dark, and gears 6 are all fire.

    MS has an awesome powerful console and they’ve been incredibly pro consumer, so I really want to see them do well because a healthy MS is good for everyone.

  16. Crapgamer was talking about a game coming out next month for PS5. Wonder if it was the new Sniper game that has been pushed back for PS5, but is still releasing on Xbox?? PS5 is earning a new acronym. Piece o’ Shat 5.

  17. lets be honest, Xbox is useless. Ps5 is not. Switch is not. Why? Because exclusives. If I want the xbox experience, I can just play on my pc. I can crossplay and play all xbox games. All this talk about performance is stupid. All exclusives already run amazing because they are made for their hardware. And if you want the best performance, then just get a pc

    1. and native 4k is also stupid. Upscaling for the win no matter what. No one should ever run their game without dlss or whatever upscaling they got on consoles. They basically look the same but more fps or ability to add stuff like raytracing

    2. @dr. phylisphical The xbox is also heavily scalped right now. And lets not forget pcs are not just for gaming so you better have one anyways. And xbox consoles are on a subscription. Instead of paying the yearly fee every year, pc gamers just play any game online for free. And for most people, they can just upgrade their gpus

  18. As someone with playstation fan boy friends, I think they like to bring up exclusives cause they like to brag about other consoles missing out. Even though «missing out» is relative lol. And like u said, they only play those exclusives for a weekend

  19. He’s a fraud to put it simply… They have to talk about exclusives, because they can’t keep playing the same game. That’s if they bought it at all.

  20. Phil Spencer called him out for being a fanboy and he got upset and switched to playstation…. As for returnal — it has no save game, is still crashing/corrupting it’s data and at times doesn’t even look 1080p…

  21. All they are doing is putting more hype behind Biomutant. The game is likely gonna be one of the best AA games of year. Early preview and word of mouth is very positive. Guess Xbox w,ill have another exclusive/non exclusive, like CyberPunk

  22. He’s big mad because Phil called him out on Twitter, that’s when he became a PS Guy, look up Griffin Gaming he tears Crap a new one on a regular basis.

  23. All I have to say to that guy is. I’m playing MLB the show on my more powerful series X. Thank you Sony. How about Drakes next for my Xbox. MLB said fuck Sony we want that Microsoft check. Lol

  24. lol People need to calm down. Ps5 and series x/s is basically running a last gen game. Xbox just have a better backwards compatibility solution. 1080p upscale to 4k is barely noticeable to native 4k. Not a big deal. An actual ps5 version will fix this.

  25. So anyone who owns a PS5, yes we know Xbox was going to win this one, Xbox has had it in the bag when it comes to backwards compatibility, sux that Sony can’t get their backwards compatibility on par but as a Sony owner ya it sux , but it’s not a loss because we can play the game.

  26. 11:10 Yeah funny how Ponies praise Returnal at 1080p as Next Gen but wont mention anything regarding the buggy mess the game launched as, with constant crashes and such.

    Quite problematic for a rouge-like game as a crash means all your progress is gone as there are no checkpoints.

  27. The PS5 might be capable from a hardware standpoint, but there’s minimal software implementation on Sony’s end, so Microsoft deserves credit for their innovations on backwards compatibility! As for the power narrative, it’s clearly in favour of the Series X, there’s no room for misinterpretation here. The Series X has full RDNA2 support, higher CPU clockspeed and memory bandwidth, more compute units, teraflops etc. The advantages of the PS5’s proprietary SSD might be limited to first-party titles, since most multiplatform devs will cater to the lowest common denominator. With that said, Microsoft’s first-party games will have many technologies available, including DirectX extension, DirectStorage, FidelityFX and Velocity Architecture. Also, the Series X excels in terms of raytracing, which has been made evident by more recent comparisons.

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