Sonic Central REACTION — NEW Sonic Games For Switch, PS5, Xbox, And MORE!

To celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary, SEGA held an event to showcase some upcoming things within the Sonic universe. We learned about new Switch, PS5, and Xbox games, compilations, the return of Sonic Colors and Sonic Origins, and a brand new game!


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  1. I’m gonna try to get all of those chains and that booklet, as well as that Sonic Colors Ultimate for both my Switch and my PS4, and the same thing for the Sonic Origins as well

  2. Sonic used to be the side chick you wanted want to be scene. But she got cleaned up and no she has a good job and your not embarrassed to be with her

  3. Same fucking thing over and over and over again……nothing changed one single bit….no advance collection… adventure collection….no boost collection or unleashed remastered…no nothing…expect just one lousy sonic and color and repeated classic games for the fifth TIME

  4. I don’t get why all the newer collection titles are so weak.

    If they would release sonic mega collection + on modern consoles i’d pick it up again, that was a really good game and the bonus stuff like the comic title pages were a nice addition to the games.

  5. Showing my age: walked over to my local Hills department store and picked up Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991-ish? I love Sega with all of the hiccups.

  6. not sure why but your the only channel whose videos have to buffer for a while before actually playing. Excited to see sonic in the hands of the younger generations maybe they will get the Crash treatment and get a new sonic adventure

  7. Sega what we really want is a Super Sonic The Hedgehog Collection featuring Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Sonic 06 Sonic Heroes Sonic Generations & Sonic Unleashed that’s 6 awesome games Nintendo only recently rereleased 3 so u would be beating Nintendo rereleasing these 6 must have games & thanks Sega ! ♡

  8. Thank goodness they didnt bring adventure 2 on switch. Cuz i would have to quit my job to play it again lol really kinda sucks they didnt bring adventure 2 back on switch

  9. Thank god Sonic 3 is back. I believe it’s the only sonic game that added the instant flash or whatever it’s called where after jumping you hit the button again and you get a protective flash

  10. Excellent stuff RGT 85.

    This was a very decent Sonic Event, a Sonic Remaster/ HD Game, a Sonic Collection and a New Sonic Game teased plus Content in other Games outside of the Mainline Sonic aswell, it can’t be bad a pretty decent Showing Overall I feel.

  11. Colors Ultimate and Origins cool but wanted Adventure 3 😭but that game could be. I will say was decent event. Wish colors ultimate was with generations or something and not just by itself

  12. I think they did a really good job with this. To me, this puts Mario 35th to shame and it isn’t looking too hot for Zelda 35 either in comparison.

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