Sony ADMITS they are SCARED of the Xbox Activision Deal! «We NEED Call of Duty!»

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Sony believes Call of Duty could inspire users to switch to Xbox following Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

In this video DreamcastGuy looks at the new leaked reports about the effects of the PS5 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and how Call of Duty weighs in.

Along with other companies such as Ubisoft, Amazon and Google, Sony’s responses to several questions about the proposed acquisition have been published in full by the Brazilian government.

Sony’s response – transcribed by VGC – mostly outlines the current state of triple-A game development for the Brazilian regulator. However, large portions highlight the importance the PlayStation firm puts in Call of Duty, a franchise which it claims “influences users’ console choice.”

“According to a 2019 study, ‘The importance of Call of Duty to entertainment, in general, is indescribable,’” the company said. “The brand was the only video game IP to break into the top 10 of all entertainment brands among fans, joining powerhouses such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

“Call of Duty is so popular that it influences users’ choice of console, and its community of loyal users is entrenched enough that even if a competitor had the budget to develop a similar product, it would not be able to rival it.”

Sony went on to explain how the huge resources Activision puts behind Call of Duty are the core reason why it believes the FPS series is unlikely to be rivalled by a competitor.

“Each annual Call of Duty release takes around 3-5 years to develop. As Activision releases one Call of Duty game per year, this equates to an annual investment of hundreds of millions of dollars,” it explained.

“Approximately 1,200 people work on each version and another 1,500 are involved in publishing and distribution. Thus, Call of Duty alone has more developers than most game companies employ across its entire development portfolio, including AAA studios.

“Also, given its plans to recruit 2,000 additional developers by 2021, Activision probably expects Call of Duty to become even more successful in the future.

88 ответов к «Sony ADMITS they are SCARED of the Xbox Activision Deal! «We NEED Call of Duty!»»

    1. @DS Mycology foreal medal of honor or socom theres alot of there to play with i cant stand call of duty is always the same game. Resistence fall of men can be a good multiplayer if they do it right too.

    2. Playstation gamers will still be able to buy the game just like things are now. Xbox gamers will have more options. I think this will affect those gamers who exclusively play COD, but it won’t be immediate. Those who want to play the older games will benefit from playing it on Game Pass, but those who are already hardcore on the Playstation don’t have any reason to change platforms.

      Microsoft already confirmed that COD will remain on Playstation. The good thing is that they will optimize the game well for all platforms. If they were acquired by Google, Amazon or Apple, we all would be screwed!

  1. Microsoft bringing a permanent misbalance in this industry has really spurred on consolidation and buyouts. I’m not convinced this is good for the consumer

    1. I agree. This isn’t about games getting exclusivity but how it impacts the entire industry. I’m against mergers and acquisitions in general. Take a look at what it did to the music industry. I fear something similar could happen to gaming and I don’t like the prospect of it.

    2. @DerJoltinJoe how is it console War drama when the people who cheer on ps buying studios and locking content away from xbox are the ones crying over xbox doing the same to ps ?

    3. @james w Neither him nor me brought that up, it was you, that’s why. Coming up with an assumption that wasn’t even part of the conversation.

  2. Call of duty has been the same game for almost 20 years why the fuck would sony care? Did anyone even play call of dude last gen? Haven’t played since black ops 3 myself

  3. Hey PlayStation guy, did you find out that Jim Ryan wants 10 Games as a service for PlayStation and PC? Sony has no idea what they are doing:
    1) Letting their old franchises die.
    2) Gutting Japan Studio.
    3) Porting exclusives to PC which cheapens the PlayStation brand.
    4) Plus they have $330 billion dollars in debt.

    1. @The nerd giant
      Seeing as how YouTube won’t save my comment with a link, look up these phrases in your browser:
      1) Sony is restructuring Japan Studio Push Square
      2) Sony wants 10 Games as a Service on PS4 and PS5 Push Square
      3) Sony’s total debt as of 2022
      4) Sony plans on focusing on future releases and new IPs Push Square

  4. I left Sony after the games they gave customer on PS deluxe, can’t even upgrade to ps premium because I’m not living in US, then PS Classic is only 25 games, such a waste of potential

  5. It’s funny they are now so concerned about losing a game but they keep games off other consoles and even PC… lol. Pathetic. Make a good fps game to rival it.

  6. PlayStation needs to release back paddles attachments or a elite style controller for PlayStation gamers. If COD goes to Gamespass that a double win for me. I don’t have to buy the game and I can play using a controller with paddles and instant triggers. And most likely it’ll be cross play so I can still play with my friends on PS.

  7. Althought I can admit that I dont like it when a whole market shifts in favor of one producer, however; Sony is going to get it’s «Just Deserts». Sony this generation has been suffering from «Playstation syndrome» since the announcement of the ps5, does one dvd drive really cost 100? Now add the fact that they are trying to set a standard for a higher price for games starting at 70$. We get no more booklets with games, so all gaming companies are saving on Paper, ink and print SPECIALISTS. Now for marketing they will just post the trailer for the game, some screen shots and put it in context. The whole «lets charge more now because we can» really is a put off for me. And Sony games aren’t that higher of quality, I say this because they dont port well to PC, I say this just as Sony FINALLY adds 1440p to the PS5, only took 2 years. I have speculated that the «Playstation syndrome» though is a regional problem, like the entire region of Japan. Because its where most nefarious over charging as a buisness practice originates. ::::::::::Also looking at you Nintendo::::::::::

  8. Oh, NOW they’re scared? 🤔😆
    As a Xbox Series X owner i’m glad, but as a advocate of Gaming…I kinda feel sorry for Sony, because they WILL be the next Sega Dreamcast story. 🤣

    Gamertag: BloodOath77

  9. I personally don’t play any Activision/Blizzard games…. so I’m good.

    However Elder Scrolls 6/Bethesda is gonna hurt.
    In 2030 when it releases.

  10. Microsoft has already stated it will not take call of duty away from PlayStation where their core audience is, which is smart, these games are expensive to make you can’t sustain them in gamepass, PlayStation gamers will cover the cost while gamepass grows

  11. MS would be saying the same if the situation was reversed. COD makes more money for MS than any franchise MS has. Of course ubisoft, EA and other big publishers wouldn’t have as much concern, they don’t have their own platform.

    While they could make it exclusive I don’t think they will because of how much revenue COD generates. The shareholders will want all of that revenue.

  12. Xbox and PC guy but I want Sony/ Playstation to be strong. The gaming industry is best with three to four major competitors fighting it out pushing each other to be better.

  13. Honestly this is where Sonys old focus on jrpgs and weird games offered protection. The types of games Sony hyper focused on before going for the cod money(and leaving Japan behind) has so little crossover with cod that it guranteed a player base..Sadly Sonys closing of Japan studio, censoring Japanese games and focusing on purely western studios in the long run has damaged there rep with said customer base. Whiich has now gone mostly pc and switch,

    They need a new business model and possibly a return to old form could help.

  14. I feel Sony is going to struggle big time in the near future. It just can’t compete financially, exclusives, online and cloud gaming. Even in console capabilities as they become less and less irrelevant with each new gen. Financially too, Sony aren’t the big electronic players like they were in the 90’s.

  15. Sony needs to give Bungie the Killzone IP & have them reboot it. No it won’t fill the hole that is CoD, but it will help mitigate the damage. Especially if Bungie can knock it out of the park.

  16. What I find funny is how people are going around crying that COD will or could be Xbox exclusive when Microsoft already said it won’t be exclusive. Phil Spencer immediately said he would talk to Sony about keeping COD on Playstation, and then they had the discussion and it was confirmed that it would stay on Playstation. They are treating COD like Minecraft.

    In the meantime, Sony acquired a bunch of studios in the last 2 years and signed a bunch of timed and permanent exclusivity deals. Essentially Sony is trying to paint the picture for why they need to acquire Sqare Enix… and keep their games exclusive to the Playstation. Trust me, this is what Sony is planning.

    Let’s not forget that Sony is still the market leader, and they are even running away with 2022 unchallenged. Nothing is touching God of War this fall.

  17. Microsoft wins either way keep call of duty Multi plant or make it Exclusive to Xbox and pc either way Microsoft wins and the money just keeps coming in

  18. Don’t worry guys there is always PC remember everyone here said that you don’t need an Xbox to play the “exclusives” 😂😂😂

  19. The greatest thing that can happen to sony is not having that parasite of a game.
    Look at nintendo, it nrver had any real call of duty and it dominates.

  20. Sony will just double down on Destiny if this is the case, and funnel resources to Bungie to build up the franchise while making it PlayStation exclusive. Maybe even bring on other studios to make additional games the way there are multiple CoD developers.

    As much as they would want to keep Destiny cross platform; if MS took CoD off the table, Sony wouldn’t have any choice, and that realistically would hurt both companies because either way you’re cutting off half of your player base.

  21. I don’t get why COD is so popular, but okay… I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to strategically use specific top selling games like COD (apparently) to be anti-competitive. That’s what they are already doing with Bethesda and Starfield and presumably the next Elder Scrolls game.

  22. I really hope this happens! It’s time for Sony to go back to gamers first. It took Nintendo getting kicked in the nuts to start pushing the envelope again. Sony has talented studios they need to give them freedom to innovate.

  23. Honestly, I hope the government put a stop to it. Microsoft is already too big, and either we have antitrust laws, or we don’t. And although I am a proud capitalist, I am not in favor of their not being competition. You can’t have a free market if you have one guy buying out the entire market. Somebody should start saying no to Disney as well. I might be the party Reagan, but I’m also the party of teddy Roosevelt. Time to bring out the Trust Busters.

    1. You do realize that if that law became a thing, Sony would go down first before Microsoft being as they are 2nd place in shares in the gaming industry.

  24. All Sony can do it try and make a better Cod like game, and market it as a Cod killer. Mayby, I don’t know. They have a loyal fanbase that would love it, even if it is shit.

  25. But it’s ok for Sony to do exact the same thing, all the pony’s don’t bat a eye lid, but when Microsoft play then at their own game, the pony’s have a mental break down

  26. Sony and Bungie can make a COD killer no doubt. I see no problem in the long run for PlayStation. Only the first few years of COD exclusivity would hurt PlayStation

  27. I only own sony. Have no need for xbox.

    That said: if you buy a developer or developers, make those games exclusive. You earned it.

    I am mora than willing to move on from cod or Activision games. I’m not a child. It’s ok.

  28. I don’t really care I’m always going to pick PlayStation first just because I enjoy their games. I like cod but it’s not a must have for me. I plan on buying a series x here soon so chances are if I can play it on gamepass I might just play it more then I normally would.

  29. Lbox doesn’t have the install base to keep those games exclusive, would never make that $ back & since they sell faaaar more on playstation I don’t see it happening

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