Sony Blasts Microsoft With Giant PS5 Announcement! Even Xbox Fans Are Saying This Is Awesome!

Sony and Microsoft are throwing punches left and right. All with the intent to get our money. This is the GREATNESS of competition, and it’s one of the things I’ve been saying for years! It’s honestly not a bad thing, console wars need to always exist, especially if you want console gaming to continue!


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41 ответ к «Sony Blasts Microsoft With Giant PS5 Announcement! Even Xbox Fans Are Saying This Is Awesome!»

  1. Square Enix is Playstation best buddy 🙂 Maybe one day they will….
    Imagine no playing this 3 games…. who are the sad people that haven’t and will not play this MASTERPIECES.. They missing a lot

    1. Couldn’t care less about FinalFantasy 🤷‍♂️ Tried going back to a check out the few FinalFantasy titles that are on Gamepass and the series doesn’t hold up anymore

    2. You still waiting for part2 while they try and cash cow there current players into dlcs make crappy ports of there first 7 final fantasys. Forspoken from what ive seen gameplay wise, it really isnt where it needs to be currently. Kind of reminds me of the cyberpunk fiasco, promising top notch graphics and then coming straight out with a unfinished badly optimised buggy mess that looked straight trash.

    1. @jr m Really? They were massive hits highly rated and still being played till this day by more players than every big Sony game combined. Every single one of Sonys biggest games only get about 100 active players in the last 30days 🤣

    2. @jr m What makes sense? The biggest games Sony Fanboys always talk about barley getting 100 players in a month 🤣 Guess everyone on Playstation is actually playing Fortnight & Minecraft like the numbers show

  2. Hope you enjoyed your gameless Christmas pony chumps. Myself I was busy on Halo Infinite campaign relieving my youth with my 2yr old watching me blast banished baddies it was a beautiful moment

    1. @Detective Sadback Halo Infinite has a great single player campaign 👍all the Gears single player campaigns were great 👍and they both have incredible multiplayer 🤯 what’s Sonys big multiplayer player? I’ll give you a lifetime to answer that one 🤣

    2. @Lord XBoss besides everyone on Xbox got pissed over Demon Slayer being for the playstation so it shows the older brother (PS5) having to share his stuff with the little brother (Xbox)

    3. @Lord XBoss face facts if Microsoft didn’t spend any money you’d have to rely on Sony to even spare you a game or two just so the Xbox doesn’t have to walk down the burning stairway of inescapable death, Halo is dying to, 110,000 isn’t enough and Gen Z is really not going to help that number increase anytime soon

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