Sony fanboy Dr Pony is back to tell us that Xbox has no games in 2022 while PS5 is dominating

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76 ответов к «Sony fanboy Dr Pony is back to tell us that Xbox has no games in 2022 while PS5 is dominating»

  1. whoever made that meme, do they not know that xbox has had vrr this entire time as well as game pass which trumps spartacus lol not to mention having TRUE rdna 2 is a fucking game changer, while ps5 has a hybrid of 1 and 2, so effectively 1.5 rdna….. this thing seems like a huge win for xbox lol

  2. «Xbox has no games».
    Xbox was the best publisher of 2021 and won that award more than once. Xbox games in 2021 had the highest rated games in Metacritic history. Then there’s the success of Gamepass. Honestly that’s a dead narrative by now and the lowest form of trolling/fanboying, dudes gotta either try harder or give it a rest!

  3. Here at Sony, We are going to start doing background checks on all doctors to see who I can trust with my life. Doctor console passion over here apparently learned nothing from his stupidity actions.

  4. I guess sony fanboys won’t be able to take it when they realize xbox has double the amount of big games on the way compared to Sony. I just don’t understand sony fanboys. Why do they always think about xbox 24/7 if sony is so great

  5. Is he really listing VRR!? Something that has been available out of the box from launch on the xbox consoles! He also lists games multi platform titles in his list of PS5 titles…..while happening to forget about the timed exclusives and first party titles that are due across the year in the xbox. The guy is clearly a very special kind of stupid!

  6. That Doctor needs to get fired, he is a grown ass 40 year old man. Instead of focusing on his career he be acting childish on Twitter lol😂

  7. I think I’m done watching PS fanboy videos they are too toxic for me and it has gotten old and tiresome, but it was fun while it lasted at this point and past ones watching these guys stupidity will rub off on me.

  8. Let’s not forget this is his full time job now since he lost his job and most likely license to practice. He didn’t label the PS5 drink for all we know that’s piss and Vinegar, vs clean water, clear processed/refined oil, and fresh air .

  9. You gotta love that he puts Games as a Service as nothing on the Xbox picture yet puts Project Spartacus, the Games as a service that doesnt even exist yet as the foam on top for the Playstation side

  10. Project Eve is coming to Xbox/PC as well, and judgeing by the clip they showed at the PS showcase it most likely will be censored for PS players. Really looking forward to that game. The fact Yoko Taro was honored and proud of his work being the biggest inspiration of this game makes it extra special.

  11. It’s so hilarious how people are not realizing that this doctor is just farming drama with fake stories and it’s working. I think he should continue this.

  12. That is the worst list of released and unreleased PS5 games (ones a PS4 game). He isn’t even representing the PS5 side well. It’s also good to know that Starfield, Hellblade 2, Stalker 2, Scorn, Fable, Halo Infinite, Ark 2, Forza Horizon 5, Forza Motorsport 8, Plague Tale Requim, Redfall, Somerville, Replaced and Ghostwirw Tokyo Series X version in year, don’t exist and I’ve just made them up. 🤡

  13. Guardians of the Galaxy is half price, on sale on PSN and it’s £29.99. 😅 I finished it on Game Pass last night. It’s brilliant. I recommend. I will probably never play it ever again. That’s why I ❤ Game Pass. I’m happy with renting content I will never repeat play. So when these 🤡 are making lists of exclusives like its the be all and end all of choosing a console, I have to laugh😂. I had PS consoles as my main device for 25 years but I ain’t paying all that money for a game, now there is a better value for money service.

    1. It’s an amazing game, especially if you do all the side chats (eg. DRAX) it rips at your heart strings. Great writing. Should be made into a movie.

  14. Fair enough, xbox has nothing Q1 Q2 2022, but had a stellar 2021. Playstation had nothing in 2021 and nothing good in 2022. It’s pretty dry right now. 3rd party doing the heavy lifting until Q3

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