Sony fanboy insults Alannah Pearce and female Xbox developer looks for console war bs

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73 ответа к «Sony fanboy insults Alannah Pearce and female Xbox developer looks for console war bs»

  1. I don’t care if games I like are made by abominations or gods themselves, they deserve equal respect for the work they did.

    And this generation console wars is going towards worse direction. Never imagined that how developer looks will become a topic for these Sony ponies to fuel the war.

    And the way they are joking about sexual harrasment is just sickening. Guys who jokes about this should experience it first hand to understand the gravity of the situation.

    1. Lol most of these sony ponies have no interaction with WOMEN let alone girls irl….butt hurt comments on Twitter takes all their time..

    2. If u been taking as many Ls in quick succession u try anything for a win. No matter how stupid it is.

      It’s all they got is a plastic box at the end of the day and tied its success with there self worth.

  2. Sony fanboys are on another level 🤯 Defending Pedophiles, Defending sexual harassment, Dr Pony, Begging the President🤷‍♂️ that’s besides Defending Sonys greedy bullshit

  3. ngl someone shouldda replied with at least one hot chick over at Xbox. Sarah Bond is boner material but she doesn’t have any hot pics online.

    That was next level trolling.

  4. Dude is literally saying Sony wins because their female developers have to deal with be sexually harassed due to looks. Absolutely appalling.

  5. I wonder who is more insulted:
    — the Xbox woman being told she’s not a 10 like Alannah?


    — Alannah for the insinuation that it’s understandable that she should be sexually harassed?

    1. She flaunts her sexuality when it suits her though. Another shallow, skin deep, trash journalist.

      I care about games in all formats.but cannot stand this woman.

  6. You heard it straight from the Pony’s mouth. Here at Sony, We are actually 1st in sexual harassment cases. Microsoft will never have this many accusations.

  7. Erm, Playstation are currently being sued for gender discrimination. Not sexual harassment. So this dude didn’t even get that right. Epic fucking fail.

  8. Even my Sony fan friend is obsessed with forza horizon they are just copping lol he just can’t get a Xbox so I don’t judge him but like if you want a game don’t limit yourself because of console wars

  9. What a odd thing to tweet. Like who the fuck cares about what the developers look like. They could literally be cave trolls and as long as they produce a good product I don’t care.

    Like what are the attractive PlayStation developers going to come to my house to have intercourse with me because I bought their products or defend their products nope….

  10. These dudes will do anything just to have an edge on Xbox. How do you love a company so much that you spend all your free time not playing their games and talking about other gaming consoles.

  11. How did one person say insomniac when she works at Santa Monica studios lol they don’t even know their own studios that they try to brag about. Shits hilarious homie

  12. So since those playstation fanboys, can´t come up with Horizon 2 or GT7 because those games failed badly, they come up with which female developer looks better ???!!!!
    Isn´t it weird that neither on the XBOX, or Nintendo «side» you don´t see stupid post like this ???
    And that´s because XBOX and Nintendo owners, actually play the games and not being on social media 24 / 7.

  13. Are sony fanboys actually this dumb? There’s no way people can be this dumb. Can sony guys go 1 day without a dumb take on xbox. They only talk about xbox. They couldn’t be real gamers

  14. So having sexual harassment is a big W for Failstation and it’s dog 💩 fanbase? For Goodness sake these people need Jesus. 🤢🤮

  15. That’s some strong incel energy he’s putting out. And an odd choice to say he’d sexually harass a decent looking woman if he had the opportunity.

  16. Wow what a complete loser, if Sony ponies like their console better that’s fine. But damn dude, leave the developers alone. This kind of crap has no place in gaming.

  17. «No wonder you don’t hear about sexual harassment from xbox, Sony always wins» is that something to be proud of 💀 wtf no companies shouldn’t be doing that

  18. These guys are total scum🤡

    What does someones looks have to do with a developers skill. Making lite of sexual harassment is really gross.

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong but did that loser really just cheer on sexual harrassment and see it as a «Win» just because Sony has more attractive women working there?

  20. Yeah that’s some b*******. Make somebody feel bad about themselves publicly because a stupid childish Fanboy wants to perpetuate the console war nonsense.

  21. I didn’t know when it comes to developing games. You must be hot if you’re a female?
    These ponies I bet are single and living in their families basement, and probably would freakout if they had to talk to any women in person

  22. No one likes to think they made the wrong purchase. They look for other people to compliment and reassure them. With the console debate. They know xbox is better. They feel like a fool. They post made up stuff. And try get like minded people to side with them so they can reassure each other their purchase was a good one.. The problem is they know they messed up and are hitting out in anger /embarrassment / and looking stupid. Pony’s are going beyond banter. It’s sad really.

  23. I can guarantee sexual harassment has happened at Microsoft as well as everywhere else guys and girls work together there’s always creepy guys trying to get laid

  24. I find it funny that everybody crying over everything everybody else says 🤣 it’s funny because people have to go on Twitter just to get content because they don’t know what else to do with their lives pretty sad for both sides

  25. I started to don’t like Sony…. Sexual harassment is not funny . The stupid fanboys who said it’s a win for Sony should think before open his stinking mouth . My little sister been almost rape . Guys when it’s happening in your own family I guarantee to you it’s not a win . Honestly I play all consoles but at this point I prefer stay away from Sony .

  26. Okay and even the most pretty women and handsome men work for sony. The games are still buggy and unfinished.

    So i prefer ugly people if u want to say it like this, which are making good games. Cause i want to play the game not to date the employees… 🤦‍♂️

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