Sony PS5 AFRAID Of Xbox & Activision Blizzard DEAL | Call of Duty Only On Xbox Series X | Xbox News

Sony PlayStation 5 finally speaks out about Xbox & Activision Blizzard deal. It looks like the PS5 is afraid that Call of Duty is going to be exclusive to the Xbox platform.

This is coming after Microsoft is trying to close the new deal with Activision Blizzard. We all know that the Xbox Series X is going have huge exclusive games. Yet will CoD push them to new heights that Sony can’t compete with.

The competition this next generation is at an all time high between Xbox and PlayStation. Let’s hope that continues.

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  1. Are you surprised that Sony is this afraid of Xbox buying Activision Blizzard? Could we see Call of Duty being exclusive to the Xbox Series X consoles?

    1. It’s understandable that they’re worried because this is the biggest publisher out there getting bought out and I don’t think CoD will be exclusive to Xbox as it’s such a big game that makes so much money that it makes sense to leave it multiplatform but have some in-game items or bonuses be exclusive

    2. Since Sony is Clearly trying to Stop the Microsoft acquisition of Activision/Blizzard. Microsoft SHOULD definitely keep Call of Duty off PlayStation now!!! Man up Phil Spencer and make Sony eats these Words!! Keep COD exclusive after contractual obligations.

    3. Sony is totally Hypocritical. Sony used COD marketing right and COD exclusive content at the launch of last Generation Consoles to get Xbox 360 gamers to jump to PlayStation. Now Hypocrite Sony is crying because Microsoft is using THEIR Call of Duty strategy??!!

    4. they’ve been scared. They copy everything xbox does, multiplayer, trophies, cross game chat, subscriiption, game pass, home button, gamertags, resistance copying off halo, uncharted copying off gears. sony is the general motors of gaming.

  2. Lol I’m seeing this news everywhere now damn so I guess this confirms that exclusives don’t really mean anything and that call of duty despite how people feel about it are kings of gaming 😂. Also I call it karma because Sony has been buying up studios and making games like final fantasy exclusive for years including spiderman. Lol remember the whole buy a playstation if you want to play those games comments. Oh the irony 🤣

  3. Still crazy sony said it’d take 7 years for an actual gamepass competitor. Sony had a subscription service first and let it squander they can’t blame anyone but themselves.

    1. @Jim Russell I’m an Xbox fan though and through for halo only. I think MS will pull the plug on COD on Sony machine. It’s a system seller.

    1. @Glehran d2 I my favorite shooter . But I know bungie already said that their will be no exclusive stuff in terms of destiny 2. Call of duty hasn’t been good in awhile. Team deathmatch,wise

  4. Fuck Sony they have no god damn room to talk how much fucking exclusives do they have but they won’t buy our PlayStation how the fuck do you think Xbox players feel I still have a Xbox but I got a pc so I don’t have to support Sony

  5. If it was Sony who had bought/were in the process of trying to acquire Activision-Blizzard-King, I’m fairly certain that they wouldn’t care if the balance shifted in their favour.

  6. Sounds like Sony thought Xbox was just ganna stand and do nothing and they thought their popularity was going to sustain them Xbox legit forced them to make a gamepass like subscription🤣

  7. Sonys fiscal report proves that people buy consoles for 3rd party games to play with thier friends not exclusives. Sony fanboys have dementia in my view.

  8. Sony want to be the only one talking Anti Microsoft buying Activision/Blizzard. Now let Sony be the only one NOT to get Call of Duty. Phil Spencer put COD on PC and Nintendo. Keep it off Sony for making you job harder!!

  9. As they should be, as we’re talking about that most played game behind MineCraft (Which Microsoft also owns), Candy Crush (Another soon to be owned Microsoft ip 😆), and Grand Theft Auto. 😂

    You remember when they Sega DreamCast died, and you saw some of your friends cry out of sadness & frustration? 🤔

    Cont. You’re going to see that x1000 after Microsoft is done with the PlayStation Brand! 👍

    And bring your swimming trunks/swimsuits…..You’re going to need them. 🤣 #BigFish

  10. man f*** sony. They’re a japanese company. Fec needs to approve this. Sony has plenty of exclusives, they chose to stop killzone, socom and other shooters. They chose not to make shooters, they put all their eggs in one basket f*** em

  11. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Brünette und eine anderes Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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