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27 ответов к «Spider-Man 2: The Game! XBOX Part 2 — YoVideogames»

  1. I’m one of the ones that prefer Spider-Man 2 (and Ultimate Spider-Man…everyone forgets that one) web swinging over PS4 Spider-Man’s swinging. Spider-Man PS4 cheats on your behalf just enough to remove some of the satisfaction of actually mastering it. There’s some challenge to actually conquering it, which is all driven by intuitive physics of swinging itself. In PS4, it more or less just always works even when you do something stupid. PS4’s game makes you feel cool no matter how bad you are with it, but the fact that you CAN be bad at the swinging in the old games is why it’s fun. Spider-Man PS4 is far and away a better game, especially when you shut off the QTEs, but just some perspective on the swinging.

    Also, neither here nor there, but while Spider-Man PS4’s combat is a huge step up from this old game, I wish it was as good as the Arkham combat it’s based on. Much like the web swinging making it so that it’s difficult to be bad at it, they also removed the part of Arkham combat where you’re supposed to stop button mashing.

    1. I concur with this.

      They have a limited view here because they haven’t unlocked the better swinging and also aren’t using half the moves. The zip line and wall running are important.

      To put it another way, the reason we see in the films Spider Man hit a wall, is to remind everyone this is something he has to master.

      When you hit a wall in this game like an idiot, early on, it makes the triumphs satisfying later. They should watch somebody «good» at this game with all the unlocks swinging to really compare them. So I concur with this.

      This is a «judging a book by its cover» moment. They’ve been doing «hot takes» lately and simply should’ve made that the that in the title and it wouldn’t be as eye rolling.

      I love yovideogames, this was the first time I ever eyerolled but it’s simply an error in titling the video and slipping into «quick take» territory. They basically inadvertently switched series but not mentality for critique.

    2. I more miffed by the «you’re missing chromosomes» as a insult…I expected better from Max but I guess not. Like dude can’t accept or be respectful that some people have different tastes and opinions about a vidoegame…regardless if it’s nostalgia talking or that some people like the way mechanics are done or simply for the fact it’s a movie tie-in. But nah, let’s throw insults and be ableist about it. What a joke.

    3. Web swinging in Spiderman PS4 is good but definitely too much assisted. It tries too hard to smoothen pain points and make you feel feel cool in spite of what you are actually doing, so it does not feel rewarding because you can tell that it is not on your own skill or choice. Ultimate Spiderman suffers kind of the same issue but in a different way : they dumbed down on the difficulty and amount of control by allowing imaginary hook points. IMO Spiderman 2 is still the game even to this date that gets it the most right because you are actually in full control and you can’t go easy. With max upgrades, full mastery of how the system aims on building, of wall running, of the momentum between swing acceleration, of zip lines, you can do incredible runs though the map at amazing speed. It is very easy to tell in this game who has mastered web swinging and who has not.

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