Terraria June State of the Game — Console Beta! (XBox, PS4, Switch, PC, Mobile)

Terraria June State of the Game — Console Beta! (XBox, PS4, Switch, PC, Mobile)

State of the Game Update for June:

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    1. Doesn’t that add more to the point that the updates take long as hell lol? We acknowledge how great Re-Logic and DR studious are at working at these updates, but they do take a long time + it didn’t help when the projected window was earlier the year before and got messed up because previous studio

    2. It’s not because of that it’s because they always claim that it will come earlier last year they said they are trying to give it to us as a holiday special back in December last year but here we are it’s been way longer then their first goal

  1. So, one day I’m gonna join terraria console, and my titan armor vanity will be red potions. «Huh, I don’t remember leaving this potion on my head… *GULP*

    Pain noises ensue

  2. I just want to say thank you NRLP for bringing us such great content and news I’m looking forward to what you will be doing after state of the game officially ends which I hope doesn’t end

    1. Surprisingly here in Mexico in a place that rains like 5 times a year and boiling hot

      It has been raining a lot this year and this summer isn’t as hot.weird huh

  3. At this point why don’t they just admit they will be releasing 1.4 on switch on Thanksgiving or something we all know they don’t care enough for the switch version

    1. I’m also team Switch Terraria. I like it more on Switch than PC for some reason, but after playing 1.4 the old version feels so static… can’t wait to finally beat the whole game when it eventually comes drops on Switch!

    2. @Vamir Yoshi I remember being disappointed that I’d have to wait til December 2020 to play on Switch. It’s painful lol but I can’t bring myself to go too hard on the devs that have worked on this masterpiece for over a decade. At this rate, I’d say Thanksgiving is an optimistic outlook.

    3. @Vamir Yoshi lemme tell u something it took 5 years for 1.3 and its only took 1 year for us to get to this point of console 1.4 yeah I would say november or December

    4. @LucasTV idk y u think it will release then they said July to september and we are in the end of june with a beta already so we will probs get a release date next state of the game in july

  4. Its warming up isn’t it? Why not cool yourself off with some timestamps, strait from the freezer
    1:08 PC
    2:10 Steam Workshop
    3:19 New Game News
    4:35 Console News
    7:47 Mobile News
    8:37 New Merch

  5. I think Pipeworks studio would have released the update faster I don’t think dr studios was meant for this. They are taking their sweet time just for some game breaking bug to slip out of their hands and not realize.

    1. What are you even saying 😭 1.3 took 5 years to drop and they only had to do half of it and it still took 2 years. Plus the whole reason they are taking long is so that no game breaking bugs happen which pipeworks left alot of.

    2. the whole point of taking their sweet time is to find and squash any bugs they come across, game development is very time consuming, i would rather wait longer for a more quality product than to rush and receive a product that’s incomplete. just wait a bit longer it’ll be so worth it

  6. I may be a mobile player but console news is still interesting to me and a 1.4 beta is huge news! The only thing left is fixing and other tweaks, which means we’re almost there! The split screen looks great as well and imagine connecting that to your TV! I’m also really excited for the new merch cuz my Birthday is coming soon and I’d be really happy to get one of those figurines as they look spectacular! This video has brought good news!

    Edit: NRLP deserves more views, am I right?

  7. Who played on ps4 or ps5, let be friends and builds mega castle, I the King and you are my builders lol.😂 nimbus cloud are cool where u get It? they need to add it in the Game!!

  8. They needs to have random online for anyone to join in, most my friends played fortnite, I hate that game. No one play terraria with me…

    1. @NBAx Shinobi idk maybe because I’m allowed to maybe I can finally see how long it takes them to release this it’s a joke how long they took

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