The BEST Gaming TV in the World! (PS5 | Xbox Series X | PC)

What’s the best Gaming TV in 2021? I’m testing the LG G1 — 4K120, OLED, G Sync, FreeSync, HDMI 2.1, VRR, ALLM — but is it the ‘best’ and what should you look for when buying a Gaming TV?

LG G1:

Sonos Arc: US l UK:
Sonos One SL: US l UK:
Sonos Sub: US l UK:
TV Stand: Tikamoon:
PS5: US l UK:
Series X: US l UK:

This video is not sponsored — but the G1 was provided as a review sample by LG.

00:00 What makes a Gaming TV?
00:59 4K vs 8K TV
01:58 My Gaming Setup (LG G1)
02:49 OLED vs QLED
04:03 LG C1 vs G1 Price
04:28 Response Times
04:54 Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
05:35 Speakers & Soundbars!
06:15 Audio Test
06:42 How much?
07:08 The Best Gaming TV
07:49 It’s a Wrap!

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77 ответов к «The BEST Gaming TV in the World! (PS5 | Xbox Series X | PC)»

    1. I recently got the qn900a 8k it’s a fantastic tv,great colour,brightness, 4 hdmi 2.1,generally amazing tv,I have a bright house so it was the best solution,i am thinking buying the gx for my bedroom 🤔

  1. minimal motion blur with the C1? now you’re just being generous 😛
    But, by using Motion Pro ‘High’, you get plasma motion, but as expected there’s shadow detail crushing, a huge loss in brightness, subtle flicker and input lag doubles. Great to use when streaming if you set peak brightness to HIGH and max your OLED Light, IF you get the shadow detail crushing corrected via calibration and the inherent black crush.

    This will give you Plasma tier motion quality, but with a bit more judder than plasma. G1 has a 10% brightness advantage over the C1 which comes in handy for the method i explained above in order to nail 200 nits in SDR mode.

  2. I think the people who own Sony is retarded for not making on ps5. And they still to this day have made or put more out in stores who does that.

  3. 120hz is NOT needed now with Next Gen. There are 0 games running at 120hz. They aren’t even running 60 at 4k,it’s either 30 at 4k or 60 just at or above 1080.

    1. you are wrong. these are the games with 120hz so far on PS5:

      Borderlands 3 (PS5)
      Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War/ Warzone (PS5/PS4)
      Destiny 2 (PS5)
      Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition (PS5)
      DIRT 5 (PS5)
      F1 2021 (PS5)
      Ghostrunner (PS5)
      Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS5)
      The Nioh Collection (PS5)
      Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (PS5)

  4. Am currently rocking the LG nanocell 86 55inch it’s a very decent TV for what am using it for which is my ps5, also lg needs to enable the VRR for it

  5. LG NANOCELL 48’ 85 series for my son
    LG CX OLED 55’ for my wife & I
    LG CX OLED 65’ for my living room
    LG family over here… might wait for next years OLED’s. The LG C2 OLED maybe 🤔😂

  6. Thank you for this again nice video. I personally use a Samsung QN900A 65″ (not enough space between some furniture for a bigger one), with Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar plus audio pro subwoofer, Xbox Series X, Sony UHD Blueray player. It’s in a bright 🌞 living room and performs very well during daytime, when not darken the room. But it’s astonishing close to OLED in the dark.

  7. Looking at this really makes my tv looks very old lol…I’m not really sure what’s the model name of my tv, but it’s from Panasonic… I bought it in 2012 with a 1080p plasma screen

  8. Well done, Tech Chap. I remember when you used to «apologize» for your voice or for the video being too long. What a longs way you have come. Your reviews are professional and a pleasure to view.

  9. Everybody always say 8K is a waste of time don’t get it it’s a waste of money right now you can get the q800t 65-in 8K model for $2,000 and it’s the 2020 model again it’s always your own choice I game on the Samsung’s q800t 82 in 8K and I love it

  10. I’m currently gaming on a 27″ monitor due to space constrains 🙁
    Once I move to a new place, I’m planning on getting the C1, though I’m not sure what are the burn in risk as I’ll mostly use it for gaming and sports.

  11. Hi Tom great video. A couple of questions if I can be so bold. So I too have a ps5 with a Sonos arc (only the arc for the time being sub incoming soon) but any recommendations on how the ps5 should be best setup to utilise the Sonos arc? I’ve read all sorts of differing information regarding formats etc. Recently started playing Last of us part 2 and the sound sync issues are rather alarming. Not sure if my settings are correct or not. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    1. I’ve not had much trouble with just plug and play. Make sure the Sonos is plugged into the eARC hdmi (if you have one). You can also adjust sound sync issues in the Sonos app.

  12. i will love to see the same enthusiasm for non-oled tv’s. I dont like oled because of all the stress involved in avoiding burn in. I am a trader ; bloomberg or CNBC is always on. Did i hear something like someone bought a detached house? Music to my ears. you deserve it. oh if i heard wrong well….. congrats on the move still.

  13. Is there a big difference between mi 10 Sienna and I will 10 t pro , camera is my second priority , I’m a big fan of you I like your activities and your response means a lot to me

  14. Hi Tom, great video! I’ve been considering the CX and now C1 for an upgrade to my gaming setup, in which I’ll merge my gaming PC arrangement with my console one to get the most use of the screen. I wanted to ask what you think is a suitable desk size for the tv to be used as a PC gaming monitor, or what you would recommend as a suitable viewing distance. my intention is to have the screen wall mounted too.

    P.S. thanks for the heads up on the BlackFriday deals, I’ll probably hold off until then to purchase 🙂

  15. Currently using a 66″ LG OLED from 2018 and picture wise it’s still amazing. I keep thinking about upgrading but honestly, no need yet as it just looks fantastic. Agree that RE Village was definitely meant for OLED

  16. Wishing you good luck with your new house-may god make all your journey in your life a little bit more smoother cuz you are simply a gem in this tech world and you deserve it-you deserve more subscribers-eitherway great content like always, thank you so much for sharing😍🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂.

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