The Big Xbox Cloud Gaming Upgrade

Microsoft is rolling out new hardware to make cloud gaming better, local gaming better, and marketing, better.
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  1. In Norway you cant buy Xbox on the web you need to go to the local store to pre-order an Xbox series X. You can only buy S on the web. You need to show ID and pay part of the console in the local store. After this happen. It got easy to get an Xbox X. I love the XCloud, for me, it runs flawlessly.

  2. Not going to lie… I spent far too long falling down the Destiny 2 rabbit hole last night playing in the browser. Definitely a very playable experience.

    1. @Michael Wenhold except there wasn’t really much input lag? I suspect people’s experience is very hit or miss depending on peering and distance to the datacenter

    1. Same for me. Pc isn’t great either. Android seems to be a lot more playable than it used to be. But it’s still not where it needs to be for anyone to consider this a viable option to game on without ever using a console.

  3. What I’m happy with is I’ve been haven’t bought a console in 20 years (play on pc when I play) and I get access to console games. I now have a whole library of console games to play.

  4. Guess who’s playing dead army 4 from his surfacebook 2 w/ the basic gpu?

    This guy!

    Lag is not as bad as some make it out to be, but I have gig service and decent router.

    1. @Dave Newman yep, it is a hit or miss like any service. Unfortunately I do experience the wonky side of the spectrum even tho Stadia, PS Now and Gefoece now works flawlessly.

  5. Still have horrible input lag with the Xbox controller doing cloud shit I figured it was just for remote play but nope any shooter game you have zero fine aiming it’s like they set the deadzone to max

  6. I’m an OLD SENIOR CITIZEN, Not Tech Savvy At All. So my Question is: Are Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live are all Gamming Subscription Services??? If they are, How do I Know Which Service To Purchase???

    1. Xbox Live Gold is required to play multiplayer games on your xbox console.

      Game Pass is basically Netflix but for games. There are two separate versions of this, for PC and Xbox consoles.

      Game Pass Ultimate takes these three services(game pass for PC AND Console), adds cloud streaming, and shoves them together into one service that’s $15 a month.

    2. @Dwight Nishimura You also get other perks with Gamepass Ultimate — like including EA play (FIFA, madden, Star Wars games, etc) and right now Disney+ is included for a limited time with the release of Loki’s TV show

    1. Welcome and gamepass is just pure awesomeness the money you’re going to save is shocking with all the games to play and ✈ Microsoft flight simulator ✈ in a couple of weeks

  7. Microsoft should make their own version of the Razer Junglecats for IOS devices. Also an Xbox controller that can connect over WiFi(like the Stadia/Luna controllers do)that works for both Xcloud and XB remote play would also be a great accessory addition!

  8. Even on Desktop with a wired controller and no connection issues I still find the delay too large, Vsync + Streaming just doesn’t work IMO, they need to find out how to remove Vsync without screen tearing on consoles to take away that huge input delay, unless of course the game can run at 120FPS, that would illeviate this issue a lot

    Personally I’m going to be using Cloud Gaming on Desktop to just try games and see how they play and get the gist before actually downloading it on GamePass properly Locally

    btw Cloud Gaming straight up isn’t supported on Firefox which is a shame, I have to open a seperate browser

  9. Xbox cloud gaming just gives me more patience to wait on getting a Series X. It has been so cool just grabbing my iPhone with Backbone and having quick game loads. I have noticed most sessions require a solid 5-10 minutes to get everything to sync up. After that the cloud works beautifully.

  10. in my experience with the cloud gaming, I have no issues with visuals or acoustics, however, the input lag makes some games unplayable. I’ve tried on my PC, my phone (iphone xr), and I sideloaded on to my Nvidia Shield. All 3 suffer from the same thing. First person shooters and sports games are unplayable, there are quite a few that are still usable. If they can get the latency figured out, it’ll be golden. In my experience with PS Now and Geforce Now, they both have a better input/reaction time.

    1. @Devin Mccoy Here too. High volume of users? Maybe we just don’t have the appropriate connection? The “Beta” in it’s name being shown?

    2. All Halo games works flawlessly for me, most of them run at 60 fps with minors artefacts when there is lot going on on screen. Red dead online has no input lag whatsoever . Just that it’s capped at 30 fps. Which is terrible as I’m used to 60 fps PC games.

  11. Just got my third series x and second ps5. Super lucky bc idk how i did it lol. Switched from sony bc of gamepass. Convinced my brother to switch and he did….now his friends are switching too. Got two series x’s today from best buy (two different accounts) for two of his friends. Both consoles have all the same games (minus exclusives, duh). Just gonna use sony for their exclusives. We’re not into Returnal or Ratchet… the two exclusives sony already has is not really a draw for us. Miles Morales….we’ll wait till its like 15$ not a big deal. GamePass for the win!

  12. Played holo 5 on mac, it does have some input lag, and doom has a bit more lag.

    Almost there, I hope this upgrade improves things…. Can’t wait!

  13. Is playing through the chrome browser better than the dedicated Android app? I have a high spec Chromebook with gigabit service and am considering subscribing to ultimate once Halo infinite launches.

  14. I’m in South Africa, There is a MS datacenter less than 20km (like 12 miles) away from me in Midrand. There is a huge gaming market here and we have fiber up to 1gb for cheap-ish, why don’t we get xcloud?

  15. Being honest, the Xbox cloud gaming experience has been bad for me. Lag and input delay make most games unplayable. I have a solid connection on a 200 mb internet and I still can’t consistently play simple games like the messenger or cyber shadow, let alone halo. Hopefully they continue to improve. As of now, I can’t recommend it.

  16. It runs good on my iPad Pro 1st generation with some lag here and there but on my iPhone 12 Pro it runs flawlessly! Played Arkham Knight on my phone without any lagging or hiccups! Runs like it does on my Xbox!

    1. Might have to switch to a 12 pro then because im on an iphone se 2020 and it is honestly not that good . Low res , lagging only on first person shooters though, low framerate and overall doesnt seem to be a great experience . I mainly play first person shooters though so that might be why , ive seen alot of people commenting the same thing say for fps its not playable with the current latency and lag . But hopefully a 12 pro would change that .

    2. @Jawn named Jon I haven’t tried any shooters yet. The most heavy graphics I’ve tried is Arkham Knight. I was streaming Halo 5 from my laptop and the lag was very minimum but it is a gaming 💻 so that shouldn’t be surprising.

  17. Hi, Brad, and thanks for a fantastic channel.
    Regarding game pass ultimate, have you heard any rumors if Microsoft is making this subscription available in more countries? I live in Iceland, and it is sadly not available here.

  18. Smart move by Xbox. They definitely have immensely more room to gain fans/praise over streaming, rather than simply having sold those Xbox hardwares to the public.

    1. People who go out to buy an Xbox Series X are in-majority, already fans to begin with. Much better decision to invest them into Cloud instead.

  19. Lol any day now they’re gonna hire people who do hot swaps on batteries at MLG matches.

    Cool stuff. Such a simple thing not many people would think of creating. They can definitely fully eliminate the need for any sort of wires for your controllers through this. All you need is a standalone battery charger… And 2 batteries…

  20. I played xcloud while being at a hotel and the ezperience was really good i thought i had a console,plyed gears and streets of rage very cool

    1. Somehow more data centers? Even ps now as of late seems more stable and runs almost perfectly with fighting games compare to xcloud. There seems to be some random hitching in my experience that really makes the experience not smooth at all. I guess Microsoft can improve it some more.

  21. It can be a hit or miss like any service. Unfortunately I do experience the wonky side of the spectrum even tho Stadia, PS Now and GeForce now works flawlessly.

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