THE CONSOLE WAR IS OVER! Phil Spencer Accidentally Leaks HUGE Xbox News That ENDS Sony!

Phil Spencer recently opened up about some pretty big Xbox news. Right now it’s exactly what fans have been asking for, and it comes as there’s a bit of a rumbling of unhappiness in the Xbox camp. Of course, outside of social media there’s Xbox fans who probably have no clue or worries at all.

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    1. @1 last comeback Xbox is far from a drought Redfall, Scorn, and Starfield all this year lmfao Playstation is the console with inferior games and less exclusives coming this year.

    2. @Zack Evans and did I say dolbly atmos? No. It still has surround sound capabilities. You didn’t prove anything wrong so get over yourself. Xbox isn’t in demand. Scalpers are a sale. That’s a return investment. Ps is the only one not available. You mean facts and the best console since ps5 can’t be found

    3. @Zack Evans they have the top exclusives. Nothing buggy. No bricking. No crashes. Looks don’t make a game. Many games to play. Don’t have to depend on gt. All top tier. Nothing overshadowed. Many must plays. Xbox does have a drought. You don’t know what those games are about and not even guaranteed to be this year

    4. @1 last comeback I said Playstation doesn’t give you the option of Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision support and you reply with «actually ps does» which implies you were talking about the PS5 because that’s what I was talking about, you can’t even comprehend the English language 💀

      Xbox is in demand you’re just in denial.
      Again Playstation and Xbox not being able to keep consoles on shelves because of shortages isn’t a good thing.
      I can find thirty PS5s rn but no one wants to pay 700$-1000$ for a console that isn’t worth the 500$ retail price.
      Scalpers are the only ones buying Playstation 5s and they’re selling them at prices way above the retail they don’t sale them cheaper or that wouldn’t be a return investment, dude you don’t even understand finances lol.

      They don’t have the top exclusives, Xbox has the highest rated exclusive games and published games this generation (that’s why Xbox won the Metacritic 12th Annual Game Publisher Awards and Playstation came in second😂)

      Horizon Forbidden West released buggy with crashes and a minority amount of Playstation players experienced their consoles bricking (I even experienced pop-ins and pop-outs) and you even admittted it yourself and you can literally look it up and find evidence on the Internet. I almost forgot to mention it was so bad that 80% of people that bought the game didn’t even finish it and I’m being generous because it’s technically like 15% that finished it.

      GT7 looks like it’s Playstation 3 game💀 swarmed with microtransactions and can’t even stay online in the single player modes lmfao straight garbage

      Returnal was so bad that 90% of the people that bought the game didn’t even attempt to finish the main campaign.

      Horizon Forbidden West was so bad it was forgotten right when Elden Ring came out. Overshadowed so bad the developers went on Twitter to talk crap Elden Ring because of it. 😂

      You can’t say you have better exclusives when everything proves you actually don’t LMFAO.

      I can tell you plenty of things about Starfield, Scorn, and Redfall and more than likely they’re all coming out but definitely Starfield is coming because they just released alittle gameplay footage, concept art, release date, description of areas.

      You have no games coming this year bro that are worth while and Xbox just had two exclusives come out that did well while Playstation is struggle lmfao look at their State Of Play. You’re desperate for games that aren’t going flop lol or crash or brick or go offline lmfao

    1. I think MICROSOFT would buy Playstation before it allows them to go out of business. Playstation is about to make Microsoft even more money. It doesn’t want them to go out of business.

    2. @Phissique Strong that’s not how it works. You can’t buy another company because of money. A company has to be for sale and want to be purchased

  1. Games? What about consoles?! I still haven’t been able to get a console! Only bundles in very, very limited quantities! Gamestop is the WORST!!

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You were banging on about xbox microtransactions then PlayStation bring out a games with some of the worst transactions we have ever seen!😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @Dark Mysteries one day you will realize the whole generation counts. Not yearly. Xbox has released 2 of their own since the generation started

    1. @1 last comeback Nope, you are wrong again! As digital foundry stated, the best versions are series x running with vrr, and the ps4 version running in back compat on the ps5, so you have no clue what you are talking about!

      Obviously the game is not optimized well because even if gamers eith high end pcs are having issues with the frame rate!

      So, again! Completly wrong!

    1. @Kenco although the «nerfing» of in game payouts for some races completely disgusts me, I have yet to have to pay for in game currency to advance in gt7.

      I have played quite a few hours (30ish) and my in game bank is constantly going up. So I don’t feel it brakes the game at all, but definitely have to grind a bit more now.

  2. In comparison to all of Sony’s consoles the PS4 is the weakest in terms of games diversity. If Sony doesn’t get some different types of games in it’s first party then it will be the same this generation with the PS5.

    1. @1 last comeback Obviously not if you are saying it’s Diversity. Halo, Gears, Forza, Shredders, 12 Minutes, Battletoads, & Tunic. All First Party Xbox and all different games.

      Sony Interactive games are all over the shoulder 3rd person cinematic button correspondence with 4hr cutscenes. With the exception of GT7 which has the highest transactions in gaming history. 😏

    2. Stop talking bullocks. The ps4 has a huge library of games that easily covers every gaming genre. Do you even realise just how ridiculous you sound saying that!? I should know cause I own a huge ps4 gaming library & it eclipses the entire 2964 games available on the xboxone. Seriously go educate yourself properly, all you’re currently doing is embarrassing yourself for the whole world 2 see!

    1. Thank god you are educated enough to understand the nonsense crap gamer is spreading in his fanboy videos! I own both ps5 & series x & I am under no false illusions that its Sony who is in the lead globally by a huge amount not MS. 😁👊🙏

    2. @AWESOME BOB GAMING Well I game on every platform not just console. So you are clueless if you think PlayStations 3 to 5 Exclusives per year that you can only play on the PS5 is enough for them to keep their market share. You’re stuck in the past!!! Sony Studios is not the developer it use to be. Now everything is copy and paste 3rd person over the shoulder camera with 4 hrs of cutscenes and button 🔘 correspondence. That FORMULA I’m more tired than idiot fangirls like you defending that 🗑️ TRASH!!! I don’t want to eat the same food every night so why would I want to play the same game? NO SONY STUDIOS INTERACTIVE DIVERSITY!!! There are numerous 3rd party developers that make games on par with Sony Studios these days AND BETTER!!!

      No Ecosystem

      No Services

      No Perks

      No Benefits for their gamers

      No REAL games that I can’t play elsewhere.


      *Deal with it!!!*

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