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The end of the year provides a fantastic opportunity to reflect on many things. Today, we reflect on the 2021 Xbox has enjoyed. From the exclusives to the booming Game Pass model, there is much to discuss compared to recent years for the company. They have games, they have great value, and they seem to have a bright future across hardware and software. Bring on 2022!

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Intro: 00:00 — 2:00
The Exclusives: 2:01 — 6:56
Game Pass Movement: 6:57 — 11:39
2022 And Beyond: 11:40 — 13:41
xCloud Growth: 13:42 — 15:39
Conclusion: 15:40 — 17:31

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  1. The Series X and Game Pass brought me back to the brand after skipping Xbox for the 8th generation. I, like so many others, was disgusted by the Xbox One reveal, Don Mattrick’s answers to questions, and the whole fiasco that was that period of time for Microsoft’s gaming efforts.

    Don’t get me wrong, I heavily enjoy PlayStation gaming but I am no blind zealot. Xbox is clearly back and I expect as we get into this generation proper, it will be a force to be reckoned with. Very happy to have both a Series X and PS5. With meaningful competition back on the menu, gaming’s future looks genuinely bright.

  2. Brandon Sanderson is making a video game, new IP, and it’s by a company we would know but not the first two we would expect. That’s rules out CD PR and BioWare. But Obsidian…Brandon Sanderson…man that would be an insane match…

  3. ATTENTION ALART 📢📢📢📢📢📢You think you have problems now??????????????? Wait until 2022 you will Xbox exclusives only Scorn, redfall, crossfires x if not the very end of this year, shredders, warhammer darktides , stalker 2, bright memory infinite, excomecha, the last night, starfield. Crazy I might miss some but damn

  4. 7:53 I disagreed then and I still disagree now. Microsoft is not responsible for the polish of other people’s game. Unless you are advocating for Microsoft to pay for third-party developers work to sure make their games are working properly which I adamantly disagree because it’s not an exclusive game and Microsoft is already paying them to put on gamepads they shouldn’t have to pay them for them to do their own job they’re already getting paid by their own publisher.

  5. It’s not Xbox’s job to “currate” GamePass. Not all games are for all people, it’s their jobs to bring games to the service, some will be great, some wont. But again, not all games are for all people. As a gamer game pass saves you money and if a game isn’t good then it will fail and you didn’t spend money on it.

  6. I completed 46 games and reached 100K gamerscore this year thanks to Game Pass. It’s truly changed the way I approach and play, and I couldn’t be happier!

  7. Funny enough, I think AOE4’s reputation among fans of the series has only gone up in time. You’ve still got your doubters and AOE2 purists or whatever, but by and large, there’s a ton of enthusiasm for the game from all corners of RTS and people really seem to be enjoying how it’s evolving. It’s definitely still got a lot of issues, but (much like halo), the fact that people are more than happy to keep barreling through those issues is proof that that there’s a real core of fun.

  8. I’d have to agree I don’t like all Xbox did but it’s defiantly a path forward. I love game pass for what it is but it’s just not for me really. If only I can get the Xbox series x I will but they really need to do a better job of getting them out so I can upgrade at this point.

  9. Since I’ve had the SX from launch, I’ve played so many games on game pass.

    Some of the ones that hooked me are:
    Dead cells
    Forza Horizon 4/5
    Halo infinite
    Psyconauts 2
    Destiny 2
    Doom eternal
    Back for Blood
    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Nier automata
    Rage 2

  10. Gamepass also helped redeem some games that didn’t really have what the gaming community wanted or weren’t well recieved, they removed/fixed them, then gamepass made it easy for people that already had the service to revisit those games without the $60-$70 price tag for a full game that will give them buyers regret.

  11. I dont think it takes two was day one. I remember wanting to buy it when it was on sale but didn’t and then immediately downloaded it when it became available

  12. I feel like people are starting to expect way to much out of Gamepass 🤷‍♂️I’d never say no to more content but honestly Xbox is already offering incredible value with great quality and we can’t expect every massive 3rd party AAA and Indies day one plus be saying they should all be perfect masterpieces with flawless quality. Gamepass gave players $6,300 of newly added games alone. Factor in the existing titles, EAplay,PC gaming, Xbox Live Gold(4free games a month),Xcloud all for $15 a month

  13. I still use my ps5 more because of final fantasy, but I completely agree xbox did an awesome job this year! Really looking forward for 2022.

  14. For controllers allways is the best that what is in box with consoles any customization is not smart to adjust we are playing more than 23 years tried sometimes but it what is in box tested and same for all is the best and then they must to give us above average quality never jumping on custom solutions even if it’s free

  15. Xbox has really impressed. That’s not to say they’ve by any means turned this ship around entirely, at least not to my taste. I’m quite confident in their first party studios. But they need to fix the JRPG situation. Something that’s quite surprising since they could pretty much just throw money at the problem. Perhaps they see that as a last resort. It seems they’ve established a good relationship with Bandai Namco though. That’s fantastic, since I loved both Tales of Arise and Scarlet Nexus. Now if they only could crack the nuts that are Atlus and Square Enix. Perhaps even surprise us with Falcom. I know Phil want Persona and I suspect both he and Sarah Bond see that JRPG is a genre they need to level the playing field even further. It would be a huge win, not only for the eco system itself (imagine if they brought Persona to both Xbox, PC and Cloud), but also to make Game Pass even more attractive.

  16. Xbox turned everything around in 2017 with the Xbox one X ! Everything is going well for Microsoft and the one x still hold up against next gen consoles if you can’t get a series x or ps5 and graphics wise wipe’s the floor on the series s graphics

    1. The Xbox one X is less powerful than the series s dude do a Google search and people have compared them both it doesn’t wipe the floor with it at all lol

  17. I’ve been a playstation fan since the ps2. Never had anything against Xbox. It’s a fantastic system. In fact most of my friends have Xbox. Playstation has always had more of the games I wanted to play. Never felt like I was missing out on anything. However this generation has me thinking maybe I should of done a little more research before I bought the ps5. Stanfield,Avowed, Skyrim. Im sure there’s more. I even feel like Microsoft has been treating there community better than Sony. I’m truly happy for you guys. Damn it! How do I explain to my wife I think I need another system

  18. Psychonauts 2 is my game of the year, most the big name games are going to want to make their sells before going to gamepass, or Microsoft would have to cover their expected sells, and they make the deals before the games are done and don’t have the power to tell them to delay it so they would either pay them for their game and it not be on game pass or just go ahead and put it in at launch.

  19. Game Pass Game Pass Game Pass
    How about some gameplay reveals and game releases. It’s been a hot minute since anything other than Halo, Gears of War, and Forza have released…..

  20. Gamepass will have a deleterious effect on the game industry and third parties in the long run. I refuse to support such a thing. I won’t purchase games that are day 1 gamepass and I won’t pay for gamepass, so I suppose there are a fair number of games that I won’t get to play. But that’s fine. xcloud is the devil. I refuse to pay for things I can never possess.

  21. I had GP on my one s for about a year then was lucky enough to find a seres x bundle in April and GP just kept getting better with a wider variety great year excited to see what’s next

  22. Game pass has saved me so much money this year! I’ve played so many games, if this was around when I was a kid I wouldn’t have had to sell most of my collection over the years to buy new games. I have tried so many new genres that I never would have imagined I would like. One of the biggest shocks is that I am addicted to the Yakuza games! Now that 1/2 and 0 are leaving game pass I will be picking them up over the Christmas break. I have bought games throughout the year whether they left game pass and I needed to but them in order to keep playing, or they were on sale and I got a deal on a physical copy. Or just random backwards compatible games that I never got to play over the years. So anyone that tells you “Xbox has no games” or “Xbox gamers don’t buy games” is fooling themselves

  23. Yakuza like a dragon was a great game that I would have never Played if not for game pass , same with outriders I liked it but would have never bought it or played it if not for game pass.

  24. Xbox 2021 started out slow. Second half really started picking up. Next year will be better on the backend partially due to scorn being pushed back to October. There’s still unannounced games releasing next year. Also the elder scrolls 6 could be a launch title for the next gen xbox. That will sell a lot of consoles by itself.

  25. I think STALKER2 is going to be one of the best examples of a game that definitely sells more copies because it’s in Game Pass.
    These exploration heavy First Person RPG style games sink their teeth in deep when someone starts playing, my bet is 90% of the people who play STALKER2 for more than 10 hours will buy the game after.

  26. Ngl my highlights of the year were some of the Xbox exclusive indies like Sable, (originally) Death’s Door, The Gunk, (originally) The Wild At Heart, Moonglow Bay and Echo Generation

  27. …after watching the Xbox documentary I realized the deep sentimental value the brand has to me…I was in tears at the end…7 plus years of isolation in Nigeria my only friend my brother and the original Xbox… Xbox will always have a place in my heart….I am an Xbot….

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