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After that Nintendo Direct there was some conversations around how Microsoft should start to communicate upcoming releases to gamers with the idea of a Direct like show being created for Xbox.

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  1. How is this video’s concept and focus not already obvious to everyone, including Microsoft? Sony caught on to Nintendo’s Directs a long time ago so I just don’t understand why Microsoft hadn’t joined in much sooner as well.

  2. I think it would be a good idea if gameplay is the focus. I didn’t realize until now just how good Nintendo is about waiting to show a game until there is actual game to show

  3. Irrelevant annually boring E3, GC, TGS, game award & boring Nintendo direct conference who? Opps boring annual XPASS TRASH AS USUAL. & SNOOZE FEST AS. Usual aka GARBAGE HALO HALO HALO HALO HALO HALO HALO HALO ANYONE

  4. I definitely think Microsoft should hold directs! I’ve been bummed knowing E3 is dying, but each console maker holding multiple directs would be even better. Thanks for the uplift Spawn.

  5. I find it so odd that Nintendo is constantly behind the times on so many things in the gaming industry, but when it comes to live streaming events and announcements, they were the first ones to that party.

    1. Well with what’s going on with the industry with this obsession with live service games and nfts, some aspects I’m kinda glad Nintendo is behind on lol.

  6. Other than Nintendo, no one knows how to do Directs. They show up with CG trailers and that is boring as heck. Nintendo shows basically only games that will come up recently, and they show mostly gameplay. Let’s not forget how absolutely boring most of Game Awards is.

  7. Xbox is just holding back so hard 🤣 everyone dunking on them, they’re reassuring the fact that CoD will still be multiplat, they’re just pulling that one hard punch

  8. After watching so many directs and State of Plays, I think the key issue is not just having something to show, but having something that will be out relatively soon. Obviously you can have your big shockers, but even those are reserved for e3. Just look at the latest direct, most of that stuff will be out in 6 months. Compare that to Sony showing off Deathloop for over a year and Sifu showing up and then announcing it’s delay in it’s second appearance. It’s just not exciting to see a teaser of something that we won’t get to play any time soon.

  9. Usually I just watch Nintendo Directs since it’s the only console I have, but most of the games that they present there aren’t of my interest. Even then, I do enjoy the presentations because of how well they are usually made. I wish the other companies followed better that format, so even if I’m not that interested in, for example, Xbox games, I could still enjoy just watching a nice presentation.

  10. I prefer having E3, when a lot of big news and showings come out at one time. Back in 2020, the major publishers did scattered showings, and it just didn’t work. There was no excitement around any of it. We need one date with everything we can get. We need that build up to E3. We need the excitement. That’s part of the show, and it’s part of what makes being a fan of gaming so fun. When Nintendo stopped doing stage shows and switched to pre-taped Directs, E3 lost something. When Sony didn’t show up, E3 lost something. We really need the major players to come together and show their stuff at the same time. Otherwise, we all lose something.

  11. The main reason why Sony’s State of Play cant get off is another pointview for MS.

    State of Play feels like a bland commercial that has no soul. Also filled with CGI trailers.

    Nintendo Directs are filled with actual gameplays and concrete dates of launch period. Also they have well known people in Nintendo who are not like corporate PRs and actual gamers. Iwata san was a well loved man because he communicates like they are not your usual corporate honchos. Succeding Nintendo presenters are like Iwata.

    Phil Spencer needs to model himself like Iwata san for this to even work or they will fail like State of Play.

    1. The ol heart of a gamer speech.
      On my business card it says I am CEO of Nintendo, in my mind I am a programmer but in my heart I am a gamer.

      Iwata understood how to talk to each stakeholder as they should be. Gamers (ie the customers) are an important stakeholder as well.
      Iwata was not perfect and was not the business man that Furakawa is. Still his Direct and Iwata Asks blueprint was amazing and Microsoft need to understand this.
      The directs work because it feels like a gamer talking to a gamer. Not a CEO trying to sell his wares to a bunches of facelsss wallets. (ie people who are only valued for their purchasing power)

  12. It’s weird to see the Nintendo Direct considered an exemple to follow when they’ve not so far ago been silent for 531 straight days.

    1. That is false. Not true.
      Nintendo had game announcements, single game directs and indie world directs during that time frame.
      Just because you did not get the exact type of direct you wanted in those 531 days, it does not mean there were no directs.

  13. These mini presentations are so lame. I’m going to miss E3. Sure, there were some stinkers, but a prerecorded presentation will never capture the energy of Sony’s 2016 E3 conference

  14. I wish when they did any of these Directs, they flashed up on the screen if the games are coming out as Physical and Download or Download only. As a games collector it’s handy to know what games I need to source physical copies for.

  15. An old Microsoft team named direct x invented the original Xbox
    Okay there’s your answer so it’s Nintendo that took the name from Xbox

  16. I love the direct format. They focus on gameplay for games in the short term. Maybe something unique for something in the midterm and a quick tease of thing in the long term. And every (roughly) 4ish months the games tend to move in the pipeline. So get tease few months later, reinforce with some unique setting or mechanic and finally when it’s close to coming out, a full gameplay dive. It’s awesome!

  17. Technically they do have a direct-type presentation called Inside Xbox but is usually with hosts having conversations about new announcements and save the biggest announcements for E3 but if they can give presentations with a good amount of games to show from time to time, I’ll take it

    1. that’s literally NOT a direct though. A direct isn’t just «we’re here to talk to you for 2hrs with behind the scenes.» it’s more of a direct showing of news/feed without the fluff conversation that everyone just pee-breaks to anyways.

  18. I remember alot of people especially YouTube content creators making fun of Nintendo Directs as a concept. I remember Nintendo getting trashed because they backed out of having a traditional E3 showcase…. Its come full circle and its honestly time every company worth a damn have its own events/directs.

  19. Irrelevant losers camps enslaved & embarrassing itself again. Boring broken same COD, HALO, GEARS, BF, Froza etc craps as usual. Via MICRO T & separate DLC ETC & UNFINISHED FLOP GAMES TOO.

  20. Microsoft should take the Sony appraoch when it comes to frequency. Maybe 2 State of Play like shows for smaller games with like one big annooucement then a annual huge PlayStation Showcase (Microsoft Experience idk) before the holidays.

  21. It’s funny how Nintendo can’t get online right even though Microsoft has a blueprint for solid online with Xbox live. Yet xbox can’t get their presentations right when Nintendo has literally given them the blueprint

  22. Microsoft doesn’t care about gaming. They just want to tear down all the walled gardens Sony, Nintendo and Apple have so they can force Game Pass onto everything with legislation. Consumers should have the option for a curated platform in the marketplace. Choice is always better. If I want an open platform I can choose Android or Windows. If I want a closed platform I should have that choice. I can’t stand Microsoft and Epic.

  23. I honestly would like to know where all those games are from those studios they bought during the Xbox one’s constant betas and early access games…where are the big triple A games that are not constant multiplayer games? Insomniac has been releasing games one after another…No wonder the wait till E3 is a big meme and joke on Twitter…I think Microsoft doesn’t know how to properly manage its studios.

  24. I actually appreciate when Xbox does E3 even though they didn’t have the best “meh-exclusives” but they had several great E3’s and the one with Keanu was probably their best. Now that they own Zenimax/Activision they could blow it out the water.

  25. Let Nintendo do Nintendo i think originality over everything. For Nintendo fans it works for PlayStation fans state of play works even though some of them have been a let down when they have a great exclusive In the works they do it justice.

  26. but what is the point of buying studios and not making games exclusive when other console can still play them. Might as well save up the 70b to do other things ??!! This is what I don’t understand.

  27. I honestly think Xbox is at a point where it feels pointless to be around except for gamepass and sadly I’m kinda tired of gamepass always being the excuse! I’d rather spend 70$ for 1 incredible 9/10 experience than 15$ a month for hundreds of just old, mid or new bad games! I remember the days when Xbox 360 exclusives blew my mind! Now I look at Xbox like it’s stadia

  28. Something else Nintendo does great with is posting the directs in the Switch News feed. For those who don’t super follow Nintendo, they still get that Direct advertised to them, exposing them to so many more games.

  29. I am pretty hyped about Starfield, but I’m pretty annoyed that Bethesda hasn’t shown any gameplay yet, which is a bad sign. When a game doesn’t get shown off until like a few months before launch, it’s worrying.

  30. Nintendo has their thing, Sony has their thing, and Microsoft has their thing. I don’t feel a need for them to be alike. Plus, seeing as how Sony and Xbox are kickin’ Mario’s butt all day long, I don’t see a need for them to copy any Nintendo strategy.

  31. You should talk (or maybe not talk). You do daily news videos and sometimes drone on and on about some kinda niche Japanese game. Then you do a weekly 2 — 3 hour podcast. Maybe you should cut down the length of your daily videos by 25 — 50% and do a one hour podcast.

  32. Microsoft did have a similar showing for their Series consoles once before. Granted, the gameplay was limited to what was in the trailers, but it was mostly one game after another.

  33. MS needs to boost their marketing. Now they are just setting themselves up as a B-tier company just having random gamepass drops. Which are OK but they don’t have any reason why I should be 100% on their platform

  34. For Xbox to have a «Direct» presentation, they need to have a seal of quality like Nintendo.
    Nintendo Directs are always successful because they have hyped games to present.
    I wouldn’t care to watch an Xbox direct with low quality games like CrossfireX being presented. 🤷

  35. My only disappointment with the Nintendo Direct is that there was no *new 2D Donkey Kong* game announcement. Otherwise I’m excited for *Klonoa & Mario Strikers.*

  36. — Microsoft Direct
    — Gamepass Showcase
    I would watch this. I would want this. No fluff. No conversation. Just show me what you’re doing xbox. Let’s go!

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