The Xbox Series X Is About To Have A Wild Year | Paul Tassi | Forbes

In the wake of E3, it’s clear the window between November 2021 and 2022 is going to be one of the most impressive in the entire lifespan of the Xbox brand, if everything goes according to plan.

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87 ответов к «The Xbox Series X Is About To Have A Wild Year | Paul Tassi | Forbes»

  1. Halo multiplayer looks amazing. But alas I’m a halo and destiny player. And now that Microsoft owns Bethesda if there isn’t Spartan armor in starfield it’s a lost opportunity

    1. @De1usionsofGrandeur its not free though it’s same retail price but we can rent it for 10 dollars a month a long with the subcriptoon of gamepass. Let’s not lie about that false narrativ that gamepass is free and that you bought the license to play it you rented the license unlike buying the game.

    2. @Phinneus Prune Yeah, as the other guy said… I think the only reason Psychonauts 2 is coming to the PS4 is because Doublefine prolly wanted to honor their kickstarter promises?

      And which is why there won’t be a verson releasing for the PS5. So essentially, if you want the next-gen version of Psychonauts… its only on PC & XSX/XSS.

    1. @Yathish BL Will have to wait and see how Starfield, Fable, Avowed, and Perfect Dark turn out.

      And the gamepass model is scalable… So if it reaches 70Million ($10) monthly active users, it can probably pay for one God of War budget game per month. (Equivalent to 10 million $70 game sales each month).

  2. I have to apologize to Paul Tassi. I was critical of him on Destin’s Channel’s comment section when he laughed off the theory Starfield would release this year. He called it and said it won’t release until next Holiday season. I called into question his gaming knowledge and his bias to Sony …

    I would like this on the record … I apologize. I was wrong. You were right, Paul. I am an idiot.

    *Whether or not he cares. I feel better for having admitted I was wrong and I am sincerely apologizing. I will not question your gaming knowledge again. I eat humble pie.

    1. Huh you from Destin’s channel, i think. So because he said it wouldn’t release this year, you think he is biased to sony? Unless you notice a pattern that makes it obvious, i think thats a pretty weird conclusion to make.

    2. @Google Google No. I am not affiliated with Destin’s Channel. Talking about the comment section. Watch the videos. That wasn’t the only instance of Paul’s bias.

      He does a weekly 15 minute discussion with Destin. The Starfield thing was the final straw. For instance. Destine mentioned rumors Avalanche was making an exclusive for Microsoft. He said, «Highly doubt that would happen». And laughed it off saying that he just doesn’t see high profile studios making XBox exclusives. Claiming that it wouldn’t make much sense a developer would limit themselves like that.

      Fast forward 3 weeks …

      *I am not from Destin’s Channel. I have no affiliation to or with Destin’s channel. I was critical of Paul in the comments. As were a lot of people. And I know he read it because the next week he responded with, «Wow Destin. Your comment section was very critical of me last week»

  3. To say ms had no major releases for a long time is an subjective statement . Critics see the Sony model, which is overhyped almost 6 years before release. Trailers where shown years after years and frankly its always the same. But media will praise the same concept over and over forever. Sea of thieves is the most innovative ip who has the most success year after year and now having the collaboration with disney with a pirates life. This game was created with gamepass in mind. So media never understood the goal. Kinda similar to fortnite. No one gave a damn about the game when it launched. It was quirky, cartoony bad controls, but look at fortnite now. Its part of epic and free to play. Ori got more attention than any other indie all over the world. Gears 5 is the best looking game on current hardware til this day. Got features that not even pcs have on next gen. You sugarcoat it but if the games would not have released on pc too xbox had a much bigger state. But til xbox one x the console was poorly engineered and underpowered so people played on pc but also ms games. Very successful. Every pc with windows on it is part of xbox too. Never forget that. And pc gamers would not have bought a ps console if the games werent available there to play. Ps now is terrible. So the only way to play is to have a console. Ms eliminated that. Because it makes no sense for a pc player to buy a device that have lower power. Think about it. No one would do that. For me til 2016 i played on pc and knew nothing about xbox. I had ps3 and super nintendo and pc. But one day my pc was too weak to run the game and as an coincidence i saw the xbox one s with fifa and gamepass. And thats the day xbox changed my life. I am owner of series x , i have a xbox library of 1000 owned titles all attached to my series x ready to play , i use all my xbox controllers since beginning. All peripherals work, i had no replacements , i gave my cousin my one s, my niece one x , all devices work properly and we all can play together. With gamepass all have the same games available so coop is no problem. I dont care if a company have success. Ms is so big , i am not worried. I look at myself. And til the day i bought my one s i had never regreted my decision. I have my ps4 and a small pc for little indies on steam too. But xbox is my main platform for a reason. Not exclusives, everybody should play every game. But when bethesda said especially pete heinz to develop to only one ecosystem that will have the same tools and ps5 dont have it clearly, will lead to better games for the studio, i believe him, bethesda and xbox had an so long relationship it was inevital. Like insomniac and ps. My fear is they end up doing spiderman and ratchet games forever under sony. What a waste of talent. Franchises are nice, i like them but innovation and creativety is more important. Why so many AAA dev starting indie studios or working on indie titles? Doing new things. So no project like grounded, project mara or coalition next would ever exist if gamepass wouldnt exist. Thats the truth. Indie games would never trying to be so creative if [email protected] xbox wouldnt exist. Obsidian ninja theory inexile or double fine or compulsion would not be able to fund a new game or ship their curring game if the aquisitions did not happen. All this major points no media talk about. Partnerships, investment in the brand , full backing from ms for xbox. These are major changes. Proconsumer , inclusivity, xcloud ea play mp free with ultimate. And the pandemic. But with gamepass xbox got a steady revenue stream even in hard times and with no first party release. Think about that.

    1. What a long post about a piece of plastic. Gamepass is like Netflix. Netflix is always in the red. How many video rental places are still around? Think about that.

    1. @J Brink You’re an obvious pony, can’t take you seriously. I own a Series X, PS5, gamepass is saving me a fortune. The Series X feels more next gen due a larger library of optimised games, VRR, quick resume, Dolby Vision and faster game updates. The only thing the PS5 has over Series X is the controller, but that’s a moot point for me. I always turn off controller vibration because it messes up my aim.

    2. @Liquid J Gamepass is the most consumer friendly service in gaming mate. I also play games I would never have bought, have found some hidden gems.

    3. @J Brink You do know you can buy games on the XBox. Right? And you do know with Gamepass you get discounts on new games, right?

      And as an owner of both a PS5 and XSX … sales are much better on the XBox. Fact.

      *I have to be honest. You sound salty. Just saying.

    4. @J Brink «Game pass is like having Netflix filled with a bunch of content your already seen»

      …except, thats not why Netflix became so popular. And also not why Game Pass continues to grow its subscribers every few months.

      If all you see on Game Pass is old games you’ve already played, then:

      1. Congratulations.. you’ve somehow managed to play 99% of all games released from 2013-2020? Woh.
      2. Yer really not looking hard enough to find new games that drop on the service all the time.

  4. xbox will need to get as many consoles built so people can actually buy them easier, get xcloud completely switched over to SX chips, have the streaming sticks and apps ready for xcloud, have the games polished re polished and polished a little more and finally a couple big third party games that do a surprise visit to gamepass!
    I didnt even mention Robert stacks comment of «The ascent, pyschonauts, scorn, atomic heart, forza, halo, flight sim and back 4 blood» just some of the games coming to gamepass this year.

  5. This will be unpopular opinion but I think they should delay Halo Infinite to February.
    FH5 — November (fall)
    Halo Infinite — February (late Winter)
    Stalker 2 — April (spring)
    RedFall — Summer
    Starfield (holiday)

    1. @maizeman90 or maybe Call of Duty or Far Cry 6 one of those could be delay. August — December is crowded with huge games from Madden to, Rainbow Six Extraction, Halo Infinite and Dying Light 2.

  6. You Xbox fans are crazy as someone who owns both consoles Sony dominates and they always have except for when the 360 was out that system was amazing even with the red ring of death.

  7. Microsoft flight simulator ✈is in a couple of weeks just so many great games coming for Xbox all year and every year after great times for gamers

  8. I’m pretty sure forza motorsport 8 will come in 2022 also… Stalker 2, redfall, forza motorsport 8 and starfield day one on my gamepass 😱😱😱😱

    1. Not to mention that the timed exclusivity of Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo will have expired as well. Game Pass subscribers will be eating good.

    1. This should be fun, I haven’t played halo online in like 10 years… This is going to be bad online lol, can’t wait though, pretty excited for this game.

  9. Despite the hyperbole around Halo among core Halo fans, the fact remains that critically there has yet to be a mainline Halo that has outright reviewed terribly. I don’t expect this to change with Halo: Infinite.

  10. I consider myself on the playstation side. I had an xbox 360 in that gen but did ps4 for the whole of that cycle. I have a ps5 and love it. its not without its kinks of course. Last week I brought an xbox series x thanks to that e3 presentation and have done nothing but play countless games on it thanks to gamepass. The console is perfect. Quick resume is so convenient! It been a joy to switch between games so fluently. Game Pass is a game changer. £70 a game this gen is hurting I won’t lie. When I wake up each day I wanna play the series X over the ps5. that’s how good I think it is. The year of xbox is this year. Phil Spencer was the best thing to happen and as a result they’ve produced one he’ll of a console!

    1. i own both and honestly, i play most of the time on series x, and use ps5 line 3 to 5 hours a week, but obviously ps5 will have a very good games late this year too, and the next one, but for what was shown i will keep using my series x most of the time for sure, amazing systems both, but for me, series x will have better games in a short period time.

  11. Hey FORBES….get this trending. Xbox makes an exclusive 3rd person open world ARPG Judge Dredd game in Mega City ! Or even a punisher game !

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