This made Xbox win

Is Xbox the best box?

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    1. Same here. The only thing keeping me on my ps5 is the nostalgia of being with sony for so long. My series X is amazing. i dont think you would be disappointed

  1. Another things you mentioned in the subscription category is Game Pass. This is a great advantage the Xbox has but I firmly believe if they’d have more exclusive quality games that distinguishes itself from its competitors then it would hold a lot more weight.

    1. @Cricis11700 Okay what else does Xbox have besides Halo Infinite (which isn’t better than The Master Chief Collection). Don’t name any multi platform games, games that haven’t released or any previous generation games, I’ll wait. We pay not to just enjoy our older game but also experience something new that we haven’t in the previous generation, and Xbox leaves much to be desired in that department. Also, I’m not saying it’s a bad console, read my comment first and understand why I wrote it before expressing to me that “I’m bugging” and stop being a fan boy because non of these companies care about you specifically, they just want your money.

    2. @OfferAnthems I will stay being their fan boy because

      if they want your Money

      than why is it soo cheap

      don`t worry


      £10.99 is not very much

      I think is it £16.99 for SONY

      Match Sony PS plus and PS now

      see how much it would cost you for 1 mouth for both

      PS NOW and PS PLUS


      don`t worry there is no companies wants you to waste your money

      Rockstar: Want this safe in your CEO office

      ME: Yes pls

      Paid $335,000 in GTA ONLINE

      Rockstar staff behide my back : He paid for it

  2. I love Xbox but Xbox gold has become a joke it has forced me 2 get game pass,I mean it was worth it but come on Microsoft get you’re shit together and give us better games with gold.

    1. Its cause they are throwing all their money at making gamepass better instead it also has over 31 one day one games locked in for this year so far

  3. thanks for your videos, I find they are not overly biased like some other you tubers, I understand your a xbox gamer mainly like myself, but need to ask the images you use on the start of these where do you get them from, I take it some may be concept artwork

  4. You can play prior Xbox games directly off of any external drive and the xbox architecture allows as many external drives as you can connect. If PS5 is like PS4, you can only connect one external drive. I have two SSDs and a 2tb hard drive connected to my Series S. Only optimized games need to be on velocity architecture storage. Also Cloud Gaming on the series S allows you to try everything without downloading and installing

    1. @Jacques de Villiers I transferred it over from my One X. I started with the 2TB hard drive and started collecting SDs when the load times got ridiculously long. The I got the S, I just hot swapped the hub. I also have the 1TB Velocity SSD. For a 500GB drive it really isn’t overkill. I had also bought the second SSD for my PS4 pro before I found it was limited to a single external drive.

  5. Microsoft does everything right and is very consumer friendly this gen. The Gamepass is the best Deal ever. I wont miss this present. I almost feel Bad for playstation but the Ponys remind me that Sony is just greedy and cheap. They are sabotaging themselves stupidly or they know their Fans are mindless sheep who buy anything. Even a controller feature you already bought. Lol

    1. Ya for me having owned both a ps4 and xbox last gen xbox made me want to jump into next gen right away while sony themselfs killed off all my interest about owning a ps5 as well

  6. My Sony Bravia x90j still does not support variable refresh rate as of Jan 1st. And the Dolby vision doesn’t work with my series x. Should’ve got a Samsung…. Anybody want to trade TV’s?

  7. When will we get full compatibility for 1440p at 120hz? Right now it’s either glitched or Microsoft only lets the Series x work with certain models.

  8. No mention of the adaptive controller from Microsoft? That’s a wonderful addition for people of all abilities (I know it’s from the Xbox one but still a big benefit over Sony)

  9. Keep up the great job ,love the videos and the humility, God bless happy new year brother from Tampa Florida.maybe do a video on links where to buy a series x .since last year still can’t find any in stock anywhere 😢

  10. Xbox is better and they proved it last year. I can not wait to see what this year is going to be like. I do want to get an Xbox Series X but looks like I have to wait till this Holiday Season or when Covid is over. where is the link for the Xbox Contest?

  11. There was supposed to be a link to have a chance to win an XBox series X??!! I have a One S currently. Would definitely like something since I couldn’t celebrate Christmas this year…

  12. Don’t see the link you mentioned to enter for a FREE Xbox Series X. Either that or it works only for US residents and you get pushed to Amazon if you’re Canadian or something else.

  13. Series S and PS5Digital are very different beasts aimed at very different markets. The PS5D is indeed more powerful in that it is a full PS5 but the two systems cannot really be compared as easuly as that.

    The XBS is, like the PS5D, a fully featured next gen console. Unlike the PS5D, however, the XBS is aimed at the casual market. It is not designed to run games at 4k60. Not least because TVs owned by its target market usually will NOT be capable of supporting that output. Why offer that possibility if it cannot be used?

    Instead, the XBS is $300. Cheap enough to be very affordable for the casual gamer who doesn’t care about having top tier graphics but simply wants next gen play. Cheap enough to be very affordable for those hardcore gamers who have a PS5 but want to pickup an XBox console as a second console for XBox games and exclusives. Cheap enough for those who want to pick up a second console for another room, or who want to give their kids a gaming system.

    Because it is cheap and 90% of the time will have no practical loss of resolution on a TV that could not display 4k anyway.

    The PS5D is a PS5…but it is $100 more than the XBS. Just $100 less than a full PS5. Why then would anyone buy it? Just $100 more gets you a full PS5. Or you can save $100 and buy an XBS. The market for PS5D is very confused…the hardcre gamer on a budget…and as a result, it isn’t really in demand.

    The PS5D is not a budget console, but it isn’t the premium PS5 either. It is more powerful than the XBS but less focussed to the needs of the casual market.

    The XBS is a far better console for that market, more targetted to its needs and paying $100 more for graphical power you cannot use is not great design.

    1. The PS5 digital is clearly in more demand considering I’ve never seen one on a shelf but I see Series S’s everywhere. Why would you limit yourself to what the Series S offers? Most people that I’ve talked to with the Series S are either just waiting until they can trade it in for a Series X or they bought it as a supplementary console. There’s a reason they’re readily available.

  14. They new xbox controller sucks the texture on the bottom sucks it makes my hands sweat even more and its not grippy at all and the controller feels like it delayed compared to the old controller so I like the old ones better

  15. In many cases the PS5 version of a game has a smaller install size. So the difference in SSD size isn’t that big of a deal. Look up the install sizes of the most popular games and see for yourself. Also the PS5 you have more options for storage so the prices will come down much faster vs the XB proprietary memory. I’m not saying either console is better than the other, but the things that get nitpicked are often trivial. It comes down to games at the end of the day and both consoles or even all three if you add the Nintendo have great exclusives

  16. So with the storage portion of this video, external storage exists for both consoles, seagate makes 1, 2 and 4 TB external storages for around 100$ which is a lot cheaper and just as easy as the chip, I bought a 2 TB for my Xbox one when I first got it and I still use it on my series X the options are out there and are available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc. It’s not just limited for Xbox either I have one for my PS4 which I bought for 100 as well

  17. Xbox need to upgrade the 360e with a proper browser.(EDGE)New TV apps. (like Disney + More streaming apps support ETC.) And add a emulator support without jailbreaking the console. Since xcloud is market to work on anything. Add that feature. In the mean time. Add masterchief collection support. Not every halo game should work. Just add halo 1 to 4 support. When u upgrade to the new xbox. You can play all the other halo like infinity and more. But once u purchase the xbox chief collection. At least add the games that supported on the 360 support before. Halo 1 to halo 4. If u a person who have a xbox one and a 360 console. U can have halo playing on both console with the chief collection bundle.
    But honestly adding the chief collection support for the 360 would be best. Because u can pay one price to buy all halo instead of buying them individual. Also my halo 3 and 4 disk got alot of scratches. And halo 2 don’t work without an original hardrive which is pricee. No other hardrive works. So paying one price for all halo would be the best idea for Microsoft. And since it alot of games. People can play on the 360 from either halo 1 to 4. And the newer console. Play the other halos. So more people can play. All with one main price.
    Thank u for reading to the end. Help spread the idea to xbox gamers and Microsoft to make this happen.

  18. I prefer PS, l got a PS5 Disk edition, I also have a Series S, I want all the console manufactures to do well, it is better for the industry and the consumer. I got the disk edition of the PS5 because I have physical PS games, but for Xbox all my games are digital so I got the Series S, I also PC game, I have Gamepass, I have PlayStation Plus, and PlayStation Now, I usually use PlayStation Now for the downloadable games, sometimes I do the game streaming on PlayStation Now and I have to say it works MUCH better than Stadia, Geforce streaming, and Steam Game Streaming, Honestly I have had much better streaming experience on PlayStation Now than any other Game Streaming service I have tried. I do hope that PlayStation’s new offering will be cheaper than getting PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now separately, even though I usually do buy both on CD Keys for much cheaper than getting them directly from PlayStation. My question is why would anyone be salty that one product sold more than another product, the only people who should care are stockholders and the CEO’s of the companies, and even they do not really care because competition is good for everyone it ensures that the consumer has the best possible product.

  19. this videos are wortless .The better console is the one that you have more fun playing , i dont think is about the individual specifications of each console, its about the one that fit your playstyle and the one that have the games you like to play 🙂

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