Unreal Engine 5 Running On Xbox Series X | Unreal Engine 5 Early Access Trailer| Unreal Engine 5 ps5

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Today we get a brand new look at Unreal Engine 5. For the first time, we see this new engine running on the Xbox Series X!


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  1. What do you all think about UE5 running on Xbox Series X? Did you believe this was only going to be on PS5? How is Xbox Series X running this with a slower SSD 🤔🤭let me know down below, I will be lurking!

    1. @kingmilwaukee

      Sources…. You know, what actually PROVES I know what I am talking about… And you don’t:


      Hard Forums discussion- SFS makes Xbox Compete with PS5 SSD speeds;

      Team Blur Games talks about How Sampler Feedback Streaming allows Xbox to easily keep up with PS5:

      *Direct Storage technology (Xbox Series X uses this, PS5 does not) and why it nulls PS5’s I/O 5.5GB/s rating:*

      The purpose for the next source, is to showcase how GPUDirect Storage (AKA RTX I/O) can scale, and this showcases high-level physics calculations for NASA.

      The above mentioned, and below demonstrated speeds, are not realistically what you can expect on PC or Xbox, but rather the massive difference (multiplier) in performance, is what you need to take note of:

      Additional Showcase; Nvidia GPUDirect Storage, calculating at a rate of over 160GB/s — *Recently renamed ‘RTX I/O’*

      The below list of sources are technical explanations, primarily of Nvidia, but Xbox/Microsoft has become a little more open about it, recently. Microsoft states that they will reveal specific performance numbers, soon.

      The reason I include these, is two-fold; one, to provide genuine breakdown of how exactly the technique and hardware/software solutions that Nvidia and Microsoft use, are comparable.

      This is to be expected, as Nvidia and Microsoft have basically been codesigning DirectX 12 Ultimate (A.K.A. DX12_2). Nvidia and AMD graphics card will be optomized for DX12_2, AMD will use it primarily, but Nvidia will have both RTX API, and DX12_2.

      Nvidia’s writeup of Direct Storage tech — reason for reference; Microsoft and Nvidia have been working closely on R&D for Next-Gen RDNA 2 features, and have collaborated in development of DirectX 12 Ultimate — *Recently renamed ‘RTX I/O’*:

      *Developer Blog breakdown — RTX I/O (AKA GPUDirect Storage) and Direct Storage API (Xbox and DirectX 12 Ultimate) is the same thing:*

      Revised Name, revealed breakdown of Nvidia’s Direct Storage Approach, and branding:

      Additional Video with instructor explaining GPUDirectStorage (Nvidia);

      Microsoft/Xbox Direct Storage:

      Additional Confirmation that RTX I/O and Direct Storage API are the same technologies;


      General sources:

      Technical Glossary:

      PC World Xbox Velocity Architecture.

      Direct X12 Ultimate:
      What is DX12 Ultimate? And why is it important?:

      AMD DX12 Ultimate

      Techquickie Video also explaining DX12 Ultimate;

      DirectX 12 Ultimate Developer’s Blog

      Digital Foundry; XBox Series X Technical Breakdown:
      *SSD Discussion begins at **14:20*

      Digital Foundry Hot Chips Breakdown (Xbox):

    2. @Dave Newman «The amazing Unreal Engine 5 tech demo that was recently broadcast has now been confirmed to work on both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. On May 13, a trailer was shown for the Unreal Engine 5 that was called Lumen in the Land of Nanite, which revealed the kinds of things that the engine can do when ran through the PlayStation 5’s hardware.»

      Source: The Gamer and a tweet from Tim Sweeney confirming it.

      *TimSweeneyEpic — The Unreal 5 engine demo was the culmination of years of discussions between Sony and Epic on future graphics and storage architectures.*

      *The Lumen and Nanites tech powering it will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X and will be awesome on both.*

      Just for your library of pony destroying facts 😘

  2. so there will be a lot of barren landscapes in future games. More seriously, very impressive demo again (altough I have to say that the recent demo with the australian landscape on Unreal engine 4 looked as good as this) but I wonder how games will look with different kind of scenarios, say with a lot of grass and tress (I’ve read that nanite isn’t particularly good for those things). Also, one of the most impressive parts of the demo on the ps5 was the ending with the character flying very fast in the canyon. This looked as good as this, but it was all quite slow. I wonder if it’s that the kind of limitation due to the slower ssd.

  3. It’s going to get ugly. Hopefully the new engine helps Sony with their framerate to resolution struggles. Otherwise games are going to perform even more different between these systems. Demos don’t tell a true story because they are pretty much like cutscenes. The real test is when a games is full of all the information and visuals required for people to play

    1. Unless one system is clearly much more powerful than the other, its really going to come down to the amount of work that the devs put into the visuals. In general, getting great visuals will take a lot of time and money. Sony is already planning to focus mainly on big budget games so you know their studios will spend a lot of time and money on the visuals.

    2. @Jermaine Stewart It sounds good but Microsoft’s architecture is better. Way too many features and implementation of new tech that will only get better. Having the same CPU and graphics power would have kept things close. They are already drifting apart and the true Next Gen games haven’t even harnessed the capabilities of the new tech. It’s only going to get worse without even using the new Unreal engine.

  4. Is demos like this that makes me mad that cyberpunk2077 was built on last gen lol could you imagine how amazing it could have been on UE5. Not sure if UE5 is capable of doing everything in the game but God lawrd its absolutely breath taking….now we just need to get a studio to do scalebound in UE5 and our lives will be complete lmao

    1. @Xyler exactly but could you imagine if they built it on UE5!! I really think that game should have been a next gen game with how much they wanted to do with it.

  5. Does this mean if a game is half way into development in UE4 it can just be ported over to UE5 and continue development with all of the new upgrades? 🤔

  6. Native 4k and WAYYYYY beter frame rates on the X id take that over blurry and possibly checkerboarded 1080p on the underpowered competition.

    1. @NexGenTek Yep, the rendering budget needed is just too high for native 4K to deliver it at a good frame rate for both. The upscaling technique UE5 uses improves performance 2,5x. So essentially, we will have near 4K quality with the rendering budget of 1080p.

    1. Not exactly ported over to SX wanna PC with as much time put into our like Sony paid epic for…… Get over it, if it was properly ported every bit of that demo would have ran as it did on ps5 or better on SX and PC…..pos5 isn’t magical😂

    1. @kingmilwaukee Explain why PS4 versions of games like The Last of Us, Spider-Man and Ghost of Tshushima had their load times drastically cut prior to the PS5 release. This should be good 😂

    2. @kingmilwaukee «Is there anything more frustrating than excitedly sitting down to play a game, only to find yourself staring at a loading screen for over a minute at a time? Luckily, PlayStation has taken this into consideration and has drastically cut the loading time with a new patch on PS4 games, including The Last of Us, Until Dawn, and God of War. In some games, the loading time has been cut up to 70%.The Last of Us has been receiving the most attention by far, going from an initial loading time of one minute and 30 seconds down to just 14 seconds. This might not sound like a huge difference, but if you watch the loading times patch comparison, you’ll see how drastic this actually is.While it’s awesome that some of our favorite titles are now easier to play, we have to wonder why PlayStation has decided to start making these updates now. It is rumored that, because of the PS5’s insanely fast loading times, many PS4 games are being updated for backwards compatibility on the PS5.»

      So yep, nothing special about Playstation’s SSD. Just the third party compression tech that Playstation are using.

      Go cry more about Playstation pulling the wool over your eyes again.

  7. Dee you and I both were saying that was nonsense that the XSX couldn’t run that demo. I’ve been telling ponies since it was shown that it was BS to think it couldn’t run on the superior HW!

    1. You mean every device on earth, Laptops, iPhones & Tablets have extra CUs ? Dedicated to Cloud ? They all foresaw the upcoming of Cloud Gaming ?
      Nope 🙂

      (CU = Compute Units, just in case)
      This is pure Computing Power.

      My old Windows 95, 333Mhz, 12Mo Ram computer could probably play full ray-traced Cyberpunk using Cloud Gaming.
      Play regardless of your device’s horse power, that’s the whole idea behind Cloud Gaming.

  8. Sony fans was talking about the actual demo.. the demo was made with the ls5 ssd in mind…. not the engine. 😆🤣

    If someone can recreated the demo on the sx then you will have a point.

  9. Technically Unreal 5 doesn’t run on any console. Games developed in Unreal 5 do, if compiled to do so. Unreal 5 is a game engine, development environment. It only runs on PC, where games are created.

  10. What I’m excited about is Temporal Super Resolution (TSR) that Epic showed off, which apparently AMD worked closely with Epic to create. Of course we haven’t seen very much of it in action, but the few frames that were released comparing 4K native to 1080P upscaled to 4K using TSR look pretty damn good. It bodes well for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

  11. You made a whole video about 5 seconds worth of slow pan footage running on Series X? Just giving you a hard time lol. Anyone with half a brain could tell you it would run fine on Series X. I think people were just talking about that specific end sequence in last year’s PS5 UE5 demo that was showing off the SSD. We don’t know what kind of i/o throughput that scene required but I’m sure the Series X could manage it easily. Both consoles will be pumping out great looking games.

    1. @Failed Pyromancer I’m not a pony, I own both a Series X and a PS5. I didn’t diss on the Xbox at all, do you have a reading comprehension problem?

    1. Wasn’t the first piece of ps5 footage a tech demo 🤔 damn what a sad state of affairs on Sony. They should just leave the console market at this point

  12. Epic really owes it to Microsoft to be honest. The first Epic game I played was Unreal Tournament on PC (Probably the most memorable game of mine) which I believe was what set them off. Microsoft owns Xbox so it’s no wonder the UE5 engine works on Series X.

  13. Dude, it’s not the SSD that’s double the speed of XSX. Quit pretending you have any clue what you’re talking about. It is the 12 channel DMA controller coupled with custom cache scrubbers. Without those, the SSD is exactly what any NVME drive on PC or Xbox is. Granted, it IS faster than what’s in Xbox, but the raw data transfer speed of the SSD is NOT WHAT ANYONE IS TALKING ABOUT when they say the word THROUGHPUT.

    Say it now: THROUGHPUT. Not SSD speed. These are not the same thing and no last-generation game engine has ever been designed with THROUGHPUT as a priority. Saying all PS5’s SSD does is offer faster loading is not incorrect, but you think the SSD is the advantage, when you are way off the mark.

    Also note: UE5 scales all the way down to freaking MOBILE DEVICES. Nobody ever said UE5 wouldn’t run on Xbox, so any implication of such is a lie. But you got a non dynamic, non playable little demo here on XSX versus a fully playable realtime scene on PS5, and I maintain that there is no way XSX can run the last portion of the PS5 UE5 demo without massive visible LODS. She moves so fast and the assets are higher quality than can fit into 16GB or RAM. Without THROUGHPUT via the DMA controller and its direct access with 6 priority levels to move that ultra high quality data that fast off the SSD and onto the screen, it is irrelevant whether the GPU can draw it, because it cannot receive the draw call in enough time.

    This crap is why people still live in la-la land on Xbox channels. Yes, UE5 runs on Xbox. Water is also wet. Fire is hot. The question is whether UE5 will run BETTER or even the same on Xbox. The answer is that in some scenarios maybe, but in others there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell.

    1. Delusional thoughts from pathetic pony island…… Get over it, if the demo was properly ported it would run as it did on ps5, on SX and PC or better…… Much better on PC😂

  14. This looks pretty incredible. We will see how it goes when controls, scripting and everything else involved in an actual game goes. I’m hoping this is reality for the future of gaming. I’m also wondering how these environments can be manipulated to work with physics and particle systems. Not to mention how AI scripting would work and a big open world like that.

  15. The truth is Sony released a half baked console with a supposedly super fast SSD and yet Xbox Series X still manages to beat them in load times 💀

    1. Xbox is faster at loading old games from last gen. The ps5 loads new current gen games developed with an ssd in mind in under 2 secs. But you can hang onto your false info as long as it takes to make you feel better about your console.

    2. @Jeahboy72 I have yet to see a single game from sony load in 2 sec. The only game that comes close is RE8, which loads in 4 sec not 2. And the only game I have seen that loads in 2 sec on any platform is Mass Effect Legendary Edition on XSX

  16. Dee… I love you and you’re content man… But how long have you been doing this for? Bruh. Get a decent cheap microphone, please. You want people to take you seriously while you use airpods for your mic? Come on brother.

  17. Why would anybody thinking unreal engine wouldn’t be on series x after Phil Spencer had to make it be known it was after epic showed the Sony demo 😂 and just no you won’t see any advantage on the series x this dude sending off a whole fanbase😂

  18. Tbh, with the xbox velocity architecture I dont think we have anything to worry about we have not seen what it can actually do yet and since Jason was super proud of it I would assume it’s really good. The rest of the console has been extremely well thought about and built it’s just a great gaming machine. So no worries from me.

  19. Only assist with load times…🤦🏻‍♂️
    This shows how much you know about tech🤣🤣🤣
    Asset streaming is the primarly reason for such an ssd tech, the load times are a benefit besides of that…
    And nobody said it would not run on a xsx, its about the specific flying scene that couldnt run on a xsx because of the amount of data that gets streamed during that scene… dont spred lies and bs dee…

    1. The amount of data is 768mb/s and the entire demo will work on the Series X as confirmed by Tim Sweeney.

      Who’s spreading lies now hypocrite? 😂😂😂

  20. I dont think anybody thought this was a ps5 exclusive . And yes it runs great on both systems anyone trying to tip it to either side? 🖕🖕 SSD and extra GPU /CPU does not put this over on any console . and he hasn’t been on because xbox currently doesn’t have shit . Surely you know his pattern by now .

    1. It hasn’t been shown on Xbox as the UE5 demo was licensed as exclusive to Playstation as part of the positive PR/Fortnite Crossplay deal between Epic and Playstation that was recently revealed in the court documents. Tim Sweeney literally confirmed the Series X can run it but they legally can’t show it due to this desperate deal from Playstation 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Playstation licensed the UE5 demo software as an «exclusive» so that the whole «this won’t work on Xbox» narrative could spin. Tim Sweeney admitted it in an interview and even eluded to a «deal» between the 2 companies for it at the same time as he tried to avoid confirming that it could run on the Series X. Stating «the Lumen and Nanites technology will be supported on Xbox consoles» instead of just saying the UE5 demo can indeed run on it.

    As it turns out the deal was positive PR for Playstation in exchange for Fortnite crossplay, as revealed in the court documents. So basically Epic have been over-praising the PS5 just to get something else they want. That’s pure desperation from Playstation.

    1. «The amazing Unreal Engine 5 tech demo that was recently broadcast has now been confirmed to work on both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. On May 13, a trailer was shown for the Unreal Engine 5 that was called Lumen in the Land of Nanite, which revealed the kinds of things that the engine can do when ran through the PlayStation 5’s hardware.»

      Source: The Gamer and a tweet from Tim Sweeney confirming it within the same article.

      *TimSweeneyEpic — The Unreal 5 engine demo was the culmination of years of discussions between Sony and Epic on future graphics and storage architectures.*

      *The Lumen and Nanites tech powering it will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X and will be awesome on both.*

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