Vigor Season 10.1 Review (Xbox Series X) (Xbox Series X, Season 10 Vengeance)

In today’s Vigor Xbox Stream we take a look at the new 10.1 Update and give our first impressions review.

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4 ответа к «Vigor Season 10.1 Review (Xbox Series X) (Xbox Series X, Season 10 Vengeance)»

    1. I didn’t find this game until the middle of season 9 but I really am enjoying it. I like 10.1 except for the snowball fights in elimination matches.They are a momentum killer. I would love to see a new elimination map.

    2. Hey buddy, been subscribed for a while. I’m thinking of starting my own gaming channel. Is there a way I could email you with some questions that I have? I do plan on doing Vigor content to start off with being that is what I play most nowadays.

  1. I’ve asked multiple people including vigor and there silence is deafening, so have you noticed the buff on raincoats health and damage dealt since the update? Maybe I’m imagining it but I keep getting one tapped by Thompson’s and grease guns and have to empty a mag from the bugle to kill them. At the same time I’m easily hanging and beating veteran players using good weapons, something is going on 🤔

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