Washed Up Comedian Turns PS5 Fanboy! «XBOX IS A MONOPOLY For Buying Activision Blizzard!»

A washed up comedian turns PS5 Fanboy over Xbox Buying Activision Blizzard claiming that Xbox is a monopoly / Microsoft is attempting to create a monopoly. Something that is blatantly false, also claiming that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is actually a bad thing for gaming, again something undeniably false so i decided to make a response video!

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0:00 Intro (Xbox Buys Activision Blizzard)
0:53 Washed Up Comedian Turns PS5 Fanboy!
16:18 Outro («XBOX IS A MONOPOLY!»)

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  2. This Sony Ponies be saying it’s a monopoly even though Microsoft is bearly hitting 3rd place in the gaming industry behind Sony and Tencent. 🤤

    Edit: Plus Microsoft is keeping current Activision properties multi plat which makes it less of a supposedly monopoly lol 😆

  3. Did you see the fake article being used by sony ponies that says xbox fans sent death threats to Phil Spencer about Activision games not being exclusive? From tweeting at the president and this fake article to make Xbox fans look like shitty people. What won’t Sony ponies stoop too?

  4. it’s what happens when you don’t have your writers to do the work for ya 🤦😂🤣

    besides doesn’t Sony use Microsoft for cloud? why would they want to sink what I imagine is a fairly lucrative deal?….never mind on that last bit should of watched to the end before commenting 🤦😂🤣

  5. Microsoft is defintely at a loss, to recoup the $70 Billion they paid for Activision alone, each of those 25 million game pass subscribers will need to stay subscribed for the next 233 years!!!

    But they will make their money back by selling the games on other systems, just like they do with Minecraft. All they want is to keep the games permanantly on their service, not lose them after a few months like whats happening now. I mean look what happened with Netflix and the Marvel shows THEY produced!

    1. I can’t stand YouTube experts who act like they know more than the fucking professionals who clearly know what they’re doing. You are not an accountant, lawyer, or anybody else who works at the top level of Microsoft/Xbox. So stop this bullshit like you know all of the financial details of their contracts, and you can determine what they can or can’t afford! It’s just a waste of time assuming and doing all of those generalized calculations for nothing. Microsoft/Xbox made this acquisition for a reason. they’re most likely thinking long-term when it comes to the future of their subscription service. This means they will definitely make some new games and IPs exclusive to their ecosystem to bring in new subscribers.

    2. Do you know that they won»t only put their games on GP? right?… They’ll also sell their games…

      To put it on perspective, Forza Horizon 5 had more than a million users before release, the only way to do so was through a special edition that gave you early access, that edition cost $70 or $80.

      PC has over 200 million users and, supposedly, xbox has around 100 million users, GP has 25 million. Right now, GP users represents the 8.3% of their own ecosystem, I don’t think MS depends of 233 years of only GP to recover their investment.

      Moreover, MS has talked about releasing some of those games on PS and Switch, that means around another 120 million to 230 million potential customers (depends if they release them only on PS5, or they also release them on PS4 and of course the PS5 users will grow eventually, while the PS4 will decline).

    3. It’s not even about making they’re money back, they’ve assentually just exchanged currency. They spent 70 bill and are now worth 70bill more. It’s pretty much an investment. It’s good to keep games multi plat either way. This generation would have sucked if Sony and Xbox made every multiplat exclsucive.

  6. Petition to just pretend these «MicroSoft is a monopoly» people don’t exist to save our brain-cells.
    Lets get to 1,000 signatures.

  7. Does Adam realize that people…can own more than one console? That Nintendo makes their own games and owns Pokemon? And his BS of ‘Microsoft can push everybody out and then make shitty games.’ He needs to read the fuck up on the video game crash of the 80s and what caused it.

  8. Microsoft is aware that it’s competition has moved from Sony and Nintendo, to Google, Meta, Apple, and Amazon, hence the acquisition (still in progress barring FTC intervention) of Activision Blizzard.

    And besides, gamepass has turned out to be a lot more profitable than originally anticipated at first glance despite its relatively reasonable $10 price point.

  9. Yakuza is my fave franchise now. Without Gamepass I wouldn’t have found the franchise. Also I now own 4 Yakuza games. Hmmm seems like the opposite of what braindead fanboys are saying. You see I found good games and decided to buy them.

  10. Sony ponys fanboys are the saddest gaming community overall tbh, always cry cry , oh no xbox buys activision, oh no xbox buys bethesda.

  11. Adam is a washed up comedian who tries to play off of play station fans being angry to get relevant again. I don’t think I heard a sing sound argument coming from him

  12. Actually, Financing options aren’t recouping the costs overtime.

    Microsoft partners with a financial institution. When you sign up, that institution pays Microsoft what it’s owed, the cost of the console plus Gamepass Ultimate for 2 years, and you pay the finance company back over the 2 years. Microsoft makes all the money upfront. You’re in agreement with the finance company to pay it back. If you don’t, Microsoft doesn’t lose money, the finance company goes after you.

    So even if you finance the console through the All-Access Deal, MS got paid.

  13. It’s incredible how big Playstation news channels like MBG and Saltiest Gaming agree with him and say «he’s spitting facts» just because in their mind «Xbots are triggered» and the MF doesn’t even know console manufacturers sell consoles on a loss and also show he doesn’t know anything about Playstation too. 10K+ subscriber news channel….. they need a different career path Jesus Christ.

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