Wasteland 3 — Welcome to Steeltown

Welcome to Steeltown!

The Rangers aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms, but what’s taking them to the towering factory complex of Steeltown, which keeps Colorado’s engines running? Find out in this narrative overview.

Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown is the first narrative expansion for the critically acclaimed Wasteland 3 from inXile entertainment.

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    1. Ya generally you need to pay for dlc which I am perfectly ok with I enjoyed the game on gamepass so I honestly have np paying for dlc to help support it

  1. This game was ruined for me with all the glitches at launch. That bad that I haven’t gone back to it. Shame, because I was enjoying it, until it constantly kept crashing.

  2. so looking forward to this! I’ve already gone through the game multiple times as it has bundles of replay appeal, but this will bring back that initial excitement!

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