When Is Xbox 2022 Games Releasing?

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Dear Xbox: When is Xbox 2022 Games Releasing @Destin

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72 ответа к «When Is Xbox 2022 Games Releasing?»

    1. @Lord XBoss I’m not gonna lie Sony is bringing it this year with horizon gt7 and God of war ragnorok and they have some crazy third party games from final fantasy to sifu to ghostwire Tokyo many more Xbox really only has one interesting game this year and maybe redfall.

    2. @Joshua KumarHeld back Cross-gen 🤷‍♂️just another Horizon 🤷‍♂️not a game a racing simulator DLC🤷‍♂️just another GOW 🤷‍♂️just another FinalFantasy 🤷‍♂️Ghostwire 1st party XBOX Game Studio game 🤷‍♂️Sifu just a Indie 🤷‍♂️ It all sounded good until you Keep That Same Energy 🤦

  1. I’m good I have too many games on Xbox so by the time I beat them? Xbox will be dropping exclusives back to back starting November 2022 and death loop should drop in September

    1. Yeah I have no games to play. Old games are old games. I want new games. New IPs. Stuff better then crossfire X. Halo and Forza only don’t cut it.

  2. I wish more Xbox youtubers were willing to highlight this problem. Xbox is not great at communicating or promoting upcoming games. I always ask Xbox twitter for release dates. Everyone else should too.

    1. That’s kinda a bad idea.

      I could see maybe a smaller or indie game. But most big games would get a big reveal or release date at an event. I don’t think they’d should rush out a uncertain date just because.

      I don’t remember the last time I could tweet at a studio or company asking for a date or gameplay, and they just drop it. It’s probably gonna be used for E3 (or some event if E3 gets cancelled)

    1. @T__uncensor Where did you play Flight Simulator, DeathsDoor, The Ascent, Age of Empires 4,MassEffect Legendary at 120fps, Psychonauts2 at 120fps 🤷‍♂️Hope you enjoy paying for MLB The Show 🤣 Forbidden West is a buggy mess that doesn’t even deserve the 88 Metacritic and you’ll be done with it by March 🤯

  3. Contrast was a PlayStation Plus PS4 launch title along with Resogun. I actually expected Microsoft to release games more frequently this year (especially with Bethesda), but it looks like a little longer before they hit their stride. Just know that when they do it will be amazing with how frequently they release games. Unfortunately we just have to deal with more dead zones for a while.

    1. @Roberto Marx pc is over priced atm, he can sell all the console and still the pc will be underpowered compared to ps5 and Xbox. Gpu is just too expensive

    2. @Roberto Marx
      I’ve always been a console guy, but I used to play on PC back in the day when you couldn’t get PC style games like point-and-click on console. I have everything I need with consoles but I’ll probably get a steam deck to play Old School PC games.

  4. I bet you Smoove Dealer (Fraud) Gaming would like to prove you wrong on this very issue and i get one can be a fan of a particular brand/console but that doesn’t mean they have 2B sniffing Phil’s Ass either to say otherwise.🤷🏽‍♂️#Call’em Out 😉👍🏽

  5. I’m playing my series x more than my ps5 even when sony drops there biggest game lol. Tbh If I had to choose starfield vs all the Sony games this year… I’d take starfield.

    1. And you are just lying, fanboyism will be nothing when MS put all their games on PlayStation dude, that’s whAt they want and it’s a smart move

    2. How you like starfield so much when you know nothing about it? That don’t add up. If you said halo or forza that makes sense but starfield come on stop the 🧢

    3. @Fernando Bayron They aren’t putting the games on Playstation except like Cod and Minecraft.

      Both companies are just putting games on PC.

    1. Exactly 🤷‍♂️ 40 day and date releases like Atomic Heart, SniperElite5, Shredders, Warhammer, MLB 2022. They added MassEffect Legendary, Hitman Trilogy, ItTakesTwo, DeathsDoor, Rainbow6Extraction etc..

    2. @Roberto Marx 🤷‍♂️Sonys year is over in the first 4months just like last year 🤣 No Gamepass to keep Ponys going just Twitter. Forbidden West is a buggy mess

    1. Exactly the backlog is massive XBOX Gamepass just added MassEffect Legendary, Hitman Trilogy, ItTakesTwo, DeathsDoor, Rainbow6Extraction in January 🤷‍♂️ Already confirmed 40 Day and Date releases like Atomic Heart, SniperElite5, Shredders, Warhammer etc…

    1. @Robert Tugadi OH no 😢 sales numbers that don’t affect me in the least 🤷‍♂️ how many copies are you buying and playing 🤣 who gives a shit Fanboy? Let me know the player counts a month after release 👍 Zero with a bullet like every other Sony one and done

  6. Why does it matter? You know damn well if they give a release date an then have to delay it everyone of you youtubers are gonna make your videos dumping on Xbox cause a game is being delayed. Xbox isnt stupid they no better than to give a release date to early. Love your content just giving my opinion

    1. That’s kinda the boat I’m in. It’s good to get info, but it would be kinda dumb to act like they have a concrete release dates, just for certain games to get delayed. Probably by the summertime is when they’re going to have concrete dates for the games releasing in the later half of the year or early next year.

  7. Great videos Kid, good thing am not the only one this page, Xbox needs to fix this problem with lack of games we know they have titles on the works but for when well they release 🤷‍♂ by the way i see it were ookin at 2025 or 2026 when Xbox finally starts dropping games.

    1. That’s a way off estimate. There’s some games releasing at the end of this year, and then probably 2023 and 2024 is when some of the games come out.

  8. Just imagine if Starfield gets delayed?. Microsoft needs to release more games. They will probably announce some third party AAA games on Game Pass to carry them until these big first party titles release

    1. Yeah pretty much it’s seems. We know the deal. People already said that Xbox need to in between Nintendo direct style event where they show off certain games to get out info.

      But it’s kind of obvious they’re not going to release release dates for some other big games on a random Tuesday or Saturday. They’re going to save it for E3. Same thing as last year.

      People see Returnal and Ratchet & Clank drop and start getting worried. But E3 comes around and they’re given release dates for two big holiday games, a few indie interviews and gameplay, etc.

      So people acting surprised just seems like it’s for clicks. You gotta ask for a smaller event.

  9. More proof that «G*me p*ss is the best thing in gaming!» is no more than a delusion. If it were, this wouldn’t be a concern. Realistically, it’s hugely overhyped and is used as a coping mechanism.
    It’s good to see this question being asked. Bots have been placed in a loop for a decade, being told to wait and then trapped talking about a future that never arrives.

  10. Relax Smoove, we learned this last year.
    May- Halo Infinite big Season 2 relaunch
    June-Massive Xbox E3 replacement show. Finally Gameplay for Redfall,Starfield Stalker, Coalition game,Indiana Jones, Hellblade 2,Avowed , Zenimax Online game

    June through Dec-Warhammer, Forza Motorsport, Starfield, Deathloop, Redfall, Stalker release

    Dec Game Awards-Fable, State of Decay 3, New ID game

    Everything coming to Gamepass Day 1.

    Don’t forget last year, nobody took xbox seriously until after that E3 last year and they finished up quite strongly.

    Sony will come hard too, but so far the second half if year we only know about God of War

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