Why Digital Games? | Official Xbox Walkthrough

Digital provides you with a convenient, safe, and easy experience to find, purchase, install, and play your games.

In this video Cody Bird, Principal Program Manager, will show you how to get the most out of your digital games.

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110 ответов к «Why Digital Games? | Official Xbox Walkthrough»

    1. Quick question. How does Quick Resume work with more than one account? Can I have the same game open twice, one in each profile?

  1. Great video. One of the reasons i got Xbox Series S was it was cheap and digital only. I rarely buy physical media anyway, so it was the best choice.

  2. Xbox or community tell me why, that back in the day for Xbox one u used to see your game play in background while your on home, & now u can’t x/

  3. I would be very interested in transfering my physical game to digital by associating them to my Xbox account. Cause with all the change coming, I always feel restricted with the digital only consoles for exemple. Had to go Series X

    1. True. I want play my Xbox at my grandma house with remote play but i didn’t have the disc inside the console to play. So i ad to play other digital game i own.

    1. True but I see why they do it. When I got my XSX it was really nice to be able to have everything setup on it just by logging in. All my settings, my desktop, groups, etc. Plus I already moved all my games to an external hard drive so I could play right away.

    2. @yourissues That’s really convenient and all, but there should still be an option to do it offline. With all their talk about preserving old games through back compat, you’d think they would be all for preserving the system itself.

    1. @Rayyan Amir and? You want drm free back compatible games without important updates & if it crashes on your machine or isn’t playable you’ll be the first one to complain

    1. @Mike M those are extra cost to the games, don’t you think charges should be added to initial price of game instead of reducing that from digital. they’ll only make physical games more expensive by those cost

  4. I would switch over to digital but I have too many physical copies from my 15+ years of collecting. I won’t spend $60 digital on Black ops 2 since I got it physical for $10 five years ago. Like please have some kind of buyback program to switch my physical games over

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