Xbox Activision «Monopoly» | PlayStation Buys Bungie | Future Xbox & PS5 Acquisitions — TXT 204

The Xbox Two Podcast is back and this week Rand & Jez will be talking about the Xbox Activision Blizzard Monopoly, PlayStation buys Bungie, Phil Spencer is honored, future Xbox and PS5 acquisitions, GTA 6 is announced and so much more!!

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62 ответа к «Xbox Activision «Monopoly» | PlayStation Buys Bungie | Future Xbox & PS5 Acquisitions — TXT 204»

  1. How about gamers stop paying the monopoly talk any mind. There are over 600 publishers and 2500 developers in the United States alone. None of the big 3 are even close to a monopoly, or any sort of regulatory problems at this point. Is it high performing content, I don’t understand why it’s still a conversation. The only reason Phil had to comment on it is because of how much misinformation there is. A lot of it starting in video game podcasts.

  2. Timestamps

    Halo Tv Show 1:14:40
    Rocksteady Suicide Squad Game Delay 1:19:28
    PlayStation Acquires Bungie/ Acquisitions talks 1:39:28
    Phil Spencer wins award & Nfts fail talk 2:36:04

    Another week of Xbox two podcast done, I usually do this Timestamps @ 5 am my time so apologies if any mistakes as show has many Super Chat $$ questions vs other podcast which makes it 10x times harder to post so Ty.

    1. You should be paid. Not a lot. But something. This is wayyyyy too long for no timestamps and you doing this is integral to my listening.

      Pay this man!

  3. Why is the general perception sony is good Microsoft is evil its ludicrous.
    I hope Microsoft buy EA and ubisoft too 😂 ponies would meltdown

    1. @UnRuleD Grizz can’t lol they already being investigated for monopoly so after that aquisition it’ll be hard for them to purchase more like disney

    2. @Fabolous Jada another stupid pony comment just because he was there doesn’t mean he had a say in things
      He took over the Xbox one gen and they have gone from strength to strength he gave us game pass the guys a gamer and a legend

  4. For games I want to see: it’s more Platformers (Banjo, Conquer, Crash, Spiro) more 3rd Person open world games (not Ubisoft style more Zelda or God of War style), and basically everything that Namco Bandai makes (Flight Simulator + Ace Combat? and Anime Style games like DBZ, Tales of, Genshin and Dark Souls), and why not just get FromSoftware as well so the IP and the Devs are finally united. If Xbox wants a mobile publisher they should go for Take Two + Zynga, because EA + Playdemic + Glu has had serious problems for over a decade but Take Two’s problems are all related to a Bethesda level pumping of their value.

  5. Blaming Covid-19 for delays is such a BS excuse now. All these people have the fancy magic flu vaccine and wear mask so they can’t possibly get the fancy flu. In 343 case they are just the worst AAA studio on the planet.

  6. Very interesting time to be a gamer though I can see why some gamers don’t like the changes but as a ps5 owner I also have gamepass on my Pc and having recently just played the first halo game campaign and enjoyed it.
    The content war has started and no longer needing both consoles makes things way cheaper too only terrible thing is my backlog of games is shocking and will keep growing

  7. There is literally nothing wrong with Cortana. More gamer whining because a character doesn’t look EXACTLY the way they did in the video game

  8. I feel like Starfield should be 60 fps standard. Although with Creation 2.0, I can see them going 30 frames with the sheer amount of stuff they have to make interactive and such. I’m sure the footage we saw was from a cutscene, but, it looked really freaking good. I’m a longtime Bethesda Stan, so it doesn’t matter, I’ll still be playing the hell out of it.

    1. Just do a 60 and turn the visuals way down for people who will cry if there’s no option then make their gorgeous vision come to life at a solid 30 if that’s what they want.

  9. Totally agree with Jez on the Ubisoftication of open world games. Tried out Farcry 6, and was not particularly sucked in like I was with Halo.

  10. Halo tv show looks great except Cortana is meh…Sony overpaid for bungie…and actually forgot about suicide squad (even though I was excited about it)

  11. Microsoft will buy/merge Sony games and Sega, the fight is against Google and Amazon «shadow backed» by tensent… Meanwhile Nintendo reveals the new «Nintendo Switzerland» cause they don’t want to have a horse in this race 🤣

  12. Agree with Rand about Cortana. Also thought she looked weird in the trailer. Awful facial expression, looking like a snarky teenager. I was disgusted, poor Cortana.

  13. I mean, we’ve been telling that if Sony would buy a dev / publisher, there would be no discussion, of course games would be exclusive to PS, so now saying you are not surprised Destiny and future games will remain multiplatform is a little bit disingenuous me thinks…

  14. They need a sports wing, so buy EA after Acti/Bliz. Even keep the sports games as multiplat but with exclusive features and XP etc. Also get Respawn with them

  15. Who cares. Bungie has literally never made a good game. Halo CE was trash. Some liked Halo 2 campaign, but most love that game for the multi-player that bungie DIDN’T make (Blur did), Halo 3 was OK, and dollar for dollar, destiny is the worst game ever made. Sony loves owning junk.

    Sony overpaid by 3 billion dollars.

  16. I would honestly overspend and try and get just Netherealm and Arc System from their owners. Netherwalm can focus on Mk and Ki and Arc can focus on GUILTY Gear and a new Xbox crossover 2 fighter in the same vein as Marvel vs Capcom 2.

  17. I THINK what happened with Rocksteady — they were rumored to be working on a Superman game for a while and it got scrapped. My guess is after the box office success of the Suicide Squad movie in 2016, (and the Superman movies losing momentum) WB looked ahead and made them shift to Suicide Squad instead. So they were years behind already, then covid, now spacing out to avoid crowding with Arkham Knights in the Fall. Great studio but WB probably to blame.

  18. If MS bought Bungie, I would just want it on gamepass. I almost think Halo MCC and halo infinite multiplayer should get put on PS. Would be a huge net +

  19. I believe Xbox will get WB and Capcom next 💚
    They need IP in the superhero/ Fighting genre and a Japanese industry

    If not hopefully just buy a single developer like Crystal Dynamics, Netherrealm, From Software or Game Science!! ❤️‍🔥

  20. The Halo TV show is going to be the most crap ever created Cortana looks like she died came back and then died again and had her soul ripped out

  21. 2 studios that I feel that would be perfect for Xbox would be Bamco and Warner bros they would get tales,soul caliber,and tekken,Gundam or Batman,mortal kombat,and Lego or in a perfect world both and then throw sega or square enix for good measure

  22. @ 43:41
    «What is the word I am looking for here Jez?»

    Jez: «…. Pokemon??»

    LOL I love how Rand dismissed that instantly and didn’t even trip out for a second.

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